California’s Latest Example of Putting Politics Over People

Onyx Truth Contributor:  J.S. Franklin

A travesty was recently committed in the formerly great state of California on Thursday. The California State Supreme Court ruled that the State of California must grant law licenses to illegal immigrants that meet the State’s requirements for practicing law. Apparently being a legal citizen of the United States is not a requirement to practice law in California. You don’t even need a green card or a visa it seems. You may not even need a photo ID. It seems all you need to become a lawyer in California now is a BAR certificate and a Walmart credit card with the same name on it. The legal ramifications of this aside, this is just another one of a thousand examples of how socialism and political ambition are destroying not only California but the country as well.

California’s priorities are entirely out of sync with its needs. As of right now there are more than 1.5 million people in California that are out of work. The unemployment rate is over 8%. The state is $418 billion in debt and counting. For the first time in the history of the state population growth has dropped below 5% and some are predicting the population will actually decrease by the next census. Businesses are fleeing to other states to escape massive tax increases. California is one of the worst states in the union as far as education is concerned. With all of these problems and more what is the State Government doing to fix the situation? They’re passing laws that allow illegal immigrants to become lawyers.

So how are socialism and political ambition contributing to these problems? California has been under the control of “progressive” Democrats for a number of years now. Those in the political “know” understand that “progressive” is code for socialist. Over the last several years California has adopted a very progressive income tax system (with a high end over 13%) and with recent increases in both income and sales taxes it now boasts the highest state tax rate in the country.  The State Government routinely enacts highly restrictive laws in all manner of areas from gun ownership to land use. According to, a project run by George Mason University, California ranks as the 49th freest state in the union.  They rank 50th in terms of freedoms lost due to government interference. History has shown repeatedly that the rise of socialism is always accompanied by the loss of freedom as government power expands.

Political ambition has been equally disruptive to life in California as politicians routinely move to enact laws that earn them votes. California passed its own version of the DREAM Act allowing State money to be given to illegal immigrants in the form of college scholarships; all the while they are unable to keep their state parks open due to budget restrictions. California state employees enjoy the most lavish benefits in the country despite the fact that the Government is hundreds of billions in debt. Legislators in California routinely pass these “public relations” bills to keep the people distracted from the real problems and to ensure they will continue to get reelected.

These things aren’t just happening in California, they’re happening all across the US and even at the Federal level. Newly elected New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is attempting to pass a new city law that will provide free pre-kindergarten schooling to everyone in the city despite the fact that New York City itself is more than $110 billion in debt. The US is currently buried under more than $17 trillion in debt (and counting), with continued high unemployment and poor economic growth and how is the President resolving these issues five years on? By continuing to try and sell the public on his debacle of a healthcare program. It seems politicians everywhere in America will do just about anything to distract us from what is really happening, from the numerous and serious problems affecting all our lives. They steal our money, restrict our freedoms, pass insane laws, and then placate us with lavish entitlements they can’t possibly pay for. But even as California continues to follow America on its downward journey toward the drain it’s important to look on the bright side, with so many illegal immigrants living in California it shouldn’t be hard to find a cheap lawyer.

photo credit:  Thomas Hawk

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