Essays On The Intent Of Our Constitution…pt 1

Onyx Truth Contributor:  J.S. Franklin

Constitutionalist No. 1

My fellow Americans, I come to you in dire times.  After bearing witness first hand to the impending collapse and failure of our Republic, we are yet again faced with a task so great its repercussions will reverberate across history, to our children’s-children’s-children.  A man once asked us “whether societies of men are really capable or not of establishing good government from reflection and choice, or whether they are forever destined to depend for their political constitutions on accident and force.”  This question was answered unanimously by our Forefathers more than two hundred years ago, and yet this question has resurfaced in wake of current tragedies.  Tragedies committed against our liberties by those very people we trusted to lead us, to protect our beloved way of life, to govern with reflection and choice.  In these times, our liberties are under attack, the very fabric of our nation and our way of life is threatened, not by war, not by conquering empires, but from within.  The threats are many:  physical, emotional, economical, political.  The foes we face are cunning; they come to us with disarming smiles and hallow promises of equality and harmony, telling us stories of “the end of all our troubles.”  They wear expensive clothes and live in fancy homes on crested buttes, but their words are cheap as the soap boxes from where they shout.

Two hundred and thirty years ago, a group of men, patriots, came together to warn of folly and to share an idea with the masses.  The folly they warned of was division;  the idea was unity.  Unity that gave birth to liberty and spawned a new idea of Government the likes of which the world had never seen.  That unity was protected by a single document:  The Constitution of the United States of America.  In the year 1787, a gathering of patriots came together and signed a document that guaranteed our freedoms and ensured to us all that they could never be taken away again.

Many countries have risen and fallen throughout time; many governments have come and gone, and many countries have battled with their identity.  Now, like Rome, Byzantine, Russia, France, England, as well as many others, we face our own crisis of national identity.  Our Constitution has come under fire and it saddens me to see it warped, misused, misconstrued and ultimately discarded by these very smiling foes who claim to have our interests at heart.  Our country is changing; we are being lead down the Progressive path, which history has shown us again and again always leads to ruination.  These foes, these politicians we have put in power, will come to you and tell you they know best.  They will tell you to lay down your arms and take their hand and they will provide for you; they will give you everything you need, and in return they ask only for your silent obedience.

This Progressive movement has fanciful ideas of economic equality where everyone is provided for, where the Government will give you everything you need and determine the things you do not need.  They promise safety and security at the expense of liberty.  They promise harmony in exchange for individuality.  They offer plans of free medicine and sustenance, but offer none of how they plan to pay for it.  And when we stand and challenge their lies they shout even louder and call us racist and extremist.  It matters not who they are, Republican or Democrat, the goal is the same for all:  money, power, control, control over our lives, control over our choices.  They tell us we’re not capable of choosing for ourselves and have taken it upon themselves to do it for us.  Our Government has mandated you spend your money, on threat of penalty, to buy products deemed necessary, yet the Constitution does not grant them the right to regulate the finances of the individual.  They have taken ownership of business and profit from its operation, yet they were not give the power to do so.  They have enforced laws allowing them to overtake any business they see fit, break it to pieces and sell it at auction based upon their own arbitrary notions of “how big is too big.”  They have taken for themselves the power to arrest citizens out of their homes and hold them indefinitely and without trial by deeming them a “terrorist” or “threat to national security.”  Municipalities move to take away our arms and yet our Government does nothing.  Every year our rights become fewer and more restricted beneath mountains of bureaucracy; a labyrinth of regulation so twisted even they cannot find the end.

But fear not my fellow Americans, for the power to fight this tyranny still lies in our hands.  The Constitution, tattered, torn, forgotten, still holds the power to defeat this foe.  Our Forefathers had the foresight to see this coming and gave us the means to fight back.  The Constitution is thought by most to be a vague, broad living document, capable of being interpreted in many ways, but it could not be more precise and deliberate.  It outlines the specific powers of our government and reserves all other powers to the States and to the People.  Our Government has overstepped its bounds and within this document lies the proof.

Over the course of the last several years, it has become apparent that too few possess accurate knowledge of our Constitution and its intended purpose.  In light of recent atrocities committed by our own Government against our freedoms and our way of life, I will move to enlighten you through a series of publications based upon not only my own observations but those of the Founders matched against the very document that upholds our liberty.  In these publications I will discuss such topics as:  The Fundamental Liberties We Are Obligated, Fiscal Responsibility in Government, The Security of Our Nation, The Necessity of Arms and the Preservation of Liberty, and The Idea of America.

But who am I exactly that I should educate you of the trappings of our Constitution?  I am not a wealthy man, I am not a scholar, I am not a man of breed or power or influence, and, as such, some may ask why it is you should listen to me at all.  Simply put, I am you; I am Everyman, I am Citizen, like you, I am American, and if ever there was someone to listen to in these times, should it not be America?

In closing, I pose a question.  We are not helpless in this campaign against liberty.  Our country is being driven down a path, the Pied Piper at the wheel, and we will not be given choice in the final destination.  That choice will be made for us, by the people we elect to make such choices.  But choice is what all things must come to and we are not without it.  The choice we have is this:  will we stand by and watch the Tree of Liberty wither and die, or will we do what we must to refresh it and restore its life?  History is littered with deciding moments where man has been put to the test and asked to make that choice that could possibly affect the entire world for hundreds of years.  Our Forefathers were asked to make that choice and their decision changed the world forever.  Now we are faced with another choice:  what will be the outcome?  How will we as men, as women, as Americans, decide?  Are we doomed to repeat the mistakes of so many who have come before us?  Are we so arrogant to believe that we can do it right where they did it wrong?  Will we stand, as our Forefathers did and chose?

photo credit:  Thomas Hawk

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