Separating the Man From the Myth

Separating The Man From The Myth

Oh Cliff Huxtable, you had us fooled. You had us all thinking that you were perfect, the perfect husband, the perfect father, and the perfect role model, while wearing Brooks Brother sweaters. You even had us believing that you were the perfect person to speak about the conditions going on in the African American communities. Even though you shitted on the working poor Black Americans, angering some, some of us gave you a pass because, hey who knows better than Cliff Huxtable?

But the problem is you’re not Cliff Huxtable, you’re Bill Cosby, a man made of flesh and bone. Hiding behind a near perfect façade, won’t save you from being judged just like the rest of us, that have skeletons in our closets.

True we all love(d) the Cosby Show, what it stood for, how it portrayed blacks in a positive way that hasn’t been seen on television since it went off the air. We all love(d) the positive messages that most of us learned as we grew up watching the show. But now the skillfully crafted persona is starting to not only crack, but shatter, thanks in part to the stories of sexual improprieties past and present.

No amount of Jello Pudding commercials can erase past allegations of sexual misconduct, whether you believe them or not, or the alleged $100,000 in hush money he paid to Shawn Upshaw to keep their affair under wraps. No, these disturbing allegations will not be swept under the rug by Cosby’s infectious smile.

We are expected to hate the R. Kelly’s, Woody Allen’s and Kobe Bryant’s of the world for their past indiscretions while overlooking and respecting Bill Cosby. But how is he different from any of them?

For all his commitment to perfection, family values, and academic distinction that he proudly wears during commencement ceremonies, (never mentioning that only received a GED in high school and was a college dropout – no Kanye) he is not Cliff Huxtable even if he forgets.

What do you think? Do you think Bill Cosby let the persona that he built for himself, go to his head? Do you think being “America’s Dad” make Cosby feel as if he was/is beyond reproach and untouchable?

Onyx Contributor:  Breazy Taylor

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