According To Susan Zakin, “Privilege” Is the N-Word For White People

“Can we expunge the word “privilege” from our conversations?  Really.  It is the n word for white people.”Susan Zakin

Susan Zakin, onyx truth
I’m honestly convinced that white people literally sit around in rooms, sipping overpriced lattes, thinking of the latest & greatest way they can express their anger to prove to the world that they have feels too.  It’s like they hate being left out, even if the category is oppression.  Just last week Igloo Australia (Iggy Azalea) was on Twitter talking about calling white women “Becky” was racist, now we have this woman by the name of Susan Zakin talking about the word “privilege” (as in “white privilege”) is the N-word for white people now.  Seriously, you can’t make this shit up.  White folks are desperate to be a part of EVERY conversation some how someway in such a manner where their culture is not on display as the villain.

Well Susan Zakin, here’s what we can do to make you feel better about yourself:

  • The day non-white people start rounding up white people to force them into a life of slavery for the next 300 years or so to become the engine of the economic boom that drives this country, all the while calling you “privileged” every 5 minutes as a whip is cracked on your back…then I can cosign the word “privilege” being the N-word for white people.
  • The day after non-white people release all white people from slavery to become “free” men & women living up under a legalized system of segregation for almost 100 years where white people are systemically & economically repressed and every other non-white person is calling you “privileged” as we non-white people hunt you down like animals just so we can throw a rope around your neck, string you up to a tree, and pose for pictures afterwards smiling…then maybe I can cosign the word “privilege” being the N-word for white people.
  • The day the U.S. government purposely drops drugs into mostly white communities with the explicit intent of breaking up white families, destroying white economic progression, & tainting white activism efforts followed by a bullshit “war on drugs” designed to lock up even MORE white people all in the name of cheap labor & high profits for the prison industrial complex…then we can revisit whether or not “privilege” is the N-word for white people.
  • The day cops start killing random white people with impunity and the media & non-white society takes up for the cops automatically before any evidence is presented one way or another which ultimately leads to the cop getting off in most instances…then we can revisit this whole “privilege” being the the N-word for white people.
  • The day a person named Susan Zakin applies for a job and her resume is automatically rejected simply because her name sounds too white…then we can revisit whether or not “privilege” is the N-word for white people.

Susan Zakin, let’s just start with this list first.  Susan Zakin, I want you to be able to join the ranks of the oppressed so you can properly let those white tears flow because you feel like you have been denied something or unfairly labeled.  But Susan Zakin, I need you & the rest of white society to actually go through some real shit that was purposely designed to oppression your people for generations as to where the after effects are still felt in the present.  Susan Zakin, once you are able to accomplish that, then we may possibly induct you into the oppressed class as to where the word “privilege” should be banned from use.

Till then, the rest of us in society with actually intelligence will be sitting back with our feet kicked up sipping on glass of white tears with a mini umbrella hanging out of it.

Your favorite mulatto.

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  1. Robert Bradford

    April 9, 2017 at 5:52 am

    This woman is a delusional, racist, narcissist. How anyone allows her to publish at this point is a horrifying mystery.
    She is now trying to profit off of the fact that her husband is from Africa with guided “safaris”- Irony? Horror? Privilege?

    She has also now written a response to this article you wrote- painting herself as a victim and begging people to “like” her piece so as to push your very telling story into search history Neverland.

    “Woe is me!” She often compares herself to Hunter S. Thompson and is currently begging anyone she can reach on Facebook to “like” the above autobiographical “article” she wrote about herself so as to decrease the popularity of your story when one searches her name.

    I feel it is too easy for this woman to often attack others and then to excuse her behavior as not racist because she is married to an African American.

    She is aggressive, narcissistic, and defamatory.
    I was actually relieved to come across your story as I wondered upon meeting her if I was in fact crazy for thinking that she was an awful human being- but no, I’m not.

    Thank you for your story. Narcisissm and racism is a dangerous combination and one that we are sadly surrounded now in our highest political offices.
    She thinks that being clever will hide and overcome this…
    Again, she is not apologizing for her use of comparing white “privilege” to the N-word – she is instead trying to insinuate that she said that under personal duress but still truly paints herself as the VICTIM in this story…
    Sorry. Nope.

    She is a nightmare of a human being.

    I’d love to see what someone comes across when going on one of the “safaris” to Africa she is organizing & promoting through her personal business.

    She is petty, deranged, narcissistic, aggressive, and belittling.

    Thank you for writing this piece. It was honest, thoughtful, and thought provoking.

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