Just Me & My “Thots”

My Thoughts On Thots

Maybe it’s because I’m in my 30s.  Maybe it’s because I’m college educated.  Maybe it’s because I spent my teenage years in the 90s.  Maybe it’s because I’m a dad.  Maybe it’s because I can’t fully connect with the latest hip hop.  Or maybe it’s simply just me.  Whatever the reason may be…the slang of today just doesn’t resonate with me.  I’m sure the slang terms of my youth had my parents looking at me side eyed wondering if I was being disrespectful or or they simply just didn’t get; probably the latter.  So here I am taking my rightful position that was once held by my parents when I listen to current slang & just like my parents, I just don’t get it.

Let me back up a second…I’m not that old as to where I can’t comprehend slang from these young people when I hear it.  For the most part I’m still fairly fluent in slangology, ebonics, gibberish, & pig latin to a degree.  So utilizing my God-given talents of figuring out the context of a word based off how it is used in conjunction with other words in a sentence, I’m pretty much on my game when I have to engage a young kid who speaks slang full time…..know talmbout!  But here is where my mind and intellect capacity is at a lost & I’ll admit I had to run to Google to seek assistance because no matter how hard I attempted to use my context clues, I was causing myself to develop massive headaches trying to figure this shit out.


The other day I posted on Twitter, which is linked to my Facebook account:  Who came up with the word thot?  What genius decided that’s the official new word of 2014?  As expected, I got a lot of supporters who were just as dumbfounded as me, a few people looking at me like I’m late & need to update my urban dictionary, & one response explaining the possibly origin of the word & how it became popular.  Long story short about its origin & how this word spread is:  apparently Chicago rapper Chief Keef may be the originator of the use of the word in hip hop & according to a commenter on my Facebook thread, a rapper by the name of Fat Trel from Washington DC made the phrase popular with a song called none other than Thots

As to validity of these claims, I’ll leave that to you to do your own research.

So What Are We Dealing With Here

According to Google, a thot is simply another name for a hoe.  Ok, as far as slang goes when it comes to “terms of endearment” towards women, there have always been a wide variety of ever-so-divine use of words to describe our women.  Words such as:  hoe, busto, bitch, scalawags, breezies, etc.  Some offensive, some not as much, some…meh; it all depends on how sensitive one’s feelings are when hearing these words.  The unique aspect about these words for most of them is that they usually derived from some sort of action due to an encounter which later helped to create the word.  Hoe:  a hoe is a garden tool used for digging, when a man calls a woman a hoe, he is implying he either wants to “dig” her out or she likes to get “dug” out…meaning she likes the penis (a lot of different penises).  Busto:  busto is short for bust-down.  A bust-down is a Midwest term I first heard in college from a bunch of Detroit dudes I used to hang with on occasion. A bust-down (busto) is nothing more than a chick who likes to get trains ran on her.  So 2 dudes who run a train on the “lucky” lady are busting her down (you get the picture).  And all of these other slang terms used to describe women have some sort of back history to them that can explain how they are used in relation to describing women.  You can figure the rest out for yourself.

Thot is different.  When I hear the word thot I automatically think of the word THOUGHT.  So I’m trying to figure out how did we go from THOUGHTS to THOT in relation to describing a woman.  Could it be that we as men THINK about women damn near all day & so to come up with the latest & greatest we decided to leave out a few key letters in the word THOUGHT either due to laziness or pure illiteracy?  Or could it be that men assume women think about how to get over on a man all day and so the powers that be have decided to call them THOTs based upon their potential gold digging actions.  Or could it be something totally different I’m missing because as I’ve stated in the opening…maybe it’s just me & I don’t get it.

Anyways, these are my thoughts on the word THOT.  I don’t get it just like I don’t get the fascination with dudes wearing skinny jeans AND then sagging them.  I’m lost & it’s probably better that way.

**side note:  I am guilty of using a few of these words in the past…it is what it is & I’m not apologizing for it…but I have grown up some & these words are damn near non existent in my vocabulary presently.

These are just my thots….leave me your thots in the comment section.

UPDATE:  Got to love my Facebook fam for educating me.  THOT apparently equals That Hoe Over There.  I believe I was probably better off NOT knowing.  Damn these THOTs of mines!

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