$110K George Zimmerman Original Painting

George Zimmerman either has to be the luckiest man currently walking the earth or people just have a true, genuine, yet weird fascination with this guy.  As we all should know by now, George Zimmerman is the man responsible for the shooting death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin.  George Zimmerman’s case was tried in a court of law & he was found not guilty.  How everybody feels about the case still to this day & the foreseeable future is another discussion for another day.

Ever since his acquittal in the death of Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman has been steadily making national news for either getting pulled over by the police, allegedly rescuing a family from a burning car a few blocks away from where he killed Trayvon Martin, & a few disputes with his wife.  It seems like everything he does tends to make national news.  It’s very reminiscent of OJ Simpson and his behavior years after he was found not guilty of the murder Nicole Brown Simpson & Ronald Lyle Goldman.  It seems as if George Zimmerman has taken on this mentality that he can’t lose…and so far it doesn’t seem too be far from fact.

Case and point:

Over on EBay apparently George Zimmerman is auctioning off an original painting.  The current bid at the time of creating this article is up to $110,100.00 for the painting.  Let me repeat…$110,100.00 for his painting.  The painting is of the American flag with the words God, One Nation, With, Liberty And Justice For All painted into the stripes of the flag and it’s signed George Zimmerman in the lower left hand corner.  In my opinion, the painting isn’t even that great.

What I do find interesting about the painting are the words God, One Nation, With, Liberty And Justice For All painted on the flag.  I find it to be quite ironic how he is alive to celebrate the words of the phrase “With Liberty And Justice For All” yet when it came to Trayvon Martin’s life, Zimmerman essentially served as judge, jury, & executioner.  Regardless of what was implicated about how the events leading up to Trayvon Martin’s untimely death came about during the trial, the fact that still stands is he chose to take a life due to actions initially sparked by his “suspicions” instead of letting those who wear the uniform & serve within the courts system do their job in helping to determine what the phrase “With Liberty And Justice For All” could have meant as it related to Trayvon Martin.

So here we are.  Understand something, I do believe in the legal system as I do recognize & firmly believe the legal system is seriously tainted.  But with that being said, I personally choose to respect the decisions of the courts.  The court found him not guilty & now George Zimmerman is free to pursue life as he chooses as a free man in America.  I also understand that George Zimmerman has to earn a living to support himself but when I see this painting, I find myself wondering if he’s really trying to earn money off of his talent, his name, or is this a subliminal message hinting to his loyal day-one supporters saying, “hey, this is America…Liberty And Justice For All has a different meaning for us.”

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