Can We Stop Shitting on Rose Falling for Finn?

By:  H.T., Website:  Rogue Black Nerd

(Contains spoilers)

After going to see Star Wars:  The Last Jedi, I have to say that it wasn’t that bad.  Seriously, the nitpicks so many of you fans put out there about the film seems like you wished you had gotten to write the film instead.  What we got wasn’t perfect, but it was entertaining and it left you questioning where things would go from here.  Again, by the end of the movie, what was left of the Resistance fit onto the Millenium Falcon and we’re pretty sure Luke is dead now.  Just saying.

But what caused a lot of controversy was the issue of Resistance engineer Rose Tico and Finn winding up together by movie’s end.  The claim was that there wasn’t enough of a buildup to their romance, and to that I say what the hell do you want people?  Seriously, Disney is walking on eggshells trying to please you sad persnickety fans with every turn, but of course, all of you got upset when the Extended Universe got brushed away and Disney decided to go their own way.  What fans don’t get is that the Extended Universe is far, far too dark of a place to take the series as really it’s a lot of deaths left and right and all of Leias’ kids turn out fine.  Kinda boring really.

Seriously, at what point did any of you think Finn was going to wind up with Rey?  I’m sorry, but if we’re talking about lack of chemistry or any build up to a romance, less of that exists with Finn and Rey.  Hell, the most Rey and Kylo will get to is a loving embrace or even a kiss, but I doubt the movie will go balls to the wall and ship them.  As for Finn and Rose, look, sometimes that’s all it takes.  I’m sorry if you, the fans, were spoiled by years of watching guys basically wave their dick around to get a woman to like them, but Finn perhaps (maybe) got the girl by just being himself.  We’re so used to watching women swoon and stare longingly at men in this franchise for doing basic shit that it alienates us to watch a woman work with a man and just decide, “Ok, I think I like him romantically and will show it in a practical sense.”

“Oh, but she’s Asian!”  SO FUCKING WHAT?!  I’m sorry, but she isn’t the first Asian character we’ve seen in Star Wars.  Remember, Rogue One was full of badass rebels who happened to be Asian, AND NONE OF YOU SAID SHIT THEN.

“But she’s ugly!”  Look, I’m sorry but if every woman on screen in Star Wars has to be model attractive, you clearly came to the wrong damn franchise.  The late Carrie Fisher made many jokes about the fact that she aged beyond the fantasy of fanboys, and we grew to accept it.  Rey wasn’t really shown in any particular sexy manner and Laura Dern was kinda random for me to see in this film, albeit even though her character was only in the film for a small bit of time.  Really, the movie never really cared if you found the women in it sexy as they all had a job to do.  Whether or not you found said women attractive is your choice, but please don’t come here and complain that one ordinary looking woman found love when I can easily remember you same nerds rooting on skinny ass Michael Cera to get with Mary Elizabeth Winstead or saw It and thought Ben should have gotten with Beverly.  Don’t you fucking dare try to pull that shit where the woman has to see past looks for the dude but every woman has to be a Victoria’s Secret model.

I for one am happy they found him love so now you sad sacs of shit can stop complaining that the black guy has to be asexual in this end of the franchise.  This is good, this is a step forward.  And for the love of god would you annoying fans stop being mad they didn’t ship Finn and Poe?  Just because your fan art of them making out got a bunch of reposts on Tumblr doesn’t mean Disney was gonna go with it.  They weren’t gonna stick him with Poe OR Rey.  Let.  It.  Go.

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