Zimmerman Wants to Fight. Without Guns, That Is.

It has been noted that George Zimmerman, the murderer of Trayvon Martin, wants to fight in a celebrity boxing match.  Wow, even O.J. Simpson wasn’t this obscene.

Let me start off with brutal honesty; I never liked this guy from Day One. I disliked his kind because I KNOW his kind; Zimmerman is the type of guy who picks up a gun because he is a weak minded individual, and a firearm makes him feel strong.  He’s the guy who normally wouldn’t start a fight, but with a gun in his hand, he does.  He’d stalk you down a street, leave his vehicle to start shit with you just because he had that gun. He wouldn’t have done half the shit he’s infamously known for had he not had a gun.  Now I am by no means an anti-gun guy, so don’t get it twisted.  I love guns, and know guns better than you know your own wife.

George Zimmerman is an invaginated man.  And yes, that’s a word, you can even look it up yourself.  He is the poster child of a pussy with a gun.  No joke.  His blood type is o-urine positive; his heart pumps piss.  Trust, you couldn’t find a bigger bitch if you genetically engineered the offspring of a labrador retriever and a sperm whale.

Now this is not the first time I heard that this guy wanted to start a fight.  He started a fight with Trayvon Martin, a teenager in a hoodie. He started a fight with his wife. He started a fight with his wife’s father, his father in law. He also started a fight with his pregnant girlfriend.  So to be quite frank, I wasn’t surprised, and you shouldn’t have been either.

When I first heard that he is looking for a fight in the ring, I couldn’t help to develop a speculative list of men to beat his ass from an inch of his life, and bring a ruler to measure.

My first pick would be Kimbo Slice.

It makes perfect sense too.  Kimbo Slice also hails from Florida, the state shared by Zimmerman and the slain Martin.  Kimbo Slice is a bit of a celebrity also made by unusual means.  The one difference between the two, is the fact that Kimbo Slice is actually a man of honor who seriously pursues knowledge in the art of fighting.  A true Street Fighter, ex-UFC fighter now boxer, it only makes sense that Kimbo Slice accepts the open challenge.

I remember Kimbo when he first joined UFC, trained by UFC/MMA great, Bas Rutten.  I rooted for him the whole time.  He was a low card fighter there; he had to work his way up from the dredges, prove himself.  He lost a few major fights, and overall pulled out.  Now he does boxing, with a record that’s far better than his MMA one.  I already knew that Kimbo Slice has well grounded roots in boxing in the first place (looking at his original fighting style) so it is no surprise that he’s doing well in the boxing arena. Kimbo Slice, please understand you are my first pick to practically avenge the death of Trayvon Martin in the ring.  It would be awesome to see you deliver that TKO.

My Second Pick Would be The Iron Mike Tyson.

One thing I love about being a 80’s/90’s boy, is the FACT that I lived to see Mike Tyson in his prime.  I love watching fights.  Mike Tyson is a good pick; Both he and Zimmerman, objectively speaking, have inner demons they are constantly fighting.  They both know what it feels like to be at the mercy of media notoriety.  They are both made villains of society.  Mike Tyson has the disadvantage of age.  Zimmerman?  It’s fucking Iron Mike (awesome vid link).   I believe that Mike Tyson still has it.  If not, I believe he has enough to knock the lights out of Zimmerman.  It would be a joy to see.

I have to lay my third pick down, and that man would be Michael Jai White.

This, is Michael Jai Fucking White.  An actual celebrity, actor, in fact.  This is Bone off of Blood and Bone.  This is Black Dynamite.  Michael Jai White is an accomplished martial artist action star.  In fact, he is my favorite martial arts action star right now.  The plus is the fact that he is a martial artist which incorporates boxing fighting styles.  I’d love to see him fix a knuckle sandwich, and feed Zimmerman more than a mouthful of those things and send his ass to La La Land in the ring.

Challenge Accepted; The Game says he’s Game.

“I would not be boxing for me, I’d be boxing for the legacy of Trayvon Martin and for his family.  I would box him to knock him out.  I would definitely take pleasure in it.  It’s legal, and I want to show him you can solve your disputes without a weapon.” ~ The Game

The Game, prominent West Coast rapper with known affiliation with the Bloods, said he’d “knock Zimmerman the fuck out”. I’d love to see that.  The Game is certainly an unlikely volunteer in regards to my radar, but he certainly applies his own level of heart into the deal.  He has a tattoo on Trayvon Martin on his leg; He asked his family for permission for to do so; He asked permission to fight Zimmerman in the ring.  I assess that the Game is actually quite serious, far more serious than I’d imagine.


Unfortunately, by the date of this article, Damon Feldman (the promoter of this celebrity boxing) and Zimmerman has rejected The Game.  Why?  The Game certainly does not stand so trained as Kimbo Slice or Mike Tyson.  Why reject Game?  Afraid of seeing Zimmerman getting what he deserves?  Finally?

DMX, and other folks as such as Lindsey Lohan’s father has accepted challenge.  It is rumored that DMX’s challenge has been accepted.  I can’t help but to think that DMX is incredibly washed up.

As the challengers begin to wind down, I believe that folks selected don’t know who they are dealing with.  I believe that Zimmerman banks off of being unexpected and underestimated; he gained weight to look like he is a helpless bastard for trial; he studied Florida law with the intent of knowing what he can get away with.  This guy, while a pussy, is far from one to underestimate.  He probably knows how to fight the whole time.  Due to police investigative negligence and racial bias towards black youth, he was allowed to get away with the faking like he’s helpless.

One dilemma I can picture is this: If Zimmerman exercises a great deal of competence against anyone looking like The Game, DMX, or Kimbo Slice, wouldn’t that subtract from the notion that a skinny 5’11 teenager was bound to whip is ass to make him fear death?  His regular dropped-weight form is precisely the same frame his had on the date of murdering Trayvon Martin.  Of course, I don’t believe any parts of his story because it was fishy to begin with. But if Zimmerman defeats who’s placed in front of him, it’s going to be a media storm and it’s going to raise a lot of questions.

Who do you think would win?  Who do you think should fight him?  Why do you think they rejected the Game’s offer?  Let us know here.


By Gil on February 6, 2014

George Zimmerman has agreed to fight DMX.  DMX has promised to win & urinate on George Zimmerman’s head as a part of his victory celebration.

The only sounds that appear to be floating around are loud sighs.  We understand the urge a lot of people in the African American community have for the need for some type of real justice to be served upon George Zimmerman, especially since he is doing all he can to remain in the media while forever taunting Black America with his “I’m untouchable” demeanor.  But the idea of hosting a “celebrity” boxing match…understand George Zimmerman is NOT a legit celebrity.  His “celebrity” status is due to him ending the life of teenager Trayvon Martin.  Now how one is allowed to be considered a celebrity under those circumstances truly goes to show how morally fucked up & misguided our country is.  Further, DMX accepting this challenge…truthfully, there are so many other things DMX could use the power of his genuine celebrity to do in order to forever help the memory of Trayvon Martin live on peacefully instead of helping to prop up someone simply out to cash in off the life he took.  So once again, here’s a big SIGH…..

Is this boxing match really necessary?  Is this really the appropriate way to carry on the memory of Trayvon Martin?  Or is this event being used by George Zimmerman & DMX alike for their own convoluted means of remaining in the spotlight?  If Trayvon Martin was your son, how would you feel about this fight taking place between a celebrity and your son’s killer?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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