Steps Towards A Better Body

With so many sites out there on How To Get Ripped or Lose Weight, most individuals try & fail with zero follow through or give up without really understanding what’s happening to their body. My methods are fairly simple…baby steps toward a better body is better than diving head first into a difficult plan. So here we go:


I can’t stress this enough! Just burning a few more calories a day via a brisk walk in the park or doing 100 jumping jacks is more than enough to start with. Over time you may want to add some more challenging workouts. Take walking in the park for example; time yourself the next time you go or attempt to beat your time or even increase the distance.


This method ensures you do not do the crash diet approach to changing your eating habits. Attempt to add a salad with your last meal of the day such as something simple like lettuce, tomatoes, carrots with olive oil and salt. Eat breakfast if you are skipping it. There is tons of information on the web on why one should not skip breakfast. A bowl of whole grain cereal & a cup of black coffee is something you should try.


Again, research my point if you don’t believe me. Fat is an underrated energy source in our society today due to its bad reputation with heart disease, high blood pressure, & bad cholesterol. Contrary to popular belief, if one eats a diet of processed foods and processed fats (trans fat), over time you will develop some nasty conditions. Try adding avocados, virgin coconut oil, nuts, whole eggs, & bacon to your food choices believe it or not. You can’t go wrong when your eating habits begin to look a lot more balanced.


Now some may jump on the web and look for an expensive or inexpensive product that helps detox the liver. Well save yourself the time & energy because the nearest detox formula is at the grocery story. It’s called lemons. Yes, lemons have been shown to do wonders for the body and if your goal is weight loss/fat loss, give lemons a go. All you have to do is boil some water & squeeze some lemon juice into the water & drink. The liver is considered a fat burning organ, so helping this organ work at optimal levels will ensure you are getting the most out of your efforts.


I’ll just say drink as much as you are comfortable with. There’s a set metric for how much one should drink but hell, if drinking too much water makes you feel nauseous, then find the right amount you’re comfortable with drinking on a daily basis. It’s very obvious if you’re more active you will need to drink water a little more to replace fluids lost. If water disgusts you, I recommend purchasing Crystal Light flavor packs. They’re a life saver and makes drinking water much more enjoyable.


Why sleep? Focus, energy, mental clarity…these are just a few benefits of sleep. And if sleep is an issue, try adding 5-HTP to your nightly ritual or some melatonin.

Until next time, thanks for reading! If you’re looking for some in depth advice contact me at the email below. I do meal plans & workouts if you’re interested.

Onyx Contributor:  Marcus Straker
photo credit:  Thomas Hawk

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