Daddy’s Little Girl…..

Daddy’s Little Girl…

Men we need to be careful of the karma we create for our own offspring.  Please do not be deceived; how we treat one another is seen and acknowledged by the universe, hell people for that matter.  As sentiment beings and conscious beings we need not think that our actions do not have eternal effects on others, even our own loved ones.

When a man decides that another man’s offspring or loved one is not a vital aspect of this creation and believes that he can treat and disregard as he sees fit he has made a grave mistake!!

Plainly said a man needs to be sensitive to the fact that if he decides that he can womanize and mistreat his mate, another man’s daughter, he has to in the near future question how will his own offspring be treated?  Now I do not claim to know another man’s religious or spiritual beliefs but the universe has no respect of person and does not care about your personal ignorance of the spiritual and physical laws set in place before the dawn of time.

Gravity is gravity whether you are aware of the aspects of it or not, meaning you can walk off that plank if you choose do so the result will be the same today now and forever.  With that being said we must not feel any sense of entitlement or uniqueness in regards to how ‘OUR’ loved ones should be treated when in fact we have not practiced these same kindness toward our fellow mankind, in this case the daughter/female.

In conclusion we need to be not only cognizant of how we treat others but not be surprised when another being gives you the same portion of treatment that we have given to others which for that matter the universe need not be involved at all just a plain recognition and acknowledgement of the ‘right’ man observing that of another man’s bad behaviour.

Onyx Contributor:  Mahogany Jones

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