Global Warming Scientists Trapped in Field of Irony

Onyx Truth Contributor:  J.S. Franklin

In an ironic, and hilarious twist a team of Australian global warming scientists has become trapped in pack ice aboard their research vessel, the MV Akademic Shokalskiy. The team of scientists ventured to Antarctica in an effort to prove that global warming was causing an increase Antarctic ice melt. The group of 74 crew and researchers has been trapped in ice as thick as ten feet for several days and so far two separate efforts to reach them have failed.

The irony of this situation has not been lost on the scientific community and those who oppose the man-made global warming theory. It seems that major news outlets such as MSNBC, Reuters, and AP have been reluctant to divulge the nature of this mission to Antarctica due to the media’s general support of the man-made global warming theory. Global warming scientists becoming trapped in sea ice that wasn’t supposed to exist could be damaging to the global warming money making machine. But no amount of hilarious irony will dissuade this group of scientists. The leader of the expedition, Professor Chris Turney, claims that sea ice is rapidly disappearing due to global warming even as his ship sits trapped in the middle of a vast ice flow. Turney claims that this situation actually proves his point because he believes the ice in which they are trapped is actually “old” and from a large iceberg that broke off the Antarctic ice shelf.

There are a few problems with Turney’s claims. First, Turney claims they are actually trapped in a flow of very old ice that has broken off a larger ice shelf due to global warming. In fact he claims that the ice they are currently in is actually from a 75 mile long ice berg that was known to have broken apart three years ago. He claims they are trapped inside remnants of that ice berg but he has no proof of this and no way to prove it. Further, the likelihood of a 75 mile long ice berg, dozens of (possibly hundreds) of feet thick breaking into thousands of pieces small enough for the ship to sail through in such a short time is remote. Even if the ship had sailed into an ice field the formation of fresh ice would still be required for them to have become trapped so suddenly. So it would seem that although there may be some older ice present, it would appear that the MV Akademic Shokalskiy is likely caught in fresh ice that formed around the vessel.

The second problem with Turney’s claim, and probably the most damning, is that it is currently summer time in Antarctica. Antarctic ice should be at its lowest level right now and yet Turney and his team are trapped in the middle of a giant ice flow more than ten feet thick. Not only that but the last rescue effort was turned back due to a massive blizzard, and another ice breaker was forced back when the ice became too thick. I find it very hard to believe that a ship could become stuck in a massive ice flow, in the middle of the summer season if sea ice levels were actually declining due to global warming. Still despite nature’s word to the contrary, Turney is holding fast to his theory that global sea ice is declining.

The problem with fanatics is that they are unable to admit defeat even when all evidence is against them. You can beat them in the face with fact after fact, proof after proof and they will still tell you the sky is green when they know it’s blue. Even with his ship and crew trapped in a mountain of ice, even with the very real possibility of freezing to death in the middle of the Antarctic Sea, Turney is still looking up at the sky and trying to tell us it’s green.

photo credit:  Trey Ratcliff

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