BLE 36: While You Were Cheating On Me…I Was Cheating On You


This episode we’ll be discussing how to go about dealing with a cheating significant other.

Voicemail:  706-550-1785

Facebook Fuckery:  Bakkah Levon

C.O.W.:  Dr. Ben Carson

Song Of The Week:  “Coon” — Willie D.

Flashback:  OTP 74

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Your favorite mulatto who isn’t interested in your feels.

  • Pimpology

    If you hold up the new $2o bill to the light, you can see Andrew Jackson still chasing Harriett Tubman.

  • Pimpology

    Lyrical agility, Drapetomnia, what did that nigga say? Johnny’s going too hard for BLE! Us pimps can’t understand him. BLE is nigga shit, not professor shit.

  • Ole School

    Where is the bitch Eddie? When you start talking about ass eating, I’m sure he is an expert. I’m sure he has given and received his share of rusty trombones. I’m sure he has earned his brown wings. Ole School is back, coming hard like Willie D.

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