BLE 99: Some of These Chicks Is Lying B…


Talking about how some of these women screaming sexual harassment & sexual assault are possibly lying.

Voicemail:  706-550-1785

1st Topic:  Feedback


2nd Topic:  Black Women Just Love Thugs

3rd Topic:  Some of these #MeToo Women are Lying

Facebook Fuckery:  Kira Ann Elba

5th Topic:  Final Thoughts

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Your favorite mulatto who isn’t interested in your feels.
  • H.T. Smith

    To clarify my last story about the
    deacon, the Deacons DAUGHTER has 4 kids, one being my half sister due to my dad cheating on my mom with her, thus why shes a year older. I payed for the sins of the father as we didnt know we were related till we were in our 20s. Wish he had told us 10 years prior to that…yeah…long story short, me and her dont talk

    As for the nerds and hood chicks, i think the fear comes from unloyal beckies that also love hood dudes. I know a lame dude who dated a white chick who liked him but went and f**ked the hood dude who was messing with us at the hooka lounge.

    As for the me too campaign, this is gonna sound weird, but this has been a long time coming. Keep in mind, most of the people who started this narrative are in my age bracket (mid 20s) and were in school when administrations at schools were cracking down hard on sexual harrassment. What i noticed was that schools cracked down heavy on the ugly guys, but damn near protected the good looking and the athletes. Google steubenville if you want a prime example.

    As for the nice guy thing: shes right. I sattled up, got back on my grind, said my goodbye to my ex and met my new girlfriend, a mexican chick i met downtown after i smacked this dude who was street harrassing her and told him to leave. Love at first sight. As for the rapper thing, as i mentioned in a previous article, i was a rapper. I was a cross between tariq nasheed and young thug. Why i quit is mentioned in “days of weeaboos past”

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