Don’t Blame Me, Blame Genetics

Don’t Blame Me, Blame Genetics

One of the things I’ve experienced since I created this website is that I have a few people who read some of my articles pertaining to relationships whom have expressed to me via email or inbox messages through Facebook that they think I’m a sexist misogynistic pig.  When I think about how these people feel & then I look at who I am in addition to reflecting on how the people who know me in real life view me…it’s damn near all out hysterical.  Matter of fact, I feel like laughing now as I type this lol.  Reality is, what these few people think of me is very far from the actual truth in terms of me being a sexist mysogynistic pig.  But, I can understand how that perception could be formed based off of some of my writings.  So, I’m not even angry that people would think of me this way.  I guess some of the things I write penetrate the heart for some people which is the ultimate intent. 🙂

So What Is It Then?

When I write about men & women as they relate to relationships, most of the time my views are formed from the perspective that men are men & women are women.  I believe that there are certain things men are better at doing & should be expected to do as I do for women.  This is not implying I believe women should be barefoot, pregnant, & in the kitchen making dinner.  What I try to get across is that damn near since the beginning of mankind, men have been expected to perform certain roles in society either because we are genetically & physically designed better for the task or simply because as cultures & societies evolved, it simply became a societal norm; the same applies to women.  Never have I implied nor do I believe women are 2nd class citizens or subserviant to a man in any kind of way.  I get, understand, & support the notion that men & women are equals, but I don’t necessarily believe this notion of equality is 100% level on all playing fields.  Case in point:  I can cook, but my wife can cook WAY BETTER.  My wife knows how to cut grass & do yard work, but I can do it WAY BETTER.  The reason why she can out cook me and I can out work her in the yard is probably because these are the roles we were conditioned to as we were growing up.  I’m sure some old school thoughts from previous generations had a lot to do with what activity she & I were to partake in, but it is what it is in that aspect.  Does that mean I believe her place is to be in the kitchen and leave all yard work to me?  No.  It just means, I’ve been doing this activity probably longer than her & have it down pack as she has been handling her business in the kitchen.  If she decides to help me with yard work, trust me, I won’t be turning her away lol.  Now if she asks me to help her in the kitchen, the most I can do for her is be her official taste tester lol….it is what it is.

Moving On…

I don’t know…I love to blog, but as I get into blogging more & more, I’m quickly discovering the power of words in terms of how people percieve others.  This is partially the reason why I decided to start a podcast for this website so people can have another avenue of getting to know & understand me.  But thanks for the kind words…hopefully you’ll discover another side of me and change your opinion because one thing for sure is…I’m probably not going to change who I am & how I choose to express my views.  But then again, anything is possible.

Your favorite mulatto.
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