Why Most Women Are Lonely On Valentine’s Day

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Why Some Ladies Are Not Valentine’s Day Material

It’s that time of the year again where men are bombarded with commercial after commercial reminding us to drop some money on flowers, candy, & jewelry for our woman or a woman we have a strong interest in.  This is also the time of the year where women can feel extra special and possibly rub their specialness in their friends’ faces by secretly comparing who received a better gift.  Finally, this is also that time of the year where some women love to profess to the world about how much they love themselves & why they do not need a man in their life.  The truth about the second category of women is this…these women are single…for a reason.  The tired excuse of good men are either dead, in jail, or gay is old & false.  The real reason these women are single is because they have forgotten how to act like women, which I shall explain…so keep reading.

**Side note:  I’ll probably be called a misogynistic pig even though I’m NOT…but then again, I’ve been called worse & simply don’t give a damn.***

3 Reasons Why Women Are Single & Will Not Be Getting Flowers On Valentine’s Day

1.  The Need  To Be Treated Equally On ALL Levels To A Man

There are too many women walking around the face of this earth whom feel they need to be treated equally on ALL levels to a man.  Now understand, I am not implying women are or should be treated as second class citizens, subservients, slaves, or whatever.  I’m talking about women who think that the basic roles of men & women that society has deemed acceptable since the beginning of time no longer need to existence due to their sex.  Things that society overall has viewed more of a man’s job, women now think they should be able to do as well.  For instance, I recently had a conversation with a woman who was pondering the idea of proposing to her man AND then she was discussing the possibility of her man taking HER last name.  First thing that ran through my head was WHERE THEY DO THAT AT?!  Since when did it become acceptable for women to get down on bended knee to propose to a man & ask him to take her last name?  As long as I can recall this has always been a role designated for a man (at least as far as a man doing the proposing…taking the last name is another article for another day…which is coming).

Another example of women wanting to do what is primarily designated for men is playing the provider role versus mastering the nurturing role.  Now, I understand if you are a single woman with kids then you have to do what you have to do for the sake of your children.  But if you are in an active relationship with a man who is the father or soon to be father of your kids, then you need to let this man handle his business in being the provider.  Him being the provider in no way insists that you play the role of a stay at home mom slaving away in the kitchen.   What I am implying is, it should be the man’s ultimate responsibility to ensure you and the children are taken care of to the best of his abilities whether you work or not.  His goal in life should be to ensure his family has all they need & could possibly want & anything the woman can bring the household should be viewed as extra.  Now call me misogynistic all you want, I don’t give a damn.  I come from a long line of men in my family who proudly took it upon themselves to make sure their families were taken care whether his woman could financially contribute or not.  I also come from a family full of women who understood their man’s role in taking care of his family to the best of his abilities and anything she could do to add to the overall value of the family was well appreciated.  So why should I change shit now?

Now if you women out there have a man who isn’t taking care of his responsibilities as a real man should & you are playing his role better than him, then you are at fault for tolerating that shit.  If your man is of sound body & mind & fully capable of working, then there is no reason for him to be laid up in the house watching TV all damn day while you are out grinding for the benefit of the family.  Also, if you are a woman who feels the need to push your man to the side and play his role, then that clown you are with is weak as hell period & needs to turn in his manhood card and start tucking his shit from now on.

No REAL man wants a woman who does not respect him as a man & prevents him from handling his business as a man to take care of his woman and/or family.  Call me or this principle old school but that’s the truth.  The only women that I tend to find that have issues with this are women who don’t have a man or can’t keep a man.  And guess what, they won’t be getting any flowers or candy for Valentine’s Day this year from a man.

2.  The Burning Desire To Proclaim Your Independence

I get it, I get it…I really do.  You can take care of yourself & do bad all by your damn self.  I get it….what else is new?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a woman who can take care of herself with or without a man.  In fact, it can come across extremely sexy but at the same time it can come across with a “fuck you” connotation.  Just like I outlined in the first point about how it is in a real man’s nature to take care of his woman…guess what, a real man doesn’t want to hear this shit about how you can handle your business and do bad all by yourself being thrown in his face every chance you get.  After a while of saying it, it gets to the point of…well, why the fuck are you with me then?  Get gone.

Regardless of if you can take care of yourself or not, a man needs to constantly feel like he can take care of his woman.  No real man wants to feel helpless or not needed.  No real man wants to be with a woman who makes him feel like he is inadequate in his responsibility of taking care of his woman.  No real man wants his woman throwing how she doesn’t need him in his face every 5 minutes.  A real man wants his woman to always look to him as her first line of defense in case shit starts to go wrong.  A real man wants his woman to respect his God given natural role as a protector & provider even if he isn’t the bread winner.  For you women out there who feel the need to constantly express to the world that you can do bad all by yourself, well…don’t expect any flowers or candy.  You so bad, go buy your own shit.

3.  The Need To Be The One Who Wears The Pants In The Relationship

A real man will ALWAYS lead the way while accepting constant input from his woman on how to get from point A to point B.

If the above sentence is too much for you to comprehend or you just flat out disagree with it, then it’s probably a reason why you are single or in a questionable relationship.  Every woman I know from the young to the old that are in meaningful relationships with a man understand & accept that their man is the head of their relationship.  Now you can base this on Biblical principles or just societal norms passed on through time…but it is what it is.  How many longterm meaningful relationships have you ever seen where the woman wears the pants in the relationship & is considered the leader?  This is not a sexist thing, this is simply understanding the basic roles of men & women.  I’ve been stressing this point the entire article.  NO REAL MAN WANTS A WOMAN WHO FEELS LIKE SHE DOESN’T NEED HIM, RESPECT HIM, OR ISN’T WILLING TO FOLLOW HIM.  If a woman is with a man and this man is of sound mind & body & she feels the need to take the lead in that relationship, you can bet your last dollar that relationship is headed for disaster.  I can’t think of one relationship from an average couple all the way to a celebrity couple where the woman is leading that relationship.  NOT ONE!  But guess what?  Women that are willing to accept the fact that their man wears the pants & is the captain of their ship, those are the women who tend to get married, start a family, build a life, and grow old with their man.  Point out one instance where it is the opposite way around.

For you women out there who prefer to wear the pants & be the captain of the ship…don’t expect any flowers or candy this year.  No real man is going for that shit.


A good man is a real man that will hold you down in the sense of having your back at all times, put the D on you, provide for & protect his woman/family, be honest in telling you about your flaws & victories, & will ALWAYS lead the way as he accepts constant input from you how to navigate from point A to point B.  That’s what real men do.

Unfortunately, it’s about to be some lonely depressed women on Valentine’s Day throwing up the bullshit facade of “I love me…I don’t need a man…I don’t need a gift for Valentine’s Day…blah blah blah.”  Stop lying to yourself.  You aren’t fooling anyone.  Being lonely is depressing, especially around this time of the year.  If you would let a real man do his job, those of you who are lonely this season might be receiving some flowers & candy and quite possibly have a penis to play with that doesn’t require batteries to operate.

Please understand that this whole article is pertaining to women who deal with or are afraid to deal with REAL MEN.  I’m not talking about these playa-playa type of clowns running around here.  If you are a woman who is about her business, then it should not be that hard for you to decipher between a REAL MAN and playa-playa type of fool running around.  It really isn’t that had to tell the difference ladies.

As always, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Your favorite mulatto.


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