James C. Baer says His Daughter Will Never Be A Victim Of Ghetto Apes

Any major U.S. city governed by blacks and has a black majority population is just a huge ghetto sucking entitlements from hard working Americans.  Bought my 17 year old daughter her first AR 15 today, it goes nicely with her other guns.  She will never be a victim of these ghetto apes.James C. Baer

James C Baer, Nissan, Onyx Truth
His profile picture has changed since then in case you were wondering.

I don’t know…maybe James C. Baer is talking about defending his daughter from Harambe, the gorilla killed at the Cincinnati Zoo recently.  Maybe, but I doubt it.


According to James C. Baer ladies & gentleman, any majority Black city governed by a Black mayor is nothing more than a ghetto.  Apparently these cities are so “ghetto” that James C. Baer feels the need to arm his 17 year old daughter with an assault rifle in case some “ghetto apes” attempt to victimize her.  James C. Baer sounds like another person who dedicates his entire life to watching Faux News & listening to Rush Limbaugh all day long.  If I were James C. Baer, I’d be more worried about a white guy victimizing my daughter than a Black person.  I would get into the statistics that prove that the overwhelming vast majority of crime committed is intraracial, meaning more white people kill and/or victimize other white people than any other race of people…same holds true for any race; Black people victimize more Black, Hispanics victimize more Hispanics, Asians more Asians, and so on.  But since the 2 years and some change that I’ve created this website, I’ve come to conclusion that white folks don’t care about statistics or facts, they only care about their preconceived lily white worldview being reinforced to them by way of the boob tube from people like Bill O’Reilly & Sean Hannity.

Funny tho, since white people do victimize more white people than any other group, I wonder how he would feel about the likes of a Brock Turner victimizing his daughter.  James C. Baer is worried about “ghetto apes” victimizing his daughter yet white guys who come from affluent backgrounds, attend prestigious schools, & look like the stereotypical white American boy next door are out there raping unconscious women & getting 6 month slaps on the wrist.  But James C. Baer, you proclaim to be worried about Black people???  Ok.  Chances are James C. Baer, your 17 year old daughter (whom I’m assuming is preparing for college) is going to encounter way more potential Brock Turners than any so-called “ghetto ape” over the next 4 years of her life…and then some.

If I were you, I’d send my daughter off into the world being on the lookout for American white males between the ages of 18 through about 40.  This age group is notorious for victimizing people of ALL RACES….history proves it.

But anyways James C. Baer, you’re just trying to be a responsible father I suppose….who knows.

Your favorite mulatto.
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