Mark Dean

Info provided by Black American History:

Mark Dean was borin in 1957 in Jefferson City, TN.  After earning a B.S. in Electrical Engineering in 1979, Dean landed a job at IBM in 1980 & has stayed on since.  Not too long after, he co-developed the ISA systems bus, internal architecture that enables your personal computer to connect & communicate with multiple devices (printers, mice, keyboards, speakers).  Of the 9 patents for IBMs revolutionary personal computer (PC) introduced in the 1980s, Dean is the holder of 3.

IBM recognizing a good investment sent Dean back to school to earn his Ph.D in Electrical Engineering, which he earned in 1992.  He also had his hands in developing the architecture for IBMs PowerPC project with Apple.

In 1995, Dean earned the prestigious title of IBM Fellow, a title only 50 employees of 200,000 have; he was the first African American to do so.  In 1997, he was also inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame, being the third African American to receive this honor.

While heading the IBM Research Lab in Austin, TX, in 1998 he & his team developed the world’s first 1,000 megahertz chip, 3 times as powerful as anything in the current market at the time, & could perform a billion calculations per second.

To date, Mark Dean holds 20 patents & is now currently IBMs Chief Technology Officer for IBM Middle East & Africa.

source:  Black American History

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