BLE 76: Why Do Black Men Prefer White Women Over Black Women


This episode we’ll be talking about some pic floating around on social media by some NFL player stating why he prefers white women over black women.  Of course we have other ratchedness as well.

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  Maserati Rick

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Light skin dude with an opinion
  • Ole School

    The definition of a broken home is: A family in which one parent is absent, usually due to divorce or desertion. It has nothing to do with abuse or any other factors. Some Black men want the easy way out, so they go with the so-called docile white woman. They later find out when it comes to divorce their white woman isn’t as docile as they thought. I’m going to tell you a fact that most men already know, “All women want to be in charge.” You as a man have to be able to deal with it. I know Tyrone isn’t in charge, because I heard the pots and pans rattling in the background (Auntie Fee). Was Eddie drunk? I’m asking because of his tirade on Happy Meals, and not understanding your Dennis Rodman analogy! Bathroom Eddie is on the case! Gee sounds real good as a subservient, it sounds natural.

  • Pimpology

    There is a update on the guy that used a drone to catch his wife cheating:

    He’s pimpin hard like when one of my b*tches told me it was raining outside. I told her to get out there and work. Don’t worry about the rain, walk between the drops, b*tch.

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