Arsenio Hall Slams Kanye West

We all know Kanye West loves to run his mouth from time to time.  Sometimes he has some legitimate things to say, other times Kanye loves to leave his audience scratching their heads and wondering what’s really going in Kanye’s life.  Most of the people Kanye either directly or subliminally mention choose to ignore him & let Kanye be Kanye…not Arsenio Hall tho.

Arsenio Hall lets loose on Kanye in this video for running his mouth a little too much & talking about things of which he has no clue nor should he even be comparing himself to begin with.  Personally I love Kanye West as a hip hop artist, but everything outside of hip hop, I think Kanye can be quite idiotic & over dramatic.

Kanye…your from Chicago homie…all this whining and crying & comparing your “struggles” (and I use that term loosely) to that of our ancestors who were FORCED into slavery is absolutely ridiculous.  You live a life most people can’t even begin to fantasize about & yet you complain.  You have opportunities that most cannot & will not ever conceive & you complain, you are also in a position financially to CREATE opportunities for others…yet you still complain.  Truthfully, I’m sick of hearing your complaints.  All I want to hear is what your music sounds like…complain inside the booth!

Your favorite mulatto.
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