Ready to Die: How Are We Failing Our Children

IN A RECENT DEVELOPMENT, a video went viral on the internet displaying a child surrounded by adults speaking vulgar expletives, sociologically engineering the child, barely walking, & to respond in kind…he did.

While I can go on about the policeman who didn’t have the sense to do actual police work, who instead sought to embarrass this family instead of using means of enforcing the law, this isn’t about what the policeman did. This isn’t about the fact that an officer of the law simply wasn’t. This is about the sociological engineering of our youth, making them, for a lack of a better word, “ready to die”.

Before the swarm of backlash by virulent baby mothers and baby fathers, I’ll put this out there right now — I have no children of my own. Due to being highly selective, yes. While I haven’t had children yet of the published date of this article, I certainly have been a child before, and most tend to think my parents done a good job. Further, it doesn’t take a whole day to smell the scent of fecal matter sitting at your foot; I don’t have to be a parent to know what bad parenting is. Please do not be dumb enough to tell me that I cannot judge, because if one were concerned for judgment, they’d either a) Exercise “judgment” and raise a child right; or b) Have the sense to not videotape the issue.

The stakes are high.  While certain practices like Stop and Frisk have toned down, it’s still up for grabs for whomever to vote it in, anywhere in the United States.  Black youth (including women) are being shot dead on trigger finger reflex due to rampant Afrophobia. If black, your child is more likely to suffer the stressors of racism in this nation still transitioning from an apartheid society. They have killed Martin Luther King, and well as Malcolm X. There is a sociological phenomenon of scientific lynching of a sitting U.S. President, while others argue for the real thing. What in the blue blithering fuck would make you think, that YOUR CHILD would benefit from sociologically engineering him to fail?

If your toddler, can raise a middle finger before he can shit unassisted with diapers, we have a problem.  If your toddler, knows curse words before he learns the basic colors of the rainbow, we have a problem.  If your toddler is recites the word “nigga” before he can recite the numbers one through ten, we have a problem.  If your toddler, learned to twerk upside-down before learning to work on the alphabet to even spell the fucking word, we have a problem.  If you are a parent who thinks it’s infinitely cute to see a toddler doing wretched (Hoodbuggers, read: RATCHET) shit, you are the problem.  Note that I mostly say we; I say we have the problem because for starters, it takes a village to raise a child. Two, when someone sees your fucked up child before mine, due to sharing the same skin color, they will end up thinking that they all act alike.

And that’s bad for the home team.

What happened to parenting? Now granted, the mother of this child in the video in question is 17 years old, still a child herself. While I applaud the notion of not using abortion as a form of birth control, one must be a parent to full effect; no half-stepping. We just have to do BETTER.  I cannot help to think, that this child in the video represents many children that go unseen, with even worse parenting.  What do we need?  A license to have children?  A license to parent?  Perhaps so, because if driving a car or piloting a plane is dangerous, how dreadful is it, to govern the life a child in a direction to be anathematized, demonized, socially stratified, driven to failure despite intelligence, blaming society (blame mom and dad, Junior), criminalized, profiled, convicted, imprisoned.  If not reaching this fate, perhaps he gets killed by either another child lost or by someone he scares the shit out of.

It is a thing known, that we are products of our environment.  With that said we must take care and exercise due diligence in guiding our children in the right direction. Yes, this means every moment, to include toddlerhood.  Don’t just love your child, love a positive future for them.  Foster it.  Cultivate it.  In the dawn of parenthood, we need to come correct. We need to figure this one out, quick. If not, always kiss them goodbye, because you are engineering your child to be doomed to fail, ready to die.

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