What Is The Onyx Truth?

We live in a world where it appears everybody is screaming for attention these days but offering very little in terms of providing something meaningful to the people they are desperately trying to get noticed by.  All of this noise has created a thick cloud of smog on the internet which has unfortunately suffocated the voices of a significant amount of genuine content creators whose lives are dedicated to creating engaging & meaningful content with the purpose of stimulating conversations & thoughts.

Onyx Truth has been created with the intention of providing genuine content creators from around the world a platform for which to voice their opinions on matters that are important to them.  We recognize that there is a trend in our culture to shine more light on the negative versus the positive which is the reason why certain aspects of the media as a whole often go out of their way to further promote this “reality”.  Onyx Truth is here to provide a home for those looking to break away from the everyday run-of-the-mill media factory which is dedicated to essentially dumbing us down as a culture.

Onyx Truth aims to promote & discuss issues that impact our culture, provide entertainment, health & business information, & shine a spotlight on people that are truly out there putting in serious work pursuing their calling in life, but nobody really knows of them yet.  Onyx Truth is not out to promote a specific agenda by only posting opinion pieces that support the website creators’ specific points of view.  Onyx Truth recognizes that differing views on life along with intelligent debates & discussions is very healthy in helping people to get a better understanding of someone else’s walk in life.

If you are a writer, blogger, or comfortable with being in front of the camera to speak your mind & you think you can compliment the vision by adding your taste of realness to our site, visit our contribute page for more information on how you can add to the community.

In the meanwhile, feel free to add us on your favorite social networking site so you can keep up to date with the latest as Onyx Truth grows and makes its official debut in the coming weeks.

Thank you for stopping by & please spread the word!

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photo credit:  Thomas Hawk


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