Ready to Die: How Are We Failing Our Children

IN A RECENT DEVELOPMENT, a video went viral on the internet displaying a child surrounded by adults speaking vulgar expletives, sociologically engineering the child, barely walking, & to respond in kind…he did.

While I can go on about the policeman who didn’t have the sense to do actual police work, who instead sought to embarrass this family instead of using means of enforcing the law, this isn’t about what the policeman did. This isn’t about the fact that an officer of the law simply wasn’t. This is about the sociological engineering of our youth, making them, for a lack of a better word, “ready to die”.

Before the swarm of backlash by virulent baby mothers and baby fathers, I’ll put this out there right now — I have no children of my own. Due to being highly selective, yes. While I haven’t had children yet of the published date of this article, I certainly have been a child before, and most tend to think my parents done a good job. Further, it doesn’t take a whole day to smell the scent of fecal matter sitting at your foot; I don’t have to be a parent to know what bad parenting is. Please do not be dumb enough to tell me that I cannot judge, because if one were concerned for judgment, they’d either a) Exercise “judgment” and raise a child right; or b) Have the sense to not videotape the issue.

The stakes are high.  While certain practices like Stop and Frisk have toned down, it’s still up for grabs for whomever to vote it in, anywhere in the United States.  Black youth (including women) are being shot dead on trigger finger reflex due to rampant Afrophobia. If black, your child is more likely to suffer the stressors of racism in this nation still transitioning from an apartheid society. They have killed Martin Luther King, and well as Malcolm X. There is a sociological phenomenon of scientific lynching of a sitting U.S. President, while others argue for the real thing. What in the blue blithering fuck would make you think, that YOUR CHILD would benefit from sociologically engineering him to fail?

If your toddler, can raise a middle finger before he can shit unassisted with diapers, we have a problem.  If your toddler, knows curse words before he learns the basic colors of the rainbow, we have a problem.  If your toddler is recites the word “nigga” before he can recite the numbers one through ten, we have a problem.  If your toddler, learned to twerk upside-down before learning to work on the alphabet to even spell the fucking word, we have a problem.  If you are a parent who thinks it’s infinitely cute to see a toddler doing wretched (Hoodbuggers, read: RATCHET) shit, you are the problem.  Note that I mostly say we; I say we have the problem because for starters, it takes a village to raise a child. Two, when someone sees your fucked up child before mine, due to sharing the same skin color, they will end up thinking that they all act alike.

And that’s bad for the home team.

What happened to parenting? Now granted, the mother of this child in the video in question is 17 years old, still a child herself. While I applaud the notion of not using abortion as a form of birth control, one must be a parent to full effect; no half-stepping. We just have to do BETTER.  I cannot help to think, that this child in the video represents many children that go unseen, with even worse parenting.  What do we need?  A license to have children?  A license to parent?  Perhaps so, because if driving a car or piloting a plane is dangerous, how dreadful is it, to govern the life a child in a direction to be anathematized, demonized, socially stratified, driven to failure despite intelligence, blaming society (blame mom and dad, Junior), criminalized, profiled, convicted, imprisoned.  If not reaching this fate, perhaps he gets killed by either another child lost or by someone he scares the shit out of.

It is a thing known, that we are products of our environment.  With that said we must take care and exercise due diligence in guiding our children in the right direction. Yes, this means every moment, to include toddlerhood.  Don’t just love your child, love a positive future for them.  Foster it.  Cultivate it.  In the dawn of parenthood, we need to come correct. We need to figure this one out, quick. If not, always kiss them goodbye, because you are engineering your child to be doomed to fail, ready to die.

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  1. crash102

    January 16, 2014 at 10:03 am

    To start this is one of the most atrociously written articles I have seen on this site. The spelling, grammar, and sentence structure are completely terrible. Did anyone proof read this before you published it? You’ve got sentences that don’t make sense, words misspelled, commas all over the place that are unnecessary. Second, your own rampant racism has really clouded your view of the world. You act as though White people are riding around the country in groups, rounding up Black people and slaughtering then en mass. You do realize that more Black people are killed by Black people than by anyone else right? You talk about MLK and Malcolm X as though it happened a month ago. Yes they were assassinated by White people but that happened almost 50 years ago. You seem like the type of guy who walks out his door every day assuming a White man in a hood is going to throw a rope around his neck. The world is different now than it was then, and if you want it to continue changing and moving forward you have to let it. The longer you continue to hold on to all this hate and racism you have in you, the longer it takes for things to change.

    • Steven King

      January 17, 2014 at 12:54 am

      This article has absolutely nothing to do with whites. It doesn’t address whites, whites are not mentioned, not even a word of acknowledgement is breathed about White America. This article has everything to do with the uplifting and betterment of the black child and the black family dynamic. Why are you threatened by this?

  2. ebbflow

    January 17, 2014 at 12:08 am


    I have a few things to say concerning your response to this article. First off I don’t see the big deal about the grammar and punctuation if you can understand the point the author is attempting to convey. This brings me to my second point. You fail to understand the point the author is making. He’s not bashing whites. If anything he is saying that blacks have to do better when it comes to raising our children. To say that racism is no longer an issue is just ignorant. When you think about it 50 years is not that long ago. I don’t know where you are from or what your personal experiences are but racism is still very much alive. I will admit that we have come a long way but to deny that we don’t have even further to go is absurd.

    As far as blacks killing blacks, this was also addressed in the article when the author said “If not reaching this fate, perhaps he gets killed by either another child lost or by someone he scares the shit out of.” Who do you think he was talking about when he said another child lost? Maybe, just maybe he was talking about another black child that was the product of a failure for a parent. Do you have a personal problem with the author? This is the second article that i’ve see you accuse him of being racist and I just don’t see how you came to that conclusion. Enlighten me please.

  3. The Plain White Rapper

    January 17, 2014 at 12:45 am

    Crash102, I’d submit to you that if you’d read the entire article, you wouldn’t even have a post. I’m surmising that you read up to the point at which you deemed yourself suitably offended, and didn’t bother discovering that the large bulk of the op-ed was about what black parents are doing to black children. The section you refer to concerning race relations is relegated to “One reason why this is bad for us” status.

    Ultimately it also has the advantage of being true.

    The point of the article was definitely “It’s hard enough being black without tying one hand behind your child’s back,” and the audience was clearly black parents. The author does an excellent job of conveying the message that young blacks have enough with which to contend without irresponsible parents teaching their children to flaunt societal behavior standards.

    And that is also true. Excellent article, BiggaPic.

  4. StarS

    January 17, 2014 at 1:17 am

    Are you fucking serious crash? That long tirade of yours just to bash an author and then write a short article of your own to try to call the author racist and not only racist but even go as far to deny the existence of white racists. Pathetic. Really fucking pathetic. Not only did you miss the point of the author’s petition for better parenting skills within a certain community but you ruthlessly dismissed the suffering that a certain community has to deal with on an everyday basis. Your “racism is so yesterday for white people” bullshit is delusional. When a young teen is stalked for no other reason than the color of his skin, we have a problem. When a man whispers a racist joke in my ear at the expense of a woman of color, then we have a problem. When I can’t even pick up a prescription of glasses without the clerk whispering racist comments while stealing glances at her black co-worker, we have a problem. These are only minor incidents. I’ve seen far, far worse. Racist whites are still alive and well in this country and thrive with a fascist Republican party to back them up. That aside, this wasn’t an article about racism. This is an article about better parenting. Perhaps, you wouldn’t look like such an idiot if you could actually develop the talent for staying on topic.

  5. Darla

    January 17, 2014 at 5:40 am

    crash 102
    Your ability to miss the entire point of this video, and address race reveals your own misinformation on the subject. I find it utterly ridiculous and disturbingly convenient for you to mention the “almost 50 years ago” when MLK and Malcolm X were murdered, when there are so many current cases involving black men and boys being beaten and shot…by cops no less. Not to mention the many black young men who are quickly dubbed “thugs” by other citizens and shot down without a second thought.

    What has not changed in 50 years is the fact that black men continue to be victimized by a system designed to protect and serve. So, in light of this reality, raising a child to state “what set he claims” is accommodating to a system that ALREADY stereotypically views him as a threat. It’s a set up for failure.

    But, I’m obviously missing the bigger picture, which to you seems to be that blacks kill each other more than Whites do. Thank you for that pointed stat! Very timely! Completely deny AND ignore the systematic disadvantages of black people and white privilege to accommodate your close-minded views.

  6. MaddogsPnay

    January 17, 2014 at 5:30 pm


    First of all you need to practice what you preach “HERO”. You have spelling errors there yourself.

    Secondly, there is a thing we learn about in leadership training called “Projection”. Projection where you identify someone else as having the issue or negative characteristics “You” actually have. The reason why I say that is because no where in the article was the author being racist. Out of all the posts you are the only one that thinks he is and responded in a defensive manner towards him; guilty conscience? I was always taught that if someone else sees the pink elephant you’re not crazy and right now you are the only one throwing peanuts.

    Racist does exist. My kids and I have both experienced it. To deny or avoid a problem exists doesn’t make it go away. I refer you to the article “Four Fears”.

    Maybe you took the idea from the term afrophobia and the fact he said something about the black scaring the shit out of people. That little knuckle head running around like a loose cannon can scare anybody. Not just that, a’lot of people that grow up in ghetto are trapped inside their own minds so much so that they become trapped by the world around them.

    The article is actually addressing a serious issue that needs to be addressed. It’s about parenting, the upbringing of our own. It’s a wake up call. This is something that effects everyone greatly because it is something that we as a society have to deal with.
    Proofread your comments. READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE before post anything. Your ignorance is annoying. You know what they say “Ignorance is bliss”. I can tell you haven’t been out much or been around based on your ignorant statements. Stuck in your own little world huh?

  7. The Bigger Picture

    January 17, 2014 at 7:36 pm

    Crash, before you post anything other than an apology, you need work on your reading comprehension skills. Black on Black killing? I’m fully aware of that, which is why it’s referenced in the article:

    >> If not reaching this fate, perhaps he gets killed by either another child lost or by someone he scares the shit out of. <<

    ^ When I say another child lost, child misguided or without direction, I mean black on black crime. Has it occurred to you, that this concern for parenting branches into a concern and prevention of raising criminals, gangsters and killers? Preventing crime by raising children with values beyond twerking? This is about parenting, not your racist projection fantasies.

    Second, YOU are the one who mentioned white anything. Run a search; hit control+F and search for the word "white". So again, who injected white anything in here?

    Third, You said Malcolm X was killed by whites. That's false; he was killed by black men, which goes to prove that (1) your accusations make you a less an a stellar researcher, and (2) you don't even know anything about that part of U.S. History to even be talking. I cannot grasp how you keep on embarrassing yourself on my articles through your own selective ignorance.

    Fourth, you are not the intended audience. What the are you doing here? No one harasses your boy J.F. Franklin, so stop harassing authors on Onyx Truth. Civil Disagreement is one thing, but belligerent accusation is a whole other ball game. Funny how you don't show up other articles I wrote, such as covering Dennis Rodman, Nelson Mandela, the death if James Avery and Kalashnikov.

    You need to stop making a fool of yourself. It’s a known fact that only one author brought you here and you are only here to read his stuff. You are making yourself to be a poor representation of his fanbase.

  8. Ey Wade

    January 19, 2014 at 7:38 am

    This is a very good article, straight to the point and totally needed. I can’t adress Crash and his issues because its a waste of words.
    Many believe racism is over because they haven’t experienced the open and are to blind to see the subtle attacks. Here is news for them, it happens daily.
    When the schools are spending their time teaching to the “test” , they should set aside space and teach parenting classes and life management. Not only are youth having their own babies, many are entrusted with the care of their siblings. The only way they can do better, is to be taught better.
    I get a little tired of all of the basketball camps and organizations setup to give children something to occupy their time as if that is the only way out of the poor living situation Everyone can’t grow into a sports star. Where are the organizations to teach job skills? Life and parenting. Heck where are the classes to teach common courtesy?

  9. The Bigger Picture

    January 19, 2014 at 7:32 pm

    Thanks Ey Wade, White Rapper, everyone.

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