Jay Harris & His Pipe Dream

Jay Harris & His Pipe Dream

I blame the entertainment industry, social media, & his parents…they’re usually my number 1 culprits I turn to when discovering fuckery to this level…

First Things First

If you haven’t heard by now, Jay Harris is a high school senior from Pennsylvania who was ranked #2 in the state for playing the wide receiver position in high school football.  Jay Harris also won a full scholarship to play football at Michigan State University.  The usual storyline that should follow is:  kid goes on to graduate high school then off to college to play football on full scholarship.  One would think that is how this story is supposed to go correct?  NOPE…NOT EVEN CLOSE!  Instead of going off to college to play college level football on a paid & full scholarship, Jay Harris decides to basically say fuxx college, I’m going to be a rapper…

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I Blame Social Media

I blame social media for the fact social media has helped to contribute to the watering down of the music industry by providing a platform in which literally anybody can broadcast their trash music out to world, rack up a few LIKES, & think they are on their way to life filled with platinum plaques, fancy cars, women, and untold riches.  Social media removes the stigma of not having real talent because one does not necessarily have to put these talents on display in front of real people in order to have their talents judged by real people.  Social media is nothing more than profile pictures used to represent real people.  So when you have this facade in place to serve as a protective barrier from what people will discover you to actually be, you can damn near become anybody in social media & possibly get away with it for a while.

I Blame The Entertainment Industry

I blame all these wack ass rappers & reality TV shows that constantly promote this bullshit that all you need to do to become successful in America is act ignorant.  If you are a black female, act as ghetto & hoe-ish as you possibly can & you may star in a reality TV show.  If you are a black male, constantly live up to the image of being a thug ass nigga who’s “bout that life”, combine that with some Dr. Suess rhymes about selling dope & fuxxing bitches, and you might get a record deal.  Matter of fact…the more ig-nant, the better.  Put all that shit on display on YouTube & we might offer you a deal to “become somebody”.

I Blame Jay Harris’s Parents

Parents in most cases are usually the first ones to identify if whether or not their child has real talent in a certain area.  Obviously his parents recognized early on Jay Harris had a strong talent in playing football which caused him to initially win a full scholarship to Michigan State University.  Now, maybe his parents were blinded to THAT particular talent that they felt his talent would crossover into the hip hop world.  If so, his parents are just fuxxing all around dumb as fuxx.  His parents must not have listened to that bullshit song I posted at the top of this article.  What parent that I would assume is serious about their child becoming somebody successful in life is going to elect to support a rap career over a free ride to college where the chances of actually becoming somebody successful in life far FAR exceed those within a rap career?  His parents must have never rolled up to the mall or local Walmart and seen how many rappers are out there passing out their mix tapes as if they are about to blow.

Lastly, I Blame Jay Harris

I get the whole concept that maybe football is not in your heart or you’re just not as passionate about it as you once were.  Trust me, I get that.  What I don’t get is…who the fuxx convinced you that you were good at rapping?

Jay Harris is nothing more than a dude who went into a spare bedroom/closet/bathroom eloquently named the “recording studio”, smoked a lil weed, drank a lil drank, and then freestyled some bullshit which got a few FB LIKES.  He then believed those LIKES were the equivalent to having genuine support which unfortunately fueled his ambitions to become the next rap superstar.  Unfortunately, while Jay Harris was blinded by the success of his FB LIKES, he failed to see the countless number of OTHER “rappers” receiving the same accolades for their bullshit rapping achievements via social media.  He also failed to see how his football scholarship WAS an achievement that had very little competition as compared to his rap competition.  He failed to see how he could have possibly went on to win bigger & faster than becoming the next nigga to drop a mix tape.  He failed to see these things because when the entertainment industry, social media, mommy & daddy are all rooting you on to pursue a dream that requires REAL talent backed by a HARD WORK ETHIC….in this day & age, FB LIKES is all a nigga needs in order to think he is about to become the next great rapper.

Sadly Jay Harris, you’ll probably become the next greatest & dumbest nigga in your neighborhood/city/state to ever pass up on a real opportunity to achieve a higher level of success in your life.  Seriously, just take a stroll around your city and count up all the rappers producing the next hottest mix tape & find out how things are going for them.  You’ll probably hear the same lines come from their mouths such as, “I’m about to blow up!”& “My shit the hardest out in the street!” Then ask them how come nobody else knows this???  This is going to be you buddy.  Michigan State sees it, damn near everybody who has just recently learned about you sees it, I see it; sadly you don’t see it.  All you see are FB LIKES which are probably coming from a bunch of hood niggas who also have no plans of going anywhere in life as well.

Good luck….idiot.

Your favorite mulatto.
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