The Takeover of Technology

Many of us have traveled the globe and have seen many wondrous things that this world has to offer.  Moments that will never be forgotten.  Events forever embedded in our thought process… We savor these moments with pictures and by sharing them with friends family and loved ones or at least… we used to.  Now, we share moments together across the globe due to video chat, texting, and streaming things.

Technology has come a long way from decade to decade and it still has a long way to go.  Yet, there are some things you should never get rid of. Technology cannot hold you at night and give you a kiss in the morning.  It cannot give you a genuine smile or feelings that emit from one another. Yet, when you go to doctor’s offices, meetings and even church (just to name a few places), phones, cameras, ipods, ipads and tablets are flooding the seats. How are we supposed to network when all we do is use the network?

What happened to simple hello to introduce yourself vice a dating site? What happened to a home cooked meal with love in every morsel vice a semi-microwaved perfect dinner fresh from the freezer? We made these things we have today to make life easier, not for them to become our lives.

How many people can go without using their phone for an hour? A minute? A day?  In today’s world you will only find a handful.  We wonder why there is so much wrong but we don’t notice all of the heads down every day from texting and looking at only the heavens know what on phones and such.

Kids don’t even play outside anymore.  Do you really want to stop obesity?  Get people active! Stop making everything so easy for them!  If everything is at the click of a button, why should they want to move?  If moving is a habit, it won’t be a problem.  Laziness wouldn’t be a factor.  Yes, we use our brains, but our brains need a healthy body in order to function correctly.

In conclusion, technology is not all bad.  It is great for consumers to buy and enjoy.  However, let’s not let it consume us!

Onyx Contributor:  Deferential

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