LGBTQ Freedom for All: Conservatives, Give Up Now

Onyx Truth Contributor:  Natalina (@ruggerbabe19)

LGBTQ Freedom For All

In the newest wave of attacks on LGBTQ freedom, conservatives in Arizona and Kansas passed a horrific bill which would have essentially legalized discrimination against same-sex couples under the guise of “religious freedom”. Luckily for queer Arizonians, used Kleenex Jan Brewer vetoed the bill in move that 72% of Arizonans agree with. Now there has been some speculation on whether her decision was actually based off of it being the right thing to do or rather a fear over losing Superbowl money or having to abide by Muslim religious freedom.  But honestly, that doesn’t bother me much because at the end of the day, LGBTQ citizens of Arizona can breath a sigh of relief.

But here’s the thing conservatives, you guys are losing.  Badly.


Not only are more and more states allowing equal marriage rights for gay and lesbian couples, general support for marriage equality has reached an all time high.  Just check out these numbers

There is no turning back the tide on LGBTQ rights, and if Conservatives don’t tone down the attacks, they may find their seats attacked in the next election.  It’s incredible that in a day and age where so many people support equal rights for gay Americans, we have people like Iowa Representative Steve King saying

It’s clear in the civil rights section of the code that you can’t discriminate against people based upon — I’m not sure that I got the list right — race, creed, religion, color of skin, those kind of things, and there’s nothing mentioned in there on self-professed behavior.  And that’s what they’re trying to perfect is special rights for self-professed behavior.

Not only does this not take into account that religion is a self-professed behavior, it also opened up Rep. King to the hilarious suggestion from Steven Colbert for gay Iowans to prove their gayness by mailing Steve King their sex tapes.

So please guys, take a lesson from this failure of a bill and stop trying to push your anti-gay agenda on constitutes who don’t agree with you.  There is no doubt in my mind that gay marriage will become legal in all 50 states, and I don’t think you want to be known as the people who were on the wrong side of history.

 Photo Credit: Johnny Silvercloud

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