A Woman’s WORTH, Does She Know It?

In a generation of men and women that express love through more sexual & material lust than the emotional & physical are women who have lost their sight on what’s their worth.  Throughout the years I have gained and befriended different women across the world and in my profession in the  military.  There are women in this world of ours who have men or women in theirs lives that do not value them and take them for granted.  In other words, they are not taken seriously and not deemed worthy or respected.  All these things have come about due to:

  • Sacrifice of morals to gain security, and better financial status
  • Infatuation of sexual performance by significant others
  • The need for attention expressed by wearing clothes that are sexually provocative, taking pictures, and acting in ways that put her at the center of negative attention.
  • Attraction to men who have the Bad Boy status or thug lifestyle

Those were some of things I’ve noticed.  It really all comes down to the fact that self respect and the requirements for men have declined.  Women’s worth is officially undergoing war.  If any woman wonders why they have an onslaught of men who are coming at them in a disrespectful matter in a horrible attempt to offer sex to them or some sort of relationship, it’s very simple; you have been approached by the product of women with no requirements of men.  These women have allowed disrespect to come into play because they have allowed these men to not have to be gentlemen.

These women have grown up in a culture of music and media that says the gentlemen is not cool, not exciting enough, said to boring, unable to satisfy her needs of protection, and sex.  Music and media says a thug “bad boy” can treat you better emotionally and provide you with all the materialistic things you’ll ever need.  Music calls you bitches and professes to love your independence.  Women are fooled into loving these exact songs. All deceptions and lies.

  1. Require a man  to talk to you, approach you, date you in a manner that shows you he respect you, and wants to be granted the time to get to know you.
  2. Sex will never build or create a good relationship alone.  Good sex can often be confused for love.  A good test for those who dont know the difference; I challenge you for a week to chill with your partner with no sexual activity.  He or she will either go away, act diffrently, or they will stay and love you.
  3. How you represent yourself to others is how you will be precived to be.  So be sexy when you wanna be but there is a time and place.
  4. Stay away from men or women who don’t respect themselves enough to stay out of legal trouble or don’t want to do better for themselves as for as goals and career choices.  If they can’t take care of themselves how can they possibly take care of you?  If they don’t value general morals how will they value your morals and what you stand for.  Stop trying to change folks who don’t want to change for you.

Self worth:  the sense of one’s own value or worth as a person; self-esteem; self-respect.  Beautiful, gorgeous, alluring, ravishing, radiant, and lovely if they are not things you’ve heard or hearing, then its a sign you haven’t been showed your value and worth.  Women you are worth waiting for.  You are worth being treated right.  You are worth being talked to with respect.  You are worth more than a one night stand.  You are worth being dated.  You are worth being appreciated, the good and the bad you.  You are worth more then someone else’s needed approval.  You are worth respect.  Remember respect is earned not given.

Onyx Contributor:  Immortal Right

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