Whatever Happened to Wack MC’s?


Also known as the sucka MC, the wack rapper, the dumb rappers, the weak ass, the non-spittin’, the no talent, no skill, the fake rapper, the fake MC, the punk MC, the garbage ass rappers. What happened to them?

Now if you are as old as I am, you practically watched hip-hop develop and grow as if it was a childhood friend.  Now if you been on this planet since 2000 or so, I’ll inform you that once upon a time there was a time where the sucka MC — the wack MC — was the most vile and detested villain in rap music.  No one wanted to be a wack MC under any circumstances.  To be called a wack MC were fighting/battling/beefing words.  To truly be labeled as a wack MC was something that stuck and stung.

Who wanna battle? I’m bad to the bone marrow
The Earth got one sun but I walk with three shadows
With Allah, my supernatural bodyguard
Niggas couldn’t touch me if they gave me a massage
MCs will compete with lyrics and beats get crushed
I’ll hit you in your chest so hard, your shoulders will touch, What? ~ Canibus

The wack MC was the designated anonymous target in a ton of everyday rhymes.  Many rappers spent much of their track order telling how far from wack they were with their high-flying rhymes, and how they make wack rappers suffer.  Wack MCs were maimed and mutilated, decapitated and eaten in rhymes.  They were also torn apart, shot, lynched, stabbed, sliced, burned, grilled, cooked, flattened, punched, slapped, kicked, strangled, thrown off of skyscrapers as well as hurled into outer-space.  Not safe times for the wack MC.

For those who were not there, I’ll have to tell you that It…Was…Glorious.  You see, in the era of combating wack rappers, and by proxy wack rap in general, rappers showcased a level of skill that was beyond stupendous.  It was magnificent.  It was epic.  It was like watching highly skilled South Korean players choose Lei Wulong in a Tekken game; as beautiful as the essence of poetry itself.  They made it their thing to have complexity, such as highly syllabic rhyme schemes, asymmetric rhyme schemes, melodic speed rapping, image inducing, high vocabulary, word bending, even stuttering rap styles.  This was called having lyricism.

But it didn’t stop there; you also had content.  Content, such as speaking on social issues, police brutality, from poor to rich, ugly duckling stories, positivity as well as gangsta rap, Afro-centric themes, mental and spiritual elevation.  Sure drug hustler rap existed, but it was counter-balanced by a wide variety of content.

Then you also had personal credibility; the best rappers used to take pristine care of their public image to make sure that everything they were saying or ever said was congruent with their life and background.  Nas for example, was never a gangsta but he was a street watcher, therefore he became a bit of a street prophet speaking on what he observes.  Wu-Tang Clan were actually fans of old Kung-Fu flicks, comic books, and other things.  Five Percenters were Five Percenters.  Those who spoke about hustling actually did in fact hustle drugs or some sort of product before.

Is it a moot point that rappers once had actual rap names?  There was a time with rappers chose sick names: Method Man, Redman, Sticky Fingaz, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, KRS One, Big Punisher, Cuban Link, The Game, Posdnuos, Q-Tip, Phife, Mase, Jay-Z, & Rakim Allah — A rapper with God in his name.  All these varying colorful names with differing personalities and skill, it was a marvel.  In fact it was such a marvel, when rappers collaborated with other rappers it looked very much like when Wolverine showed up in a Spider-Man comic book.  So who was the wack rappers? And what happen to them?

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