Steve Stephens, Aaron Hernandez & Bill O’Reilly: Why Black Folks Need To Be More Woke Than Ever

This past Easter while at IHOP white Jesus bestowed upon me the most profound blessing of all time to help black society comprehend what’s really going on in the world.  Right now too many of you are flooded with a bunch of meaningless nonsense that is blocking your 3rd eye’s vision from truly seeing the world and all of the pieces on the chessboard that are in play.  Well, I’m here to squirt a few drops of Visine into that 3rd of yours so that you can completely understand why this particular week has been filled with so many bad people either losing their lives or losing their employment.  The world works in mysterious ways but luckily for you white Jesus has blessed me with the insight to school you knee grows.

Listen black folks, here’s why you need to be concerned about the suicides of Steve Stephens (the Facebook killer) & Aaron Hernandez (former NFL player) along with conservative news’ biggest star Bill O’Reilly being fired.  Nobody is going to break this down so eloquently like me to enable you to truly see the world for what it is & how you can further enhance your ability to remain woke.  So pay attention.  Your life depends upon this profound knowledge courtesy of white Jesus…

Facebook killer Steve Stephens killed himself.  Aaron Hernandez killed himself.  Bill O’Reilly killed his career at Fox News.  That’s 3 bad guys in ONE week that have experienced some form of death.  That’s 3 in ONE week.  Now watch this:

3 is spelled THREE

The word THREE converted into its numerical equivalent = 20 + 8 + 18 + 5 + 5  which equals 56.

56 is the numbers 5 & 6.

5 + 6 = 11

11 is the number ONE & ONE put together.

ONE = 15 + 14 + 5 = 34

34 backwards is 43.

43 is 4 & 3.

This is the 4th month (April) & 3 bad guys experienced some form of death in ONE week.

Are you beginning to see how all of this comes together now?

Use your 3rd 👁 be4 you become the next ONE.

#COONspiracy #StayWoke

Your favorite mulatto.

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