Al Crone Says, “Take Your Gun Out & Shoot A Couple of These Ni@@ers”

Take your gun out and shoot a couple of these niggers, your life matters too.” — Al Crone

Al Crone, onyx truth 2
Wait a minute Al Crone, I thought All Lives Mattered…at least according to everybody (mostly white people) in opposition to the Black Lives Matter campaign.  Well, it appears that you have proven me wrong.  Al Crone, why do you want to “shoot the niggers”?  What have the “niggers” done to you Al Crone?  Oh, that’s right….being Black.  How could I forget.

If you are one of the “niggers” living in Youngstown, Ohio…I’d be on the lookout for this Al Crone.  In this day & age, I wouldn’t put it past to him to actually take out his gun to “shoot a couple of niggers”.

Side note:  Do you think Facebook will ban him like they have repeatedly done unto me?  Probably not.

Anyways, shout out to Al Crone for making it known on the Observational Facebook fan page about taking out guns to shoot a couple of niggers because apparently, your life matters too.

Special shouts out go to Candace Mencer & David Kirk.

Candace Mencer, onyx truth
Their comments can be found on this particular post on the Observational.

Your favorite mulatto who isn’t interested in your feels.

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