BLE 38: Happy Single Father’s Day


This episode we’ll be celebrating single fathers on Mother’s Day.

Voicemail:  706-550-1785

Random Video:  Shannon Brown

Main Topic:
 Javonne M. Clark

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David Thesonof Jesse

David Thesonof Jesse, onyx truth

C.O.W.:  2 Mexicoons

Song Of The Week:  
Black Thought Freestyle

OTP 76

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Light skin dude with an opinion
  • Pimpology

    A pimp’s language is concise, easy to understand, so I don’t have to say it twice. Bitch, you better have my money is simple and straight to the point. My bitches don’t have to go to the dictionary to understand. When I listen to BLE I want the same. I don’t need to hear Professor Silver Cloud ranting about the correct use of species or how I need to use the dictionary. BLE is a few brothers shooting the shit and that’s what I expect.

  • Ole School

    Where is that lame ass Eddie? I almost miss Eddie after listening to that dude struggling with his blackness. Let’s drop him off on Mercy Drive and see how long he lasts. I bet if he opens his mouth he won’t last long. We love his kind down on 33rd. I would bitch slap him every time he used a word with more than 3 syllables.

  • Pimpology

    Tyrone must be fat if he chased a bitch around the entire apartment complex and couldn’t catch her. What was it she said about your family? You should have told her like Lucious Lyon, ” I’m only fat where it counts, Bitch”.

  • Pimpology

    Where has Vinnie been for the last few episodes? Did he go to get a haircut and is still waiting on his barber. When my whores get lazy I tell them, “If Vinnie can wait for a barber for 8 hours, you can walk them streets for 16 hours”.

  • Ole School

    Here is a product for that non-thugged out, non rapping, want-a-be gray boy:

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