Bill O’Reilly’s Lust For Beyonce

Bill O’Reilly Wishes Beyonce Made Partition For Him

I’ve tried to avoid this topic concerning Bill O’Reilly & his apparent displeasure with Beyonce’s Partition video for a couple of reasons:  1. it’s been covered by damn near everyone already, & 2. I really didn’t give a fuxx.  But anyways, I decided to YouTube this now “infamous” interview between Bill O’Reilly & Russell Simmons to see exactly what all of the chatter was about & I’ve come to one conclusion as to why Bill O’Reilly is pissed off at one of the world’s most successful & famous superstars.

Bill O’Reilly is mad at Beyonce simply because Beyonce is not in the back of a limo singing about blowing him. 

Remember, this is the same Bill O’Reilly who once had a sexual harassment lawsuit filed against him in which it is alleged that he harassed a producer on his show by where he would talk to her about his sexual fantasies, masturbation, & vibrators all-the-while allegedly “pleasing” himself.

Really Bill…Really?!

Bill O’Reilly is angry at a highly HIGHLY successful Black woman whom just happens to be MARRIED to a highly HIGHLY successful Black man.  He claims that Beyonce’s sexual exploits in her Partition video is irresponsible and can affect young women of color (white folks slang for knee grows) in a negative way by promoting teen sex & pregnancy.  Basically, he feels as if Beyonce is destroying the Black community one music video at a time…and we all know Bill O’Reilly’s perception of black culture…

Here’s The Thing Bill…

Beyonce is a married woman performing in a music video with her husband who just happens to be the father of her child…a child that was born AFTER the couple was married.  I mean really Bill?!  You are angry at a happily married Black woman creating art with her husband???

Bill O’Reilly, are you not the same guy that goes on TV each & every night professing to an audience of millions that the break down of the Black family is the root cause of all the problems within Black culture?  Are you not the same guy that goes on TV each & every night damn near begging & pleading for Rev. Al Sharpton & Rev. Jesse Jackson to take the lead in promoting the sanctity of marriage & family within the Black community?  I believe you are that guy considering I watch your show at least 2 times a week not because I necessarily agree with you or even like you, but mainly b/c over the years I’ve become extremely fascinated with your take on what you think is wrong with Black culture.  In your mind, America would be perfect if we all jumped into a time machine & traveled back to the 50’s where you spent the majority of your youth leading into your teenage years.  Life back then probably was great…for you, but I’m willing to bet Rev. Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton could paint a completely different picture based off of their experiences.

But unlike the rest of the people fascinated with this storyline pertaining to Beyonce, you do not have me fooled one bit.  As I stated earlier, you are pissed because Beyonce isn’t making a music video where she is discussing on how to go about blowing you.  As much as you love to be the champion of lecturing Black America on how you feel our culture isn’t progressing enough or how you feel we are destroying each other, one thing I’ve learned about men who constantly lecture on aspects of another culture is that they have a rather unusually strong attraction to the women of that culture.  So with Beyonce in all of her beauty & sexiness putting it on display for you to watch on television as she creates a music video hinting at the some of the things she may entertain her husband/father of her child with…here you are pissed off that a shining example of a successful Black couple that actually does exist whom not only promotes marriage and children being born in wedlock, but are ACTUALLY DOING IT.

Reality is, you aren’t mad at Beyonce for her performance.  You’re mad because you wish Beyonce made that song for you, featured you in the video so you could have a legit excuse to talk about masturbation & vibrators, and instead of you pleasing yourself; Beyonce would lend you a hand.  But Bill O’Reilly here is where the spin stops for you…NOBODY IS INTERESTED IN BLOWING YOU.

Your favorite mulatto.
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