King Keraun’s 15 Seconds of Fame

If you’ve been remotely active on the social networking site Instagram (IG) within the last 6 months or so, then there is a high probability that you’ve heard about a gentleman out of Houston TX by the IG name of King Keraun.  If you haven’t heard of him, then….you’re probably missing out on a good laugh or two & should look him up immediately.

King Keraun is quite possibly one of the few out of the millions of IG account holders that can literally say he blew up off of Instagram.  For those who are unfamiliar with Instagram, IG started off as picture sharing social network which was eventually bought out by Facebook.  IG has 54 million users accounts & counting.  Approximately 7 months or so ago, IG updated their app to allow their users to record 15 second long videos which is a feature that directly competes against the video social network named Vine (owned by Twitter) which only allows users to record 6 second videos.  When IG introduced this video sharing capability was probably around the time I first learned of who King Keraun was.  I was following another comedian out of Detroit on IG who would post stupid yet funny videos.  In the comments on one of this comedian’s videos another fan left a comment saying something to the effect, “this guy is ok…but King Keraun is hilarious!”  After clicking on King Keraun’s name, I started to watch a few of his videos and damn near found myself in tears laughing so hard that I immediately became a fan of his.

King Keraun has managed to take a 15 second window and turn it into his own comedy show courtesy of IG.  He discusses everything (in explicit language mind you) ranging from relationships, to ghetto mishaps, to him doing his own rendition of a popular song, all the way to him showing off his latest dance moves.  Regardless if you are a male or female, the guy is really funny….no lie.  King Keraun has figured out how to use 15 seconds to totally captivate an audience of over a half a million people on a daily basis.  His audience not only appeals to your everyday average person, but he has gained the attention of hip hop superstars like Drake, Rick Ross, & R&B superstars such as that of Rihanna.  The guy is pure entertainment.  How he thinks of his material along with figuring out a way to capture it all in 15 seconds is beyond comprehension to most especially if you start watching other IG videos, then flip back to his…he makes everyone else seem so “bootleg”.  King Keraun has truly managed to carve out a niche that puts his talents on display in a unique way most people probably never even considered.  He has taken a social media site designed for mainly sharing one’s everyday experiences in life into a site where he basically runs his own comedic TV show.  And what’s equally amazing to me about him is that when I first learned of him, he probably had roughly 10K fans or so, 6-7 months later his fan base has grown to well over 500K people.

King Keraun is hosting parties in the some of the hottest clubs in Houston, Miami, Philly, Atlantic City, and everywhere else in between & he’s backstage or in VIP with some of the biggest stars in the music business all thanks to 15 seconds granted to him by Instagram.  Now what remains to be seen is how long his 15 second window will remain open for him.  Right now, the only person that can answer that is King Keraun himself.  Till then, I’ll just tune in everyday or so to get my 15 second dose of laughter from this brother as you should too.

If you have an Instagram account, have you heard of King Keraun?  If so, what do you think about this guy & his Instagram videos?  Do you think he will have longevity & be able to turn his current popularity into something beyond the IG world?  Let me know what you think in the comments.

Your favorite mulatto.


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