BLE 92: Black People Ain’t Bout No Action Offline


Talking about white people who love Trump and some black people who won’t do anything if a white who loves Trump tries them.

Voicemail:  706-550-1785

Opening:  Bo Straussberg


Facebook Fuckery:
  Landon Tjehuiti Cook

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Your favorite mulatto who isn’t interested in your feels.

  • H.T. Smith

    Sadly, me and my girlfriend broke up a week ago. We moved too fast and she fell out of love with me. Also, eddie: trying to date a cosplayers is a terrible idea. The single ones tend to belong to the community and the black female ones only date white and Asian dudes. The few that do date black guys don’t want the 5s like me. Contrary to commentors here, I do my best here but I’m just gonna go back to school and probably stick to dating interracial as dating black women, for me, requires too much compliance to what some random chick wants as opposed being myself.

  • H.T. Smith

    Also, to answer why woke brothas don’t get a lot of black women: either, yes, they’re faking the funk or they’re guys like Jeremy D Johnson who aren’t attractive to the women they’re caping for and get left in the woke friendzone. In the few cases SJW dudes get sex from these women, either they look like tyrone or theyre like rickys buddy william jackson and wifed up a full time hooker. Just facts.

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