Black People, You Are Never Going To Beat The “I’m White & I Say So” Argument

With all of the technology in the world, there is absolutely no reason for anybody connected to the internet somehow someway to remain ridiculously ignorant.  Anybody choosing to do so is doing it purely because they want to.  Hello white people.

Black people, we have reached a critical point in time where it is time for you all to stop arguing with racists & white supremacists on the internet (and in real life).  You’re not going to win these debates.  No matter how many facts, figures, statistics, research papers, history books, or dead bodies you dig up…you are not going to beat the “I’m white & I say so” trump card.  It’s just not going to happen.

What’s the “I’m white & I say so” card?  Glad you asked.

Instead of me giving you this long ass boring explanation on what the “I’m white & I say so” card means, I’ll just provide you a few examples of a typical conversation on social media with a white supremacists.

White person:  Black Lives Matter is a terrorist group!
Black person:  No they’re not.  Have you ever visited their website or attended a rally to see what they stand for?
White person:  No.
Black person:  Then how can you make such a defamatory statement like that?
White person:  I’m white & I say so!

Case closed.

White person:  Melania Trump’s speech was so amazing!
Black person:  She plagiarized her speech from Michelle Obama.
White person:  Melania Trump was sincere when she said it!  Michelle Obama was lying!
Black person:  Dude, she LITERALLY stole her speech damn near word for word.
White person:  Michelle didn’t mean it!  Melania did!
Black person:  How so?
White person:  I’m white & I say so!

Case closed.

White person:  Black people are cop killers!
Black person:  According to FBI stats, for the last 30 years, white people have been killing cops the most.
White person:  Prove it!  Send me a link!
Black person:  Click on the highlighted link above.
White person:  So you can’t prove it!
Black person:  I….just…did.
White person:  No you didn’t!
Black person:  What?!
White person:  I’m white & I say so!

Case closed.

White person:  All Lives Matter & Blue Lives Matter!
Black person:  What about Black lives?
White person:  You’re racist!
Black person:  How so?  You don’t have a problem with Blue lives. What’s wrong with Black lives?
White person:  I’m white & I say so!

Case closed.

White person:  Taylor Swift never gave Kanye permission!
Black person:  But Kim Kardashian released video proof.
White person:  Taylor Swift never gave permission!
Black person:  Did you see the video?
White person:  No!
Black person:  Then how can you say that?  Never mind…I’m white & I say so.
White person:  Exactly!

Case closed.

So to recap my fellow Blackedty-Black-Blacks out there:  the moment a white person refuses to acknowledge your argument based upon actual facts to back up your claim, understand you’ve just been hit with the “I’m white & I say so” trump card.  Once a white person slaps that down on you, it’s time to pack up your shit & go home.  There is no overcoming that card.  History for the last 400 years or so has stated that “I’m white & I say so” is law.

Your favorite mulatto.


  1. LostOdyssey

    December 2, 2016 at 6:17 am


  2. Laveonte Varner

    December 2, 2016 at 7:52 pm

    right, they also tap dance around the good questions with obvious answers.

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