Women Should Not Use Their Children as Pawns in Issues of Child Support

Dante Long discusses some of the challenges of child support from his personal experience as it relates to singer/actor Tyrese Gibson’s breakdown on social media over not being able to see his daughter.

  • Tiffany Monique

    While we tend to see women use children as pawns more often than men because they are more often the custodial parent, BOTH women and men do this. The truly disheartening thing about it is that the kid is never truly the reason why the parents act this way. At it’s core the reason for using kids as a pawn is pure selfishness with both parties. This could all be avoided if both parents committed to working together for the kid, the way they worked together to bring this life in to the world. In all of this the kid is most important and they suffer the worst. These children or stuck with either angry or absent parents because instead of asking what is best for the child you have one that either flees because he/she doesn’t want to deal with drama or refuses to allow the kid to see the non custodial parent because he/she won’t pay or won’t pay what the other wants them to. These kids are innocent victims, who need both parents and this selfishness robs them of that relationship. These kids did not ask to be here, YOUR choices brought them here. Just like you choice to perform the acts together, that brought them here, choose to work together to raise them.

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