Get Out Of Their Steps…Walk In Your Own

It’s saddening to see so many people who allow society to define them.  Today we label everything in our lives from the clothing we wear to what celebs we watch, follow, & mimic.  It goes even further into why we do not wear these particular shoes or even the sayings that are going around if you do not do these things, you are considered less-than based on what society labels successful.  To the 29 year old person that’s single with no kids, something is wrong with you or you are crazy.  This lack of individuality has trickled down to the new generation to the point that people are losing their lives over material things.  So many people have a sense of entitlement but yet refuse to work for their own.

It saddens me that so many young women feel a need to show their body & label themselves as a bad b$@ch but yet you’re not bad enough to stay covered & let him taste you mentally before you let him physically.  Also, you are not bad enough to go to school to stick with what you started.  The trendsetters and label heads had to make a conscious decision to be themselves & step out whether in a positive or negative manner, so why can’t we? Be yourself, love what you do & no matter what, do not leave the door of regret open for a future walk through because you were not able to just be you.

Onyx Truth Contributor:  Fancy B

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