To The Facebook Group Named TMI: Tariq Nasheed is Not Beyond Reproach & Neither are You

By:  Asher Primus

Before I submitted my previous article criticizing Tariq Nasheed for his juvenile game, Crispy’s Biscuits, I prepared for the worst.  I knew I would get roasted and be called gay, a coon and a hater for not buying the game because I have to be “on code”.

First off, my intentions were not to call out Tariq Nasheed on that matter, but again he is not beyond reproach.  It is annoying that he gives himself a god complex every time he does a film or major project because you know “the agents of white supremacy are out to get him”; so every time someone questions him it becomes slander.

I am on his side.  There are no strings attached to my arms, so I am not being coached to write this article.  If I wanted to destroy Tariq Nasheed’s reputation I would have turned to Tucker Carlson and Bunty, since there is a huge intersectional coalition of people who hate him from black/white, men/women and liberal/conservative.  Overall, I did not do that, I made the right choice in pitching my article to Onyx Truth.  If I was a coon, I would have sent it to Infowars with the caption:  Race Hustler, Tariq Nasheed Uses Cyberbullying as Inspiration for New Game App.

Yet, it was the followers of Jason Black who were the most vocal in calling me out.  For god sake, it is just a game, it is not like I was trying discredit Hidden Colors or 1804, which I actually do support.  I respect his work as a director and producer.  My message was a warning that he is too obsessed with Tommy and that it could hinder his chances in elevating his platform.  He has been doing the podcast and Sunday shows for years, so I would like for him to either create his own streaming services or introduce a pilot to a major syndication.  He burns too many bridges, especially on Twitter as he tends to pick fights with people who do not agree with him.  If he came across a little more coy, he would have been had a miniseries at least like MTV’s Decoded or Braless.  He does not have to agree with everything for sponsors, but if Charlamagne Tha God and Tyrese Gibson can get their own show despite the controversy they bring, then Tariq could have his own show by now.  If that is what he wants, unless he enjoys being invited on FOX News as entertainment for conservatives as the “angry black guy.”

Next time, I know better and to keep my mouth shut when helping black people because their god complex is beyond reproach.  When dealing with pro-black moguls the greatest resistance is from their fans.  They will happily do the dirty work in exposing the opposition.  Case in point, the shallow pro-black Facebook group named TMI.  It is a haven for narcissists to create a new normal.  They fantasize in abusing women to make sure that they do not spawn “bastard” kids.  They talk the biggest game on how on-point they are with their supposed black businesses and S.T.E.M. careers, while in reality they are average Joes and below average women pandering to people that they have never met in person.  Luckily, Jason Black has discovered their worth.  It is the only place on social media where single mothers and dusty dudes clown themselves.

On a serious note, when attacked by this group, your social media account is fair game and they distort personal information.  They look for gayness or suspect behavior, tattoos, lovers and kids.  They cyberbully individuals in order to be “on code”.  Pro-blacks really suck like being a racist white person because to them, being “on code” on the internet is more important than doing it in real-life.

It is no secret that I used to be in TMI and did these thing onto others, but I grew out of that childish behavior and even lost friends because I was “on code”.  I betrayed my TMI family to become an agent dedicated to exposing fake pro-blacks.

The pro-blacks of cyberspace never show their face, yet beg for money for their documentary projects.  They talk the biggest game on how if you do not “wake up before 7 A.M., “you will be moved by white supremacy”.  These people swear up and down they are for black empowerment, meanwhile they never did anything as simple as donate clothes to the homeless.

I must call out the fake pro-blacks who use fake names so they can keep their government or 9 to 5 jobs.  They sleep having pipe dreams ruling the world and killing white supremacists, yet they never held a gun in their life.  They post pictures of Christopher Dorner, Gavin Long and Micah Johnson swearing that they will avenge them via shares and radical black thought; meanwhile, they will hate their own black neighbors and envision themselves moving to the suburbs where their pro-blackness is an island.  They are too scared to be martyrs for the struggle.  In reality, they are too busy going to R. Kelly concerts and playing stepdad and settling for a ready-made family.  One girl at least has a business in selling vending machine jewelry, then there is this guy who is a pro-black Satanist with a James Brown perm, we also have the weird guy who applied for Ro Cutno’s husband school and still cannot find a wife, there is also a guy who is too busy to fight white supremacy because he is binge watching the entire series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Some live in their trucks and have no service, one girl is a booty model…but she is “on code”, most are obsessed with celebrity gossip just like most of the women are looking for daddy, some have 100 IT certificates and still got turned down by Best Buy’s Geek Squad and most of the men are pro-black via their status updates, yet date interracially the most.

Once I look back on who is calling me out, I realize I have nothing to prove and debate, especially over a game.

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  • MissesKisses

    You were very active in TMI. I always seen you being the cyber bully. You were cruel and horrible to people. You don’t know what side you want to be on. Figure it out.

  • Richard Green

    It’s “beyond reproach” not approach. You’re right though no one is beyond reproach, weak use of grammar included.

    • This nigga traveled all the way over to my website to break out his grammar nazi uniform 😕

      • Leonard D. Knight


    • Ron Carter

      Will Hunter is beyond reproach…That’s why Jeremy Smith reprimanded Iliza for banning him when he was cooning it up. Then once called out, refused to take calls for months. Richard, don’t make us expose you to your TMI friends. After all, you were in our chat after we left the group. I’d tread lightly if I were you

      • Richard Green

        I never actually had beef with any of you. I hust don’t like seeing black folks at each others throats when there are better things we could be doing.

        • Ron Carter

          Ah yes…You wanted to be the “neutral” guy. Here’s the problem with that. When it comes time to implement those punishment mechanisms we always love to talk about in “black society”, you have to choose a side.

          Jeremy Smith’s decision to punish Iliza, when she was simply doing her job, in order to protect someone who attacked one of our greatest ancestors, negates the idea that no one is beyond reproach. Straddling the fence on these issues is unacceptable.

          • It’s amazing how too many people in TMI have such praise for Jason Black despite his admiration for people like Will F. Hunter whom is the equivalent of a Tommy Sotomayor in his disdain for black women.

            Also, speaking of Jason Black & his affinity for rightfully despising people who commit sexual acts ranging from rape to child molestation…don’t you find it ironic how his profile picture is that of an ADMITTED rapist? Or does his black empowerment lectures allow for that to swept under the rug?


            • Leonard D. Knight

              We really should discontinue referring to Jeremy Lloyd Smith as “Jason Black,” “the Black Authority,” or “TBA. He’s not an authority on anything other than insulting people online. And his disdain for black single mothers, from what have gathered, is a case of Mr. Smith projecting his hatred toward his own black single mother, outward. Doing a simple online search on Mr. Smith gave me a strong indication that he did not grow up with a father in his life. Further, it appears that he possibly has never met his father and/or has no idea who he is.

              • You can refer to him as Jeremy Lloyd Smith, but he is known by his stage name of Jason Black (& quite possibly Professor Black Truth might be him as well)…but the mere fact that people blindly follow him without a hive minded mentality is truly disturbing.

          • Leonard D. Knight

            You could only straddle the fence and ignore principles in such an instance
            if you value being in the imaginary “IBS” more than you value standing on principles. And more than likely, that is/was the case…

        • Leonard D. Knight

          99% of the posts in that group are [some] “black folks at each other’s throats” in some way shape or form, be it directly or indirectly, and we both know this to be true…

    • I wrote this article precisely for people just like you who vehemently defend these fake ass broke-woke knee grows in groups like TMI:

  • Lungyao Stadard

    Shawn Greene? Remember that, all the TROLLING YOU DID. Piss off. Your articles are contradicted by your behavior. What you want is the attention of the people you mentioned. You want to be on the team, but you are not worthy.

  • Leonard D. Knight

    Epic clapback. Lmao.

  • Amazingly people who defend the group TMI & its founder are some of the biggest hypocrites on the internet.

    These people will go all out of their way to bash anybody who thinks differently from what Jason Black tells them to think.

    Crazy thing is, Jason Black’s profile pic on social media is a picture of Eldridge Cleaver, one of the most famous members of the Black Panther Party…who just happened to also be an admitted rapist. A rapist who started off raping BLACK WOMEN because he knew he would get away with it…yet niggas in TMI worship Jason Black, a dude who idolizes a rapist. Go figure. It’s no wonder why the disdain for black women is so heavy in the TMI group.

    Eldridge Cleaver’s own testimony about his life of raping women :

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