Georg Olden

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Georg Olden (born George Elliott Olden in Birmingham, Alabama on November 13, 1920; died in Los Angeles, California on February 25, 1975) was an AIGA medal winning graphic designer who worked in television and advertising.  A Japanese magazine, Idea, once listed him among the top fifteen designers in the US. He was the grandson of a slave and the son of a Baptist minister.  In youth he attended Dunbar High School.  From 1945 to 1960 he worked with William Golden, art director for CBS, and as such was one of the first African-Americans to work in TV.  In 1960 he began to work in advertising and went on to design the Clio Award as well as receive seven of them.  He worked in the arts departments of BBDO then McCann Erickson.  He also designed a postage stamp.  He has been said to have a mixed legacy in terms of race.  He tended to avoid pressing racial issues or pressing firms to hire blacks, but in 1970 he sued McCann Erickson for wrongful termination caused by discrimination.  The case failed. After moving to California, he started working on a new case, but was allegedly shot to death by a live-in girlfriend, who plead not guilty and was later acquitted in court.

Your favorite mulatto.
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