The Future Of Hip Hop?

The Future Of Hip Hop?

Hip hop is probably the only genre of music that fluctuates wildly & often fairly quickly when it comes to fashion.  Since the birth of hip hop, the culture has went from late 70s era disco style of dress, to the early 80s style of Adidas jump suits with fat dookie rope gold chains, to the early 90s era of ridiculously over sized baggy jeans & shirts, to the mid to late 90s era of shiny suits, to the early 2000s of throw back jerseys and platinum jewelry, to the mid 2000s of the school boy/nerd look, to where we currently are now…knee grows wearing dresses.

Where Do I Start With This One?

I’ll let up & coming Young Money rapper Young Thug start off…

As you have just heard from the above video, dudes wearing dresses is the business these days.  Nothing screams how much of a thug someone is than slipping on a cute leopard print dress.  In an industry that is dominated by males proclaiming to the hardest of the hardest along with conquering every piece off female ass a rapper can get his hands on, I think we need to reevaluate the current goals of these conquests.  In addition to being the hardest & racking up the most ass, rappers probably need to start talking about how they are taking over these chicks closets.  So not only are rappers saying fuxx these niggas & trying to fuxx all these hoes….it won’t be long before these dress wearing knee grows are rapping about ACTUALLY fuxxing these niggas.  I mean, it starts with a dress, then it probably leads to ding dong in the booty.  The transition from saggin’ to mini skirts amongst male rappers is rapidly approaching please believe.  So, it’s not too far off the horizon that the first openly gay rapper will emerge, then after that becomes “cool”….hip & hop and knee grows will forever be on a totally different course never to return.

Remember This?

Remember back in the 80s when we had Salt-n-Pepa, MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, and a few other female rappers.   For the most part these women dressed like women while they did their thing.  Then the early 90s came about and the gangsta hip hop culture began to dominate and a lot of female rappers of that era felt that in order for them to survive and remain relevant, they had to dress like & imitate dudes.

Who remembers this?

What about this?

See, female rappers felt they needed to personify the traits of their male counterparts in order to remain relevant.  This lead to female rappers of that era pretty much trading in femininity for typical male behaviors in order to attract & retain a fan base.  This lasted pretty much up until Lil’ Kim hit the scene & brought sexiness combined with sluttiness back to the forefront.  Thank you Lil’ Kim….I still love ya…the old non plastic surgery Lil’ Kim that is…

Now Look At The Culture Presently

What happened with female rappers back in the early 90s is now happening with male rappers of today.  Females were dressing like and acting like hardcore thugs.  Now dudes are rocking skirts & makeup.  As far as I can tell, it’s only been 1 guy allowed to get away with this tomfoolery and that person is Prince…

but luckily for us, Prince had real talent that allowed us to give him a pass. But here we are and dudes are rocking leather & leopard print dresses while entertaining crowds all across the country full of impressionable and often times lost young men.  It appears that the hip hop game is so watered down and unoriginal these days that I guess in order for a rapper/singer to stand out, they feel THEY MUST start wearing dresses so that the attention will stay on them.  If so, that speaks volumes to you as an entertainer.  Desperate times calls for desperate measures I suppose.

Shaking my fuxxing head….Blouses are winning

Your favorite mulatto.
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