There Is No Easy Route To Success

There Is No Easy Route To Success

Anybody with less talent & passion will always beat you at anything if they are willing to work longer & harder than you.  It’s just a fact of life.  Being successful in any venture is 10% talent & 90% attitude.  How well you approach  a task with the goal of conquering that task is mainly determined by how well you mentally prepare yourself to handle the situation.  There are a lot of talented people in the world with a very weak mind just as it is a lot of very strong minded individuals whom lack talent, but then again one could say that their talent resides in their ability to have a strong mindset with the capability of being able to see a task through till the end.

In this day & age unfortunately, a lot of people do not like to work.  They prefer the easy route to success.  Well here’s a newsflash:  THERE IS NO EASY ROUTE TO SUCCESS.  Everybody these days want to be the “man or woman” without having to put in the work the “man/woman” had to put in to become the “man/woman”.  People spend their time focusing on the results somebody has earned versus understanding the process somebody had to endure in order to enjoy the fruits of their labor.  This is possibly the consequence of the microwave “got to have it now” mentality our culture has evolved into.  Our visual senses are flooded daily thanks to television & social media with how they continually highlight the glamorous lifestyles of the rich & famous.  Your everyday average teen to early 20 something individual sees this & somehow forms a disconnect from reality.  The reality being that this success in terms of money, fame, & materialistic items did not just magically appear out of thin air.  These celebrities our culture praises, most of them had to honestly put in some real work to get to where they are today.  Yes there are a few exceptions, but for the most part, the vast majority had to work.  People these days just do not seem to grasp that concept.

We see this play out over & over in the fitness world.  Just turn on your TV and you’ll see all kinds of infomercials advertising the latest & greatest wonder gadget to help you lose weight & get in shape faster.  Yes, there are a few legit infomercial fitness products out on the market, but for the most part, everything else is all fluff.  People do not want to workout yet they want the benefits that an active healthy lifestyle can produce.  Sorry to say it, but if you want rock hard abs…eating a Jenny Craig based diet along with popping in a DVD for “10 Minute Abs” IS NOT about to transform you from FLABulous to FABulous…this is just NOT going to happen.  You are going to have to get up off your ass, hit the gym to do some strength & cardio training AND more importantly, learn how to properly eat.  THAT’S IT!

I do not care what it is in life that you are pursuing…becoming the world’s greatest photographer, musician, doctor, garbage collector…whatever…you are going to have to WORK.

Here’s a video about work ethic & dedication from a fitness guy named C.T. Fletcher.  I’ve probably watched this video 100 so far & look at it occasionally to get me motivated when I do not feel like being my best at whatever it is I’m pursuing.  His language is pretty harsh for those of you out there with sensitive ears.  But the most important part of this video as it relates to my article is within the first 3 minutes.  Enjoy!

featured image photo credit:  Thomas Hawk

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