Unconditional Love

Long ago, there was a man who was down on his luck.  He had many problems in his marriage, so he decided to leave his kids and wife for a night and drown his sorrows every bar he could find.  He had no money by the end of the night and he blacked out in the parking lot.  He was awakened by the sound of a i.v in the hospital and his wife by his bedside. Her face was covered in tears and stress.  He asked her, “What are you doing here?  I thought you would have left me by now.” She replied, “I would leave, but I love you… unconditionally.  Til death do us part was my vow, even though sometimes I want to kill you!”

Many ask the question what is unconditional love or does it exist. Let’s first look at the definition of both words individually.  Unconditional – not subject to any conditions. Love – an intense feeling of deep affection.  So by simply looking at these two definitions, one can easily infer that unconditional love is an intense feeling of deep affection that is not subject to any condition. Some would still say, “Ok, what does that mean?”

Well, have you ever done something wrong  while you were living with your parents yet, they did not think about it a second more after punishing you for the wrong-doing? The way they perceived you may have altered for a while, but they still housed you, fed you and provided for you.  Unconditional love is in a nutshell saying regardless of what you do a person will still love you.

However, this does not mean unconditional love is for everyone.  You have to be receptive of it in order for it to be.  Remember, it is a feeling that is expressed through action.  So, if it is not expressed to a person they have no way of knowing… no way of feeling… no way of experiencing. Still, it can be expressed and you not be receptive so to some it would not exist.

In conclusion,  unconditional love is a choice.  You have the freedom to be receptive and let it reciprocate.  Or you can remain closed.  However, know just because you don’t unconditionally love does not mean someone can’t unconditionally love you.

Onyx Contributor:  Deferential

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