BLE 98: The Lawd Said Loose Women are Welcome in the Church Too


Talking about how loose women are welcome in the church to praise the Lord too.

Voicemail:  706-550-1785

1st Topic:  Feedback

2nd Topic:  Church Hoes

3rd Topic:  Racist white people in Louisiana

Facebook Fuckery:  Summa Love

5th Topic:  Meghan Markle…Black or Biracial?

6th Topic:  Millennial Blacks

Song of the Week:  Redneck Trap Music

8th Topic:  Wu Tang Clan Culture Vultures

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Your favorite mulatto who isn’t interested in your feels.

  • H.T. Smith

    Look, when it comes to the church, i know for a fact everybody gets it in. True story: one of the decons at the church i grew up in from age 12 upward had 4 kids, one of them being my half sister. I will say girls be fine as hell there, but the main ones im looking at are the cougars. Real talk, most my moms friends be fine as hell and churched up heavy.

    As for megan markle, look, shes black. What pissed me off were the sad dudes on twitter who said shes used goods cause shes divorced and “been on the cock carousel” people forget that harry is not only 3 years younger than her (shes gils age) but hes also a combat veteran. Maybe hes not trying to get a young girl as theres nothing there for him.

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