Ice JJ Fish Is Out TO Destroy Team Light Skin

Ice JJ Fish…Social Media Atrocity

After spending damn near the entire 90s decade in the shadows of Team Dark Skin thanks to brothas like Wesley Snipes & Tyson Beckford, Team Light Skin was making a strong resurgence into the social fabric of our society starting around the early to mid 2000s up until the present day.  Things were looking up.  We got the Canadian panda called Drake, Shemar Moore, Beyonce, and most importantly…ME!  I’ve been reppin’ Team Light Skin since the early 80s PROUDLY when the light skinned super heroes of the times were Prince, El DeBarge, Kid from Kid-n-Play, late 80s/early 90s Michael Jackson during the middle of his transformation phase from a black man to a white woman, a few others, & once again, the most important light skinned person of that era was….ME!  Team Light Skin had a strong run up until Wesley took over the scene.  Once that brotha hit, all of Team Light Skin experienced a severe recession the almost put our lights out (pun intended).  We had some great years AND we can still have PLENTY more great years with good hair & pretty babies….BUT… our downfall:  Ice JJ Fish.

Shaking My Damn Head

If you don’t know who Ice JJ Fish is by now, unfortunately you will.  I’m almost ashamed of myself for even composing this article dedicated to him but I feel he needs to be addressed for what he’s doing Team Light Skin & everything we’ve built back up.  Ice JJ Fish is on the verge of single handedly sending all light skin brothas back into era where light skin brothas actually had to work slightly harder to get some pussy.  In the 90s we still got some, but it didn’t come as easily for us as it did in the 80’s and early 2000s to present day.  Think about it…all of the light skinned super heroes I named above constantly stayed on the TV or radio promoting the all-too-true timeless story of light skin people make pretty babies.  So of course, what do most women want to eventually have…pretty babies.  So, to create a pretty baby with good hair, you had to jump on Team Light Skin.  I’m not knocking Team Brown Skin or Team Dark Skin, I’m just stating facts…the light skin facts of course.

Take me for instance, in the early 2000s, long before I was married with a child, when I was doing my thing, I honestly didn’t have to try hard at all to get any woman I wanted.  Seriously, I’m not even making that up.  I may be the reason why people think all light skin people are stuck up because if I wanted her I could get her.  I attribute that to two main factors:  my confidence & the fact that light skin brothas like Luda & T.I. were taking a stand in bringing us back to the forefront.  I couldn’t lose & I wasn’t.  So when I hit the clubs to go hunting, I hardly had to bring my hunting gear; all the game I intended to capture simply came to me.  I was doing it…and doing it big.  Now, I’m married with a kid & in my 30s…BUT, the skills are still there.  They’re just being instilled into my son now lol.

Anways, enough about me and back to Ice JJ…

All of that effortless work I enjoyed as being a part of Team Light Skin is about to potentially come to a crash.  Ice JJ Fish, real name Daniel McLoyd, is fucking it all up.  Aside from trying to destroy Team Light Skin, he’s also destroying what little faith people have in using the power of social media to search for real talent.  If you haven’t clicked on the video, please do, even if it’s just for 10 seconds.  This “brotha” is possibly the WORST singer of all time & is proudly playing up to it to his advantage.  He’s even on iTunes pushing this bullshit.  I’m not mad at him for trying to make a buck off his gimmick, but I am bothered at how he is epitomizing that literally ANYBODY can do ANYTHING and blow the hell up off of social media AND possibly make money from it.  It’s a damn shame.

What’s Can We Do About Him?


The only suggestion I have is to kick him out of Team Light Skin for good and send his ass to the Albino Tribe.  I would say the Hispanics, but the Hispanic chick who willingly chose to participate in this video fucked that deal up.

Your favorite mulatto.
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