The Modern Day Woman

Older people are always saying ‘times are a changing’ and ‘it wasn’t like this in my day’. My question: Is that considered good or bad? I always associate change with growth and good. However, at what point should we associate change with bad? I do agree things have changed since the last ten years. In particular, women are ruling the land, almost literally. Even in the Whitehouse, we have a male president of course, but his wife seems to be just as influential if not more influential as him. In fact, in 2008 we had a female candidate that actually had a chance. Then, of course, in entertainment, we have none other than Queen Bey, stomping and winding all about the place dominating. In fact, doesn’t she go by King Bey now?

Then on the other hand we have women who are not necessarily making such power moves as others but are just as equally influential. The ladies of reality tv, socialites and others alike. They are as well the modern day women. They are the same women that many strong, brave women of our past stood up and fought for when it came to equality.

Nonetheless, it has become increasingly clear that the role of the woman has changed. Today, to find a woman that is only a housewife or homemaker is quite rare. I did not say impossible, only rare. She is bound to have some type of business of her own, even if it is home-based. Women are now CEOs and all star athletes, reality idols and everything else under the sun. But, my question: What do you think of the modern day woman? Is there a such thing or is that just an illusion and she is merely a result of changing times?

Men, I want to know what you think. Ladies, do you agree with them?

Onyx Truth Contributor:  Keyon Wilson

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