BLE 95: Black Men Refuse to Marry Their Baby Mamas


Talking about black men refusing to marry their baby mamas & some other shit.

Voicemail:  706-550-1785

1st Topic:  Black Men & Baby Mamas

2nd Topic:  Weak Black Men

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Mark J. Cooper


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Your favorite mulatto.

1 Comment

  1. H.T. Smith

    November 1, 2017 at 2:23 pm

    Man, eff this dude on FB. ratchetry exists EVERYWHERE. truth is, as I’ve seen with my friends, SOME men don’t meet better women till you change tax brackets. The REASON men go as far as the other side of the damn world to find love is cause your options here can be a bit o s***. Im aware that all of yall on this show got a full decade on me (Gil I know does) but you gotta see what fuels this: you get all your ish together, but when you try to date in the black community nowadays, its a lot of baby mommas, single women with an attitude and my “favorite”: the church girls yo momma or aunts tries to hook you up with because they were raised like a nun and will likely leave you for a local D boy once she gets bored with you.

    what I’m saying is that some black men really are better off dating outside their race as theres not much for MY generation in terms of love. every ugly chick wants to be chyna fox and every fine chick wants to be Melyssa Ford.

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