Listen Black People…You Did Not Descend From An Egyptian King or Queen

When Black people refer to themselves as Kings & Queens, there is a segment of the population who do it purely as a term of endearment.  Reason being is because Black people are taught that our history starts at American slavery & that’s it.  So in order to develop a deeper sense of pride & appreciation, some of us bestow the titles of King & Queen upon one another opposed to referring to each other as…well…slave.

Then there is the other population…

There is also another population of Black people who love to remind everybody that Black people are Kings & Queens.  This population is known as the Hotep Tribe hailing from the ancient land of Blacklantis where they make it their business to unapologetically inform everybody they come into contact with that Black people descended from Kings & Queens.  Not just any ole random King & Queen tho.  More specifically, they are referring to the ancient Kings & Queens of Egypt.  The Hotep Tribe goes all out to ensure that if you are Black, you know exactly what your “true” history is.  In some ways I admire this tribe for simply trying to instill a sense of pride in a bunch of lost & clueless Black people who know absolutely shit about Black history beyond slavery.  So I can’t completely shit on this tribe….but, they have to stop lying to people.

Here’s the real deal…

Damn near every single African slave brought over to the Americas came from mainly 2 countries in Africa:  Senegambia (Senegal) & Angola.  Both of these countries are on the west coast of Africa & neither one of these countries are no where near Egypt.

“B-b-but how do you know that???”

Simple.  There’s this little thing called mitochondrial DNA which all women pass down to their kids.  Without getting too smarty-arty & all scientific and shit, a person’s roots can literally be traced back thousands of years following the mitochondrial “trail” of women in one’s family tree.  And for most Black people whose ancestors came over here as slaves, damn near every slave in the Americas mitochondrial DNA can be traced back to Senegambia & Angola.  The vast majority came from Angola.  Why Angola?  Well first you have to understand that it is estimated that 5 million African slaves were taken from Africa & approximately half of those slaves ended up in Brazil in South America.  Next you have to look at the geographic locations of Angola & Brazil.  It is literally a shorter trip from Angola, Africa to Brazil, South America than it is to go up to the Caribbean & North America from Angola or Senegambia.

For the other 2.5 million African slaves that didn’t end up in Brazil but ended up in North America & the Caribbean, most of these slaves came from Senegambia & about a quarter of them came from Angola.  Out of the slaves that wound up in the Caribbean & the US, it is estimated that only about 400,000 of those slaves actually ended up in the US during the entire course of the slave trade.  Out of that 400,000, it is further estimated that approximately 100,000 of these slaves came from Angola.  So even here in America, a Black person has a 1 in 4 chance of having his/her roots traced back to Angola as well.

So what does this have to do with being Kings & Queens from Egypt?

Well, since you asked…not a damn thing.

Damn near every Black person whose ancestors started off as slaves in America DID NOT come from Egypt.  As a matter of fact if you were a slaver back in those days responsible for capturing slaves to be sold later on in just the US only, it wouldn’t make any damn financial sense to travel to Egypt to extract slaves.  Do you know how damn big the continent of Africa is?  For those of you who don’t know, here’s a description:  Africa is so damn big that you can fit the ENTIRE continental United States (all 3 thousand miles from east to west coast) comfortably INSIDE the continent of Africa with room to spare.  So now imagine being an African slaver.  Imagine having to sail your slave ship from Charleston SC all the way to the Strait of Gibraltar to enter the Mediterranean Sea to travel an additional approximated 3,000 miles minimum just to get to Egypt to round up some slaves.  Then imagine having to make the return trip.  Since slavery was all about money, it makes absolutely no damn financial sense to travel an additional 6,000 miles on top of the miles you must travel to go back & forth across the Atlantic just so you can get you some slaves from Egypt.  No $en$e at all.

So where does this leave us?

More than likely that member of the Hotep Tribe trying to convince you that you descended from the Kings & Queens of ancient Egypt are full of shit.  To be honest, most of these dudes (because that’s what the majority of this tribe is comprised of) are doing nothing but engaging in faux Black historical mental masturbation in an effort to try to get some pussy.  That’s it.  They figure if they can come off sounding all extra smarty-arty & intelligent by informing you that Egypt’s real name is Kemet (its for real for real name is actually KM.T…spelled just like that) that, if you are a woman of course, the panties will get extra moist as they mesmerize your mind with elaborate talk of being former Kings & Queens.  That’s the real game.

What they don’t want to tell you is that more than likely you did not descend from a King or Queen.  For the sake of pretending, let’s just say that some Black people actually did (which could be possible considering ancient Egypt wasn’t the only African country with Kings & Queens)…how many damn kings & queens do you actually think existed in Africa?  Just take a wild guess.  Just out of the 400,000 slaves that ended up in the US, do you think all 400,000 actually descended from a king or queen?  Get real.  Somebody had to have descended from the every day average person living their life all the way down to the dude responsible for collecting animal shit.  I know that’s not sexy or glamorous, but it’s the truth.

But why do they claim Egypt so much?

Simple.  Because white society has romanticized the shit out of ancient Egypt, and we all know how Black people love to have white people tell us what we should or shouldn’t like.  If white people romanticized the shit out of ancient Ehtiopia instead of ancient Egypt, every Hotep member would claim Ethiopia & know Ethiopian history like it’s nobody’s business.

So in the end my Kings & Queens, maybe 1 or 2 of you actually did descend from an African king or queen coming out of Senegambia or Angola led by a great warrior-king similar to that of Shaka Zulu (which is actually more plausible than an Egyptian king/queen considering the Zulu Kingdom was literally next door to Angola).  Maybe a few of you descended from some African family of nobility.  Maybe a few of you descended from just an everyday average African just trying to live day to day.  But let’s stop pretending like some of you didn’t descend from an ancient jump off, side piece, hoodrat, double dick clutching chick, bummy ass dude, or the nigga tasked with collecting animal shit.

Everybody didn’t come from a King or Queen my brothas & sistas.


PS:  Check out all the angry Hotep comments below trying desperately to hold on to greatness from 5000 years or so ago.  Be amazing if they applied this energy into something beneficial that could create a new legacy of greatness today leading into the future…but no, just more mental masturbation.

Your favorite mulatto who isn’t interested in your feels.


    I hope this is parody and not just some straight ignorance.

    • Gil

      So I’m just going to assume that you believe American slaves are descendants of Egyptian royalty huh

      • Marcellus Shane Jackson

        Do you believe American whites are descended from Greeks?

  • Radouane El Harnafi

    Except that slavery and triangular trade is maybe 600 years old while ancient kings and queens from Egypt/Khemit is 5000 years old (Wiki) to 8000 years old (Cheikh Anta Diop).
    By the way, assume just an element of language, otherwise they would have been a loooooooot of kings & queens.

    So, to me, your article is a dangerous shortcut.

  • ajackson17

    I’m an African American and I do descend from the people of Angola, but not Segemebia but Benin and Togo.

  • anonmuz

    While this is true, it’s not completely true. The slaves brought over were just a small percentage of slaves enslaved, this land was already inhabited by Black People. These people were called by the misnomers, Olmecs and Mayans and real name in short are the Xi Amaru.

    • Gil


      • Rich Garriques

        you and him are both wrong

      • Normandie Kent


    • StEwPiD_MoNkEy

      False. Those were eurasians

      • anonmuz

        The issue of the Xi along with the reparations issue has already been brought to the world court and recognized the decision has been made by them that the US is to pay the reparations and the proof brought to the court of the Xi from Mexico is unmistakable truth.

        There is also a clan from the continent of Africa the was recognized also, they were the ones brought here on the boats. The mans lineage was brought on the boat Jesus. The Euro slave trade was minuscule compared to the Arab, the Euro slave trade was just more primitive and psychotic.

        • Normandie Kent

          No one recognizes you, especially no world court! They do recognize the Mayans and the Olmec were Native American civilizations, nothing to do with china or Africa. There Are STILL Mayans living in Mexico, they ARE Olmec descendants. Afrocentric Turd!!

    • Normandie Kent

      In your wet dreams African descendant ! Leave the Native Americans out of your Afrocentric pseudo history! The Olmecs AND the Mayans WERE Native Americans, and Native Americans only! Are you that self hating that you have to go and steal the Native American people’s history? Like they haven’t had enough taken from them already?! You are nothing but a Afo-Nazi loser!!! You wish there were Black people in America so you can cut yourself off from your sub Saharan Bantoid roots in your ancestral homeland of West Africa!!!

      • Donald

        You know Columbus did leave a journal containing entries that refer to encounters with black skinned natives in the Americas , I know some people such as yourself would immediately dismiss this knowledge as poppycock, but it could partly explain the severity of the genocides carried out against the people, imagine if the Australians had gone after the aborigines the way all the Europeans went after the natives (all rape murder enslave) what do you think the aborigines would look like today

        • James Watkins

          Your probably the same one that opened your arms to all the hippies pretending to be native for y’all benefits

    • Teb Tb

      You idiot. 90% of black slaves went to Arab lands. And blacks never were in the Americas, they never were boat people. Stop your silly day dreaming. Black africans are the lowest average IQ on earth, profoundly stupid as a race. These are facts born out by true science.

      • James Watkins

        Just saying even tho we’ve been put down for so long what are white people better than us at other than stealing and hockey???😂😂

      • Bremon Scroggins

        Wrong studies show that those of African descent have some of the highest IQs on the planet and 90% did not go to Arab lands some did but not 90% when Septimius Serverus, a black emperor of Rome was in power 193-211ad African decents begin to migrate towards the West while others were being sold in slavery all over the globe long before the slave trade. YES blacks ruled Rome for a period of time in fact there were 10 emperors of African descent who sat on the imperial throne of Rome but they don’t teach us this look it up. Back then blacks were celebrated for there masonry work, geometry, astrology, culture, religion, and their nobility descention meaning they descend from nobility. They were saught out for such things from people’s across the globe so what do I mean low IQ? Come on now that’s just another way Caucasian use false knowledge to keep blacks down. When Septimius held a war campaign in Brittan and Scotland African decents begin to migrate that way as well that’s why u have black knights who were the first knights, that’s why u have this King James who was of African and Jewish decent who ruled Scotland, England and Ireland (look it up). Europeans have tried so hard to suppress our history and steal our legacy why do u think when King James was in power they call those the dark ages? Because people of African descent ruled and they don’t only hate it but they fear it, why? because their hope is that we never ascend to a throne again. Some people are just hateful but that’s because they descend from a evil people while the naturnature of the African descent is of righteousness, peace, love, intellect and nobility.

      • anonmuz

        Someone seems butt hurt about the truth. I don’t care that you live in denial.

      • Helena_Handbasket

        True science largely disputes the methodology of IQ tests, actually.

  • Marcellus Shane Jackson

    Telling blacks in America they didn’t descend DIRECTLY from “Egyptians” means nothing. No one in America descended directly from Egyptians. And since the “Egyptians” were really Greeks emulating a culture they happened upon,…. Not even Egyptians are descended from Egyptians.

    • NgolaTaSeti

      Exactly this article has so much fail written all over it. I hope he got the butter biscuits he covets so much smfh.

    • Rich Garriques

      WRONG greeks learned from EGYPTIANS MORON. and Egypt isn’t even the real name of the land it is called KEMIT NU.

      • phntsticpeg

        True, the Greeks studied in Alexandria but ultimately the Egyptians lost control of their land and came under Greek influence.

        They had many rulers, in the latter Dynasties Blacks did hold the crook and flail. However, that does not link the abducted people taken from the African as Egyptians.

        Celebrated “Black Royalty” Cleopatra’s familial line was Greek. She was Greek Ptolemy, as was her father. What endeared her to the Egyptians was she spoke their language and adopted their culture. Like Kim Kardashian.

        But chick was nowhere near Nubian. Like Kim Kardashian.

        I’m all for knowing our history but we need to know what is the truth and what is not.

    • عندى فولوارز كتير

      lol sad to burst your buble.
      but DNA evidence prove modern Egyptians are the biological heirs of the ancient Egyptians civilization.

  • Shamar R.

    I can tell by some of the words you use, you mess with brotha Tariq Nasheed LOL word up! Good read! Yes, I use it more as a term of endearment, but that Hotep Hebrew Israelite pseudo nonsense gets me upset.

  • ccampbell

    sorry, but when we say kings and queens i don’t think people really mean they are of a royal blood line. just that we come from proud people that were more then is being protrayed today. lol. white people will go out of their way to separate us from that country.

    • #ThatsANiggaOnAHorse

      I think that is what was said in the very first paragraph….but you know reading is a tad difficult.

  • Keith York

    It’s not about being directly descended from Egyptians (Kemites) It’s about reclaiming a part of African History and culture that has been stolen. Read Cheik Anta Diop to learn the cultural similarities Kemit had with the rest of Africa. Your argument is what is known as a “straw man”. There are fringe beliefs in every science and philosophy, yet the fringe beliefs in Afrocentrism are use to blanket the whole of it’s adherants as kooks rewriting history to feel good. If you are do your people a disservice, if you are white..then.. well, you just acting in character.

  • Bmerlow

    hmmm and where angolans come from? This is equivalent to saying “Your a american but your not from the original american colonies in the northeast”… shit……egypt was the origin….the original migration point for damn near all human beings….your mixing some good knowledge with good ignorance

  • Zion(z)

    Just a pointer of traditions I have learned. Jamaican’s mainly come from the Akan tribe of the gold coast. I have heard up to 95% are from there. I have not verified this but I know it is widely believed.

  • TJ

    What’s wrong with being proud of my actual ancestors and the places they actually came from? Why would I sweat Egypt so hard when I could be learning about the West African people and cultures I might actually have a recent connection to?

    I literally don’t see why folks are mad about this.

    • Keith York

      In my opinion, people are mad because it comes off as trying to separate Kemites from the rest of Africa, which is historically the technique used by Arabs and Europeans to lay claim to a very significant part of African History. The part where Black folks teach them culture and civilization.

      • TJ

        Fair enough, I get what you’re saying. I just think I can uphold that Egypt is part of Africa without claiming that I personally am from there and without ignoring the rest of the continent in the process.

        • LilAli

          Well said man 👍

        • Eliana Yisrael


      • conservatroll

        The Fantasy Land part.

      • Wyatt

        …….Look…..there is no actual evidence that’s supports this notion African Americans have of being Egyptian. Everything you see about this matter from these people is Afro-centric pseudo science. Do you really think scientific scholars one day are just going to say forget all this evidence let’s start remaking history according to uneducated black people in inner city America!

        • Keith York

          Just like Greek and Roman history are not British and and White American History, Yet those ancient cultures are taught like it’s just 1 big epic of caucasion exceptionalism. People don’t feel the need to point out there is no genetic link with those cultures. Why do they feel the need to do it when Black people do it with Kemit? And for the record Cheik Anta Diop and others did extensive research on Migration patterns of the Kemites as they fled Asian invasion.

          • Lamaine

            Your history is lacking because Britainia as it was named by ancient Rome so was londinium now called London fathered the British culture,the structures that stand today were constructed by Rome , Rome colonized the Anglos for 500 years or more all the way into the end of the Romana paxa era you have to do your history before you speak generally.Greece Fathered the Romans the Romans influence the British they gave the British their script to form letters and paragraphs the British did not speak the language they speak today till the Romans introduce the Alphabet! there’s a saying I want to induce by a Roman emperors his name Was Cicero and he said that “the Britons were so dumb and lazy that they wouldn’t even make good slaves”this was stated by Roman governor in a letter to his emperor about the people of Britannia now called Britain Roman name do you Know the Roman empire stretched all the way from turkey all the way over coverage Spain Portugal Italy gall Britain North Africa Rome had a huge empire and romes knowledge came from Greeks and the Greeks knowledge came from the black Kemites we claim Egypt because Egypt because Egypt was the seat of all civilization we could still go to the west of Africa and claim very big and great empires like the songhai empire the Timbuktu educational empire that dwell there we got the benin empire with NOK people it goes on and on the great Ghana empire,the Mali empire all of these empires could fit Europe inside of the individually wait I have more west African Empires..we got the Axum empire that stretched from Ethiopia into Ara
            bia and Yemen. These African empires flourished during a time when Europe was experiencing a 1000yr dark age after the fall of Rome whites lost all of that knowledge that the blacks gave them hundreds of years earlier

            • Brian Hart

              You’re missing Mesopotamia and indus valley which is older than Egyptians and sumar as well ..

            • John Morris

              The ancient Greeks did not get all their knowledge from the ancient Egyptians. More left-wing black pseudo-history. Please quote a source that quotes primary historical sources. Someone’s opinion in a book you have read will not count unless it is backed by a primary source. This is the way all fields of academia work.

              • Paul

                That dumbass has no idea what you’re talking about LOL

              • Brian Hart

                They learned some of the basis of their future mathematics bit that’s about it the Greeks surpassed them inventing PI and more accurate math. But the notion they’re just black is foolish in Egypt in those times if anyone was the pigment which we consider today “black” they were laborers not of great importance.

          • Brian Hart

            I don’t know what shitty school you attended but we were taught all cultures covered in history class all ancient cultures starting with Mesopotamia and the indus valley..all of the world right up until modern times..I’m from NY so idk if that’s why but.i also disprove a lot of some the things taught to children today..maybe back in my day teachers had more choice and power in their daughter 10 and I try my best to explain to her the darker sides of history they leave out..which you would learn in college or research of your own

          • Brian Hart

            Uh but they do lol Idk wtf school you went but all people from that area Greeks Romans etc are a mix of semmetic and indo Europeans. You learn it as a child. And they are taught separately no like one big epic. As is Egyptian culture is taught and middle eastern like Persia Babylonian. Sumeria etc..chinese ,Indian. The problem is anything south of North Africa is nothing worth learning they did not contribute to the world in a great way. You also learn of the Mayans, Aztecs, Inncans…any prospects of their being once great civilizations have been taken by jungles and time. Since lack of real writing or abstract thinking by Africans.

          • Kassandra Morgo


      • Brian Hart

        But you’re also taking one small not so small thing natural barriers why do you think genetics and genes changes the desert did act as a natural barrier dividing north Africans..all north Africans consider them selves Arabs..being from the same land mass doesn’t make you the same people genetically especially when it comes to Africa still the most genetically diverse people’s in the world

        • John Morris


      • Brian Hart

        Lol that’s a loose term “black folk” go to Egypt see how many “black folk” you find they are a mixture and they’re just Egyptians and don’t fit your cookie cutter mold of black folks..sorry they’re north African and don’t share your DNA. That’s like saying the Chinese and Indians are the same because they’re both from Asia. It’s foolish naive and a childlike view of the world. And just trying to push a made up agenda

      • Kassandra Morgo


    • Kofi Akan Eugene

      Whites claim the entire continent of Europe as their homeland. The southern Europeans are not the same are the Germanic northern Europeans. The entire continent of Africa should be claimed as part of the heritage of the diaspora. Besides the tribes of Angola and Senegambia did not originate there, they migrated there from other parts of Africa.

      • TJ

        It’s fine to claim Egypt as part of African heritage in general but I think too many African Americans ignore the rest of the continent and focus exclusively on Egypt when there are parts of Africa they have much more recent cultural/genetic connections to. We have been systematically robbed of much of the specifics of our history before being enslaved in the so-called “New World” but there are some things we can piece together and to me the exclusive focus on Egypt almost sounds like we don’t think there is anything else to be proud of in having African roots.

        In my experience anyway, while some whites may have some concept of Europe as a universal homeland, most have more specific knowledge of their origins. I rarely hear someone call themselves European American. They may say Irish, French, Greek, German, Italian, or whatever but their specific national/ethnic origin generally comes before any generic European identity. Perhaps you’ve had different experiences.

        • Charlie Shipman Payson


        • John Morris

          Well said sir. But why is knowing your roots so important? If you are born and raised in the U.S. you are American. That is your culture. Not yours…The hypothetical black person or white.

          • Edward B.

            John Morris, Someone here said it best: “Being from the same land mass doesn’t make you the same people genetically.”

            • John Morris

              No argument there but what does that have to do with who you are? Who my ancestors were 300 years ago does not effect me today. And remember blacks in America are very mixed geneticly speaking. Many tribes were brought here and sold as slaves. Those tribes mixed with other tribes, native Americans and white Europeans. (something they never did back in West Africa) Problem is you can only trace one’s DNA down the mother side so you will never get a full genetic picture anyway. I am John Morris not a descendant of Tribe A or B.
              I am proud of the fact that my ancestors (on my mothers side) survived the horrible transatlantic crossing chained in the bottom of the boat. Getting a DNA test would only tell a small part of the story anyway.

              And no disrespect to anyone here but West Africa does not impress me. I know my roots. As for which tribe? Dont care.

      • Yomama

        White people don’t claim all of Europe as their motherland. We have actual roots. Some of us are Russian. English. French. Italian. Portuguese. Hall not even the entirety of Europe is white. Just like not all people of africA were black.

        • Yup

          Mother russia

        • Jinnai89

          Amen, it’s the blacks that love to clump all whites together and then pretend they aren’t racist shits that can’t tell the difference between French, Italian, Polish or German people.
          We wuz kangs is a joke, if the slavers caught nobility they wouldn’t sell them off as common slaves, they would try to ransom them to the relatives of that noble house, face it kids you were either commoners or warriors caught by slavers / opposing tribes that got sold to plantation owners, instead of living in your past how about you make yourself a new future.

        • Tee

          And because of your barbaric people, we don’t have the luxury of knowing what our roots are. Just that they are African.

          • Wyat Mann

            Yeah, no barbarity in Africa at all. Nope. Never

            • John Morris

              Good one sir.

        • Teb Tb

          All of Europe is white. What else would it be?

      • StEwPiD_MoNkEy

        No they don’t. White separate by country not skin tone. Africans do the same. Only ignorant black Americans try to claim the African continent for blacks.

        • Depths Of My Soul!

          Funny they calm Only the Royal Africans but when one says “African’s sold other African’s” they claim they weren’t their people but some how the Egyptians were, Riiiight

          • Eliana Yisrael

            Because we went by Tribes and they were selling different Tribes AND just like the Vikings and other Whites,enslaved Whites you still claim Europes History!

            • John Morris

              Big difference. The royal families of Europe mixed with each other. For over 600 years Latin was the language of the written word in Europe. These primitive African tribes had no central language. They didn’t even know the shape and size of Africa until a white European sailed around and mapped it. And whites don’t claim all of Europe. No one from Russia brags about some scientific discovery in Germany. Give me a break.

              • Taneshia Franklin

                The first written language was done in mesopotamia and Africa but I guess your people mixing with non human Neanderthals and literally messing the entire human race up, has made you delusional no? Lmao we have google now, so even you know how dumb you sound right?? Dont try and sound smart, your people are the very people to state the damn earth was flat, but you mapped it right?? Lmao! Dont hurt your brain to badly dear its only the internet

          • Taylor Simone

            Black Africans did not sell other Africans prior to European colonization.

            • Depths Of My Soul!


              Go Back to Sleep.

              • Taylor Simone

                Shhh read a book

              • Blackpow 43

                Read more books

            • Brian Hart

              Yes they did better check your facts how did you think the middle eastern people got slaves and they did way worst treatment than the Europeans did..let’s just say the Muslims slave traders if you ever watched game of thrones the unsullied

              • Taylor Simone

                The middle eastern people (The Persians) were the first to invade the Egyptian territory, so no….

                • Brian Hart

                  Lmao you better hold on grab an ancient map and realize that’s wrong so no..and who is talking about Egypt..smh you’re dumb as rocks go read more books then come back to you have some foolish notion that Egypt is the world’s most ancient of cultures ? In terms of dates..and also by your very last statement you disprove Africans selling other Africans to the middle eastern peoples..which they did and cut off their penis so they could not reproduce..slavery wasn’t some new concept introduced by the Europeans..silly

                  • John Morris

                    How dare you! ….How dare you ask this man to read a book….He might actually learn something and then is head would explode…You don’t want that do you?

                    • Taneshia Franklin

                      The word is (his) not (is) you ignorant inbred! And I am pretty sure the entended was a She and not a He at all, so you make no sense, and make your people look bad. Had to add that in, sorry.

                • PhilliesFan2001

                  No, actually Egypt was first invaded by a group of people known as the Hyksos (in Egyptian: “hka kswt” or “rulers of foreign lands”) c. 1800 BC. These people were probably from the Levant and may have included relatives of the ancient Israelites. They ruled the northern half of Egypt until expelled by the native rulers of Dynasty 17.

                  And none of this has any bearing on the question of whether Africans enslaved other Africans. The fact is, yes, Africans (whether Egyptians, Berbers, Carthaginians, the various West African states, and so forth) did enslave Africans, just as Europeans enslaved Europeans, Asians enslaved Asians, and some native peoples of America enslaved others. Slavery was universal until the 19th century, and unfortunately still hasn’t completely died out.

                  By the way, the author of the article has done his research: African slaves brought to the New World came from West Africa, not Egypt. I’ve never understood the fascination with Egypt when there were several important kingdoms in West Africa during the Middle Ages that connect with the histories of the enslaved peoples brought to the Americas. However, mathematical geneticists say that all black people (and all people in general) probably really are descended from one ancient Egyptian king–Khufu, builder of the Great Pyramid. So there is a royal Egyptian connection, even if it is one all humans share.

                  • Wyat Mann

                    LOL “mathematical geneticists” lol

                    Unless Khufu did mitochondrial Eve about 100k years before Khufu was born, kinda unlikely.

                    • PhilliesFan2001

                      Apparently not. Just because we descend from Khufu doesn’t mean he was the earliest human ancestor, For instance “Eve” and “Adam” are actually separated by tens of thousands of years. There are many people (Khufu among them, the geneticists say) that we all descend from due to the loss of many genetic lines due to plagues, war, famine, etc. I’m not an expert on this particular field, but that (I think) is their reasoning.

                    • Wyat Mann

                      “The geneticists say”. Let’s see a source on that. But they DON’T “say”, so you will have no source. What actual, peer-reviewed geneticists do “say” (and they back it with actual hard science/DNA sampling) is that the overwhelming percentage of black Americans trace their genetic heritage to what are now a few small West African countries- where the Kangs and/or tribal leaders of the time captured, bound, and sold to majority-Jewish European slave-trading vessels those blacks who were war captives or the criminal dregs of their societies, who were then shipped to the New World and became the ancestors of modern American blacks. American blacks are also intermixed with an average of 22 percent European DNA (and very little Amerind DNA, which deflates yet another WE WUZ claim- American Blacks claiming some amount of Amerindian ancestry- Amerinds have much more genetically in common with Europeans than they do Africans) which directly evidences itself in the fact that American Mulatto “blacks” have an average IQ a good 10 to 15 points higher than their Subsaharan African relatives lacking a splash of European genetics… you’re welcome!

                    • Wyat Mann

                      Yeah. You DON’T DESCEND FROM KHUFU. You’re a subsaharan mulatto, sorry.

                    • PhilliesFan2001

                      I’ve tried to be reasonable, impart some knowledge, and take this conversation seriously, but clearly you have no manners nor any idea what you’re talking about. Nor did you read my original comment. As for a peer-reviewed source, you could easily find one on the Web by googling a few terms. But since you won’t take the trouble, preferring to use racist epithets, I won’t, either. Don’t bother replying.

                  • Brian Hart

                    Yea a massive amount of the population is walking around with ghenis khans blood because he had like 200 wives lol..we all don’t say hey we come from kings and emperors it’s stupid. It’s just a afrocentric bias because Africans in the Americas have no cultural identity. Just a USA issue really.

            • John Morris

              Wait, that’s your point. Ok sure…They still did it. You want to be angry..Be angry at them.

            • Wyat Mann

              LOL wrong

            • Brian Hart

              😂😂 they did to the Muslims where they got their slaves. Where do you think the Europeans learned the slave trade from the Muslims lol

            • JR

              Yes, they did.
              The different African tribes fought with one another and captured one another. They are still doing this to this very day in Africa and the Middle East.
              Some of the captured African Blacks were sold to Arabs and other Middle East tribes. The Middle East slave traders and iwners were brutal to slaves – male slaves were castrated. Then Europeans got involved in the Black slave trade.

              Before Europeans got involved in buying African Blacks, they used White slaves. The word slave comes from the Slavs… Eastern European people.

              Native American tribes fought one another, captured one another and used their prisoners as slaves.

              Every group on Earth enslaved their own kind and enslaved other races.

              To this day the wealthy Middle East people bring slaves to

        • James

        • Tee

          We /DON’T KNOW/ which country and tribe we’re from because of you pink people and your barbaric ancestors. But we do know that we are African which is why we identify as such. There is nothing ignorant about it. You’re just a stupid cunt who lacks empathy and understanding. Not surprising for your kind.

          • Bill-D

            At the end of the day, you are yourself. Forget about the “greatness” of 400 years ago and do something today for you and your kids to give them a leg up.

          • Troy Scheffler

            Lol, Muslims were enslaving you more barbaricly, for far longer, and in far greater numbers, you silly ape. They actually cut your balls off; something we should probably start considering your welfare rates… Lol, your simple minded 75 on average IQ has you gorillas joining groups like the nation of islam… It is no wonder your race never found a use for the wheel, built a 2 story structure, made a sea faring vessel, domesticated an animal, or found writing… I mean I understand why your kind attempts to hijack other races history, it’s because you have none of your own. Ffs, while everyone else spanned the globe from africa, you were just as lazy as you are in modern day, you just sat there. I had to laugh after dna proved what what already obvious, king tut was not black… All of a sudden dna was racist. I always figured the fact his grandmother had red hair was the give away. Then again, I don’t have a 75 iq…

            • New

              MAN what a hypocrite first of all we are all people not gorillas I have a IQ far above 75 and you seem like a very uneducated young fellow. Your race or the Anglos have been trying so hard to belittle the African race. If you guys could make 2 story buildings, build boats, and make wheels and a written language then why did you need us?I will tell you, it’s because you were weak and lazy.

              • New

                They tried to enslave the Irish but the Irish were to weak to work so they needed a stronger race of people .Guess Who? The Africans .The stronger race who endured years of slavery and still manage to live now regardless of racial systems put in place so they can still fail if not become a slave or die.

                • Paul

                  We wuz supa slaves n sheeeut

                • John Morris

                  You know you are bragging about who is the better slave. Sad brother. …Sad.

              • Troy Scheffler

                Who said whites needed you? You certainly don’t add anything to western progress now and we would do much better without crime ridden welfare black communites.

              • Brian Hart

                Uh no because if you paid for someone once and they work for free it’s called profit…they have to pay workers you don’t pay slaves just feed them and shelter them..throughout history their have been many slaves of colors and creeds..from a historical context.. Africa was just the last on that list of people entrenched into chattel slavery..

              • cedarbend

                Oh yes….I suppose blacks built Notre Dame, the Sistine Chapel, the cathedral in Cologne, etc.

                • Wyat Mann

                  Of course. Subsaharan kangs built and created EVERYTHING, don’t you know. The evil cavebeasts stole their civilization and that’s why they live in huts made of cowshit and sticks and bathe in cowpiss. We stole everything, which is why they had no written language, steel, the wheel,.dressed stone, etc., when we showed up. We stole that shit/they taught it to us and then they promptly forgot it- because “knowlitch” is a physical object like a bicycle that you either have or don’t. This is what many of these silly jiggybooze actually, really, believe. “Whitey ain’t nothin without the ORIGINAL MAN, GOD, THE BUH-LACK MAN” ROFLMAO

                  Yep. And skyscrapers and all of western civ is made of cotton.

              • Wyat Mann

                Nope. Because YOU were- and ARE. That’s why whites- the most inventive and productive and and brave race on Earth- while being a global minority, could come to Africa and buy cheap labor, when they were just a few guys on a few boats. And African blacks- the ones that weren’t and aren’t ENTIRELY stupid- could also see that the white way of life was superior to living in huts made of sticks and cowshit and bathing in cowpiss, eating each other and raping babies to cure diseases (things you African kangs STILL do today in your natural state!). We had magic boomsticks, writing, etc. Etc. All that big ju-ju magic n sheeeit. But noooo, of course we learned and “stolt” all that stuff the wheel, and steel, things you didn’t have in subsaharan West Africa where you are from. If we’re weak and lazy, and blacks are so strong and smart and invented everything (LOL!), how did we “stolt” all dat from you and make you magically forget LOL blacks are so incredibly clueless and silly. “Whites are weak and lazy /whites are naturally evil conquerors and colonialist oppressors”. Make up your 85-IQ prefrontal cortex, there, Sambo! I know it’s hard; I know you’re endlessly butthurt that you have to look out your window and at everything around you and know WE MADE THIS, so you’re always looking for some excuse to make yourself feel better regarding your very real objective inferiority. You’re jealous. That’s ok. We don’t take you seriously, and neither does anyone else, as blacks keep proving they are children in adult bodies afflicted with Dunning-Kruger syndrome. Matter of fact, there is no one on Earth nicer to, and more forgiving of, blacks than Whites (until you push hard enough and we’re not). The Mestizos/Mexicans mock and despise you, the Asians laugh at you LITERALLY like they do at monkeys at the zoo and can’t believe some whites- our most foolish and simultaneously entitled- take you seriously and cater to you and give credence to your silliness… only in North America and Western Europe can you find these types of whites,

              • Brian Hart

                Lmao not lazy all great civilizations were built in slavery, Egyptians, greeks, romans, Chinese, Aztecs, Mayans, persians, etc you get the point. And as racist as it sounds. Though IQ is abstract also thriugh the study of language and usage. Africans were less intelligence as a whole not individual. Thank any of the other peoples of this world. Am mixed so this isn’t a race thing but more of a interesting fact.

              • Kassandra Morgo


            • 75 iq

              I normally don’t reply on these things but this 75 iq guy is not as smart as he thinks. OK lazy Africans lol so we literally are responsible for building damn near all of America lol lazy I think not. Wtf do you think slavery was a bunch of lazy cheap fucks that lack the motivation to do it there self. Lol & for this DNA once again WRONG I’m assuming you live in the mountains or where the fuck is it that people like you stay proven fact that every one not just a few EVERY ONE has at least a 2% dark gene aka African descent in there DNA watch the fucking news its not secret but let me guess you missed that. Oh & people of African decent aren’t responsible for any progression of the world WRONG I’ll say this look into the moors lol dumb fuck they literally civilized humanity as we know it or at least the blue print. And as far as this Egypt shit dude it’s some much evidence of a advanced civilization of dark skin people who ruled Egypt last time I checked Egypt was in Africa where majority of African live & another thing all black people aren’t only from Africa a lot of us have native Indian DNA as well as Latin pick up a book before writing this bull shit because it’s not 100% accurate close. Smart guy.

              • Normandie Kent

                Very few African and Euro Americans, have any Native American DNA. Native American People were killed off by disease and Genocide right off the bat, even today they are only 1% of the American population in the USA, and mostly stick to the reservations. They didn’t have babies with the first slaves off the boats. Only a very small subset on the east coast have any ties at all to black people and they are living mostly in New England and New York. They are a mixture of Mostly black, and white with maybe 2 percent of Native American DNA. The Southwest and the Pacific Coast tribes are still pretty much Indian with small admixture of European DNA.

              • Brian Hart

                What you just said is after a introduction of a different genetic pool mah dude go take a DNA test it tells you all the markers that show up…IBM & national geographic spent millions upon millions marking the genetic markers for everyone and the migration period and time as you know evolution through thousands of years adjusting to a certain climate for survival leaves a genetic markers and imprint in the sound foolish

              • Malika Aoualli

                Just one point, the moors where never black people. I have nothing against you but search the truth. And, if you desagree please don’t insult me.
                And, remember racism is not the exclusivity of white people, I can tell you that black people are as much racists as any other people on earth if not more.

                • Me

                  The moors were not an ethnic group/race of people. however, many moors were black. another name used, historically, for moors is Blackmoor and blackamoor. 100s of years ago when europeans referred to blacks they would commonly say moors rather than black. pretty well documented. you should read and search the truth.

              • John Morris

                You have some strange notions.

              • Dindu Nuffin

                Have you ever actually gotten a DNA test done? Im assuming not since you think that so much of everyone’s DNA comes from Africa. It’s different for everyone, mine is less than .01%, meaning there isn’t really a link, but they have to put it in to avoid a lawsuit for hurting the “fact” that life started in Ethiopia. You could probably find out all about your Angolan DNA if you took a test, and find out you share a good amount of DNA with white people that are native to Angola.

              • Wyat Mann

                LOL you built all of America.? LOL YOU NOGS ARE HILARIOUS. This is why no one takes you seriously, and it is unbelievable to me how many of you low-IQ parasites believe this crap. Skyscrapers made of cotton, huh? And at the end of slavery, you nigs made up less than 7 percent of the population of the country. Wow, you really got around. LOL EVERYTHING we see, the glorious black man built. Yeah, and you wuz kangs.

              • John Morris

                No offence sir but your English grammar is so bad I not only couldn’t understand what you were saying but I couldn’t figure out what side of the debate you were on. Is English your second language? Are you using some sort of translation App or are you just stupid? Please construct proper coherent sentences. Thank you.

            • Raymon Walker

              Rhesus monkey is not considered the “Blackman” homie. I think you know who you are!

              • Raymon Walker

                Dude ur loco!!! Shhh what do I expect from an descendant of Esau, rhesus 🐵 anti-sun, calcified pineal gland, elf wave, low vibrating, egotistical, emotional, weak, root chakra, reptilian(beastly) brain/mind fool. White folks made this a racial thing when the before and after the SRAMBLE FOR AFRICA amongst allying European Nations.

                • Brian Hart

                  😂😂😂 dude we all have a reptile brain. Called evolution ever get blacked out drunk you’re just working on your primal reptile brain. Lol. You just said a bunch of pseudoscience nonsense.

                • John Morris

                  Beastly! Only black people burn down their own cities.

          • lady

            You verbiage leads me to believe you may be related to the those black men in Africa who stole people from other tribes and sold them to the white slave traders. You CAN KNOW more if you find out your genetic material, aka mitochondrial DNA or mtDNA tested. No surprises here.

            • Brian Hart

              Also as a male you need to make sure you test a male to get the entire mapping of your dna as why it’s so important to have a male heir to pass on your Y chromosome..

          • Brian Hart

            Lmao so you follow it up by a dash of racism of your’re own people SOLD you they paid for the slaves they weren’t out rounding folks up..also it’s 2017 and DNA tests can show you where you hail from.take one and find out then you know and can study your personal culture not someone else’s

            • DjTIMEJD

              Own people? So Hitler mass murdered his own people?

          • A. M.

            There were no egyptians brought to united states as slaves,west africa do a dna is not a state or country but a continent of many countries and egypt would never let them enslave them..

          • wannabejacked

            There’s the thing called the internet. You can find out where your from.

          • John Morris

            Mostly Western African tribes that didn’t invent one damn thing. …Satisfied brother? You came from your daddy and mama. You are descendant from slaves…so am I…Get used to it.

            • Brian Hart

              Yea they just don’t like that story lol. It hurts when you’re told you don’t hail from some great civilizations. And if you did tech in west Africa it’s ling buried and gone. But as far contributing to modern culture it’s a big fat zero. But African Americans should study those that did produce into today’s world. So much here in America don’t need to go to africa..

              Peanuts, traffic lights, helped makes fiber optics, space, heart surgery, why throw reality away my face jack Daniels recipe. For a fake fantasy of a Egyptian king and queen. Which were ruled by Greeks in the final dynasty. Which I laugh when people try to pretend Cleopatra was black lol. She was Greek in fact we know 100% up until her great grandfather it was 100%

              You know invent and there’s no solid evidence of her being anything but 100% greek..and if she was Egyptian at all would make her 25%.

          • Yuropolis

            My “pink” people never went to Africa. Rant against the English, Portuguese, Spaniards, and French

          • Wyat Mann

            You’re Justin Igger. I see Kyle.

          • Wyat Mann

            Naw, you don’t know because you had no written language and no notion of directions or geography or anything in the world other than your village and eating people from the next one over. But we DO know where the majority of American blacks came from, via DNA- Equatorial West Africa.

            That’s 4500 miles of jungle and desert from Egypt, Kang.

        • Raymon Walker

          Don’t the Europeans claim everything we invented /created through out history. Why go out your way to erase the “Black” people out of history. What about the “SCRAMBLE FOR AFRICA “? We need to claim it a million times more because that’s what u outsiders are doing, taking the credit and never paying homage. Always trying to remove that “Black” face and trying to replace it with a fabricated mug.

          • Brian Hart

            It is kinda funny like how many Europeans want to talk up the Greeks and Roman’s and they’re not the same people genetically either separate walk of migration…pretend middle eastern people didn’t invent the alphabet advanced mathematics…even the infamous Greek fire the recipe was from a middle easterner..aside from my Mediterranean people’s most Europeans didn’t accomplish much after the fall of Rome and they left..the moors helped uplift the Europeans out of the dark ages.

            • John Morris

              Nope.. Another lie. My brother stop listening to left-wing-black propaganda. The Moors did not lift the Europeans out of the dark ages. More Utube nonsense. There were many factors that led to the end of the dark ages. Knowledge wasn’t lost. Monks of the Catholic church kept all this great knowledge. If these black Moors were so smart how come they didn’t surpass the European in science. From the fall of the Western Empire in 476AD until 1300. The Moors should’ve passed these barbaric white monkeys long ago. But they didn’t. The rest of Europe advanced while Africa and the Middle East remained primitive. In fact they regressed.

              • BlackDivinity

                Lmfao. This dude is dillusional.

                • John Morris

                  If you have something to say that’s fine but if you are going to just throw insults, please keep it yourself. Whatever .knowledge the Moores did get they stole from the kingdoms they conquered.

                  If you are not capable of intelligent discourse and are not able to back up your Pro-black-fake history….I suggest you direct your hateful comments elsewhere.

            • Yuropolis

              The Moors? Very advanced society but outside of Spain they had really no influence. The Greeks (Byzantines) were even more advanced and had way more influence during the same time period. My country (Russia) owes much of its cultural identity to the Greeks, much of it to Vikings, much of it to Mongols, but Moors very little because we were very far away from them geographically. That goes for a lot of Europe. The only people that had regular contact with Moores were around the Western Mediterranean.

            • Wyat Mann

              Nope. Europe didn’t take off until after the backwards moors were kicked out. Reconquista

            • Kassandra Morgo


          • Amanda Tessmer

            “Don’t the Europeans claim everything we invented /created through out history.” Ummm, no, they don’t. You just want to claim something so you can feel special.

          • Paul

            HAHAHAHA! Peanut butter.

        • John Morris

          Well said.

        • Tola

          Am African and with the history my parent and forefather pass down to us is that white people came to still from us…. nothing like white in whole of Africa and Midle East period …… we trusted them and there lies.

      • Depths Of My Soul!

        That’s Funny

        Cause when it is brought up that African’s sold THIER OWN PEOPLE Black’s love screaming THOSE WEREN’T OUR PEOPLE..

        SoOo which is it?

        • Eliana Yisrael

          Okay well you their are Americans that enslaved Americanso and they were not our people either so whats the differently? Boy white people are morons, lol

          • conservatroll

            LOL. You’re too moronic to speak or write in your native language.

        • Tee

          Clearly those aren’t the same people, dumbass.

        • Tee

          The fact that they sold us (and eventually they were taken as well) doesn’t make us any less African.

          • Depths Of My Soul!

            “Tee an hour ago
            Clearly those aren’t the same people, dumbass.”

            “Tee an hour ago
            The fact that they sold us (and eventually they were taken as well) doesn’t make us any less African.”😕

            Please Hush you Damn Fool.

          • Brian Hart

            Lmao they were taken as well huh..pretty sure people still live in those don’t need to take more when they instituted a breeding program of chattel slavery and your children are slaves as well ..

            • John Morris

              No disrespect but the only thing African about you is part of your DNA.

          • Wyat Mann

            You ARE less african than Africans if you are an American negro. You average 20-35 percent “cavebeast” DNA- which is why you average 85 IQ instead of 70 IQ like your African brethren- thanks to whites. Also, thanks to whites (and your African relatives who sold you to us) you live better lives than any other negroids on the planet. You still can’t do civilization, though. We’ve spent trillions and wasted sixty years trying to bring you up to our level, but we now know it is never gonna happen… and deep down, so you.

            • John Morris

              Gotta say, white boy has a point.

      • Wyatt

        White people do not claim ancestry of all of Europe you completely fabricated that in your head. I only claim ancestry of specific country’s where my family is from and so does everyone else I know except black Americans. You’re just trying to find inherent greatness and importance in yourself rather than creating it for yourself because black Americans have a self destructive culturemail which doesn’t allow them to see straight reality.

      • Wyat Mann

        Except not everyone from Africa is a subsaharan black. And no, Senegambians and Angolans are not Egyptians who left Egypt. They also aren’t Phoenecians. Again, MITOCHONDRIAL DNA.

    • Dee

      There’s a bond between all Afrikans Black Afrikan Power world wide

      • Tuku

        Than why is everyo a over there killing each other? Why are so many jumping at chances to come to the U.S. or europe? Truth is Africans treat their people no differently than anyone else has

        • delusion not reality

          its just in their minds…. never in reality…ill be glad to get back to real life (white) its been awesome.. the rest is a head trip..fantasy..will all their real life in the gutter.. they have been deceived as bible says by frontal forehead lobe “channeled” mark of beast of imagination.. mistaken for reality disorder (a delusion bible says all nations have) too bad…they will wear weaves and head to planned parenthood.. theyre not into real life…they’ve been taken over by the thoughts of their heads ONLY……whites had both in balance and so created the best lives.theyre trying to learn and catch up but not without embarrassing damage control.

        • Depths Of My Soul!


        • ArtitTis

          They were colonized also, their resources have been stripped and they need a way to survive, if their countries hadn’t been looted they wouldn’t have to come to the US or Europe, the very places that put them in the position that they’re in. Learn something…

          • Paul

            Soo.. There aren’t any more resources? Dumbass.

            • cedarbend

              Plus they wouldn’t have done anything with those resources in the first place. Christian missionaries and other aid groups still have to go over to Africa to dig WELLS for them…I’m sure they weren’t going to mine diamonds or dig for oil on their own.

          • Brian Hart

            Lmao stripped dude there’s tons of resources still their that’s nonsense look at Libya largest gold deposits in the world war are you saying. And still has the largest of minerals still today. Because africa was behind the rest of the world and werent mining for thousands of years like the rest of the known world

          • Kassandra Morgo


        • cedarbend

          Over there? They kill each other over here, too! See Chicago, Baltimore, St Louis, Detroit. DC….

      • StEwPiD_MoNkEy

        No there isn’t. As an Ethiopian we bond by nationality not skin tone.

      • Arn Magnusson

        Your a special kind of stupid huh. I was born in Zimbabwe in 1973 now live in johanessburg South Africa and noone from Africa loves American blacks. And by the way the Afrikaans are white dutch Africans. So you just supported white Boere Afrikaaners. Good job kaffir.

        • Brian Hart

          Understand 98% of all African Americans never been to Africa and don’t understand y’all don’t like them either lol. And don’t understand it’s no different than any other land mass each country is different each culture and heritage that they have no claim to. Just ignorance

    • blackonblackluv


    • conservatroll

      because nobody knows which stone age tribe of slave trading cannibals you’re descended from. Do you even know who your daddy was?

  • CC

    This article is pure BS!!!! Skelentons don’t lie.

  • Jay T. Taharqo

    April fools!

  • Taylor

    glad you said it! I was hearing both sides very clearly until he started spitting that light skinned bs….. why go personal?? it undermines your argument…. I was annoyed and I’m not even light skinned!!

    • DarkasNight LightasDay

      When kickin knowledge responsibly you want all to absorb….have to be careful that when u adress u dont turn away your own people…… the ones who r really interested in learning what ur willing to teach….thats all I’m saying

  • Gil

    I’m not hard to find.

    • NgolaTaSeti

      Where can we find you?

  • olusina olayiwola-ojetunde

    This guy is way of the mark, one the data on the source of slaves from Africa is half truth, the sene Gambia is a chunk of West Africa, what about the gold Coast and badagry where there still exist museum of slave ports. The notion of kings and Queens from Africa is not from egyptology, in Africa before the slave raids there exists small settlements with their leaders called when translated into English – kings and Queens. So do your research thoroughly, the gap in culture makes many to think Egypt is Africa . so many of the slaves were actual sons and daughters of Chiefs of settlements.

  • disqustingtroll

    you a goofy just for calling yourself a beige hero

  • Idris Light

    All life comes from the NILE VALLEY! The Nile Valley consist of 11 countries! SIMPLY PUT, “FROM 1 CAME MANY”… Africans migrated to West Africa! Fact! DO SOME RESEARCH before making lengthy NOTHINGNESS lacking facts!!! According to mitochondrial research, all HUEMANS descended from ETHIOPIA(ETHER UTOPIA).. A krakka or a NEGROPEAN or a HEBREW-IS-THERE-LITE made this article😂😂😂😂😂

  • fckumean

    Bro I’m glad u said it, I’m like WTF would you need to tell us that you’re light-skinned as if that makes you better or more knowledgeable about black history. House N E G R O is in full effect and that killed any point he was trying to make. Please advise our self hating brother, brother used loosely, that when the Arabs took over Egypt, take a wild guess what main parts of Africa they fled to?

    • Joel Duval Arneaud

      The authors name is “lightskinhero”

    • Flying legionary

      They didn’t flee anywhere. It was basically convert or die and the Arabs mixed with the Egyptians and that is the majority population there today. Actually the most Egyptian people that are the closest to being full blood descendants of the ancients are the Copts. The Copts are the only People in the world that have a direct trace in lineage to ancient Egypt, they have kept their religion since before the Muslims got there. And the part that might hurt you the worst is that they are Caucasoid and very few are part negroid at all.

      • popacroc

        So caucasians have dreadlock and kinky afros as many pics on ancient walls tend to clealy show. White people and their silly-ass delusions!

        • whitesheadspacemakesbeautiful

          no whites romanticize non whites as avatars and characters that’s all.. just “toys” for our active imaginations. we didn’t know youd take it so seriously! we find that strange too. we couldn’t care less who is black…. still a toy from long times past (for our imaginations/cartoons etc)hope you don’t REALLY want to live in whites headspace just because it is still the very best place to live? cuz we aren’t like ya lately!!!! were bored and disappointed with the entertainment now and we pass.we will still look at ancient Egypt and never think of you now.our hearts minds and souls make all we look at gold in our selves… not the real you…its US.its who we are and how we see things that make it beautiful…blacks never see they go around ratchet. ratchet we cant fix.we look away.

      • ArtitTis

        Yes some of the people did flee. You’re telling an outright lie that the Copts are the only people in the world with a direct lineage. The haplogroup E1b1a shows that to be a lie. Oh you know that one bit of DNA evidence that Zawi Hawass actually allowed to get out. The one showing Ramesses III haplogroup also showing up in sub Saharan Africans and black Americans today.

        • FeeFee

          He tried it didn’t he? They stay trying this bs….

  • valeball

    This is such a crass and ignorance filled article,impossible to determine whether it’s satire or is the writer educated enough to be taken seriously.

    Good job to the previous responders who completely dissected and destroyed this mess.

    The writer tendency to start African history with slavery is very disturbing while African history goes back tens of thousands of years ago.

    And yes we are Queens and Kings through our bloodlines…melanin rich cosigned by the most high designer of everything in the universe compatible with everything grown under the sun.

    • Kelvin Anderson

      yes queen our history goes 100 000 yrs

      • Rich Garriques

        more like 200 000 years actually

        • suckyourmudda

          you all sound insane! if you need to go that far back it’s clear you got a shit history

  • Kofi Akan Eugene

    Why do you cuss so much? Why can’t make your point without the extreme put downs?

  • Di Sleeky Mann

    Angola is not in West Africa!!

    • Gil

      Looks like the west coast to me

      • Di Sleeky Mann

        Really? Do you have eyes to see? Where is the south Atlantic sea?
        Common sense!!

        • Gil

          I know geography probably wasn’t your best class but Angola is on the west coast of Africa. It may be a little more southern than Senegambia, but it is still on the west coast. Take off the hotep goggles & see for yourself.

          • Nsut-Khufu Ra Hotep

            You can’t call Angola Southwest Africa.
            West Africa is to the left of the Prime Meridian as the vertical line on the map indicates.

          • NgolaTaSeti

            You’re one of those pompous negros who went to a PWI university, got a little degree now you think you’re smarter than you really are. Please read a book kid.

        • NgolaTaSeti

          You’re talking to a limp wrist liberal negro who wants to be accepted by Europeans

      • Nsut-Khufu Ra Hotep

        West Africa is to the left of the Prime Meridian as the vertical line on the map indicates.

  • Queen T

    Please save the “Oh I am so offended because he mentioned lightskinne” that is clearly the authors username so it was a playbon words with a sarcastic undertone. But where was everyone offensive feelings when the original post stateted Hoteps use the King and Queen line to get pussy? We are so quick to talk so righteous about our skin tones, but looks over all the other disrespecful comments mentioned in the read. Stop Reaching!!!!

    • DarkasNight LightasDay

      Ur right about your added issues…… but a reach its not..
      If u read my comment I said dude was negligent. …. but in reading the response…… the writer was not fixated on “light-skinned hero” he fixated on “light-skinned” … surely he knew when he hit the “reply” button it was a direct link to its target……. what was he trying to remind him of his meritless name…. give me a break….. we are all grown-ups….. in the middle of driving his point home he found him a jones….. he wrote a great piece to fire back with…….. he just should have left the Willie Lynch wedge in his pockett…. I’m saying…

      • Paul


  • gwennie


  • J

    Lol! You tried it! You are not a black person! But what you need to understand is that we still have the right to be superior because it was still our ancestors in which EVERY RACE WAS DERIVED! And mitochondrial DNA did prove that! So try again! ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

    • Mrs Jones

      If it’s true that all people and races start with black people, why are your people not showing more love, tolerance and acceptance? Why does your race appear to regress? In the US there are millions of black people that hate whites and feel it’s their right to be racist. That have multiple children out of wedlock with multiple absent fathers…that think it’s cool to butcher the language and pretend to be illiterate…” Bae…finna….yo…bout….dat….doe…dey….wat….fiddy…..he be, she be, we be….naw….you know what I mean. Children of all races sit in the same classroom and learn the same lessons from the same teachers, yet the black students cannot speak proper English, or spell it! Neither can their parents! Then complain about the opportunities they don’t have! Maybe LOOK for a JOB and when you go to the interview speak in a respectful manner to the person interviewing you! Stop with the slang, that pretending you don’t know how to really speak right because you do! You simply refuse to because you think it makes you a Coon! You hold yourselves back and blame the world. That is not going to work forever, and it’s time you realize that NO race is superior, we are all equals.

  • Kelvin Anderson

    we have a book coming soon A-team anthropological research team & kandake publishing coming soon .

  • Kelvin Anderson

    so they can claim any part of Africa they want

    • عندى فولوارز كتير

      lol Aknaten gene ? 😀
      DNA consultants is a *private corporation* and their claims about testing Akhnaten and Amarna mummies are a Hoax as commerical DNA testing firms are not given access to Egyptian mummies.
      Thats why they never dared to publish their fake studies in any peer reviewed scientific journal, all we have is a page on the internet claiming to to have conducted tests that never happened .

  • Kelvin Anderson

    also should mention the save the nubia project

  • Kelvin Anderson

    I should also mention afro mericans come from all over Africa not just west Africa but also east Africa —do your research

  • Yahudah

    Sorry, but this article is not truth. DNA testing results in America is faulty as they lie and switch Black peoples results. Ursa Maat Ra Satep En Ra Merri Messu Amen, known as Rameses, has pyramids and monuments in The Grand Canyon. They are pyramids al over the Americas that predate Columbus and those fake Native Americans. The oldest fossil remains in North and South America are Negro which are dated over 50,000 years ago.
    To some it all up, it’s undeniable evidence to show that the majority of African-American (85%) are descendants of Kemet-Egypt / Ethiopia or Mali. Even a Black man, Benjamin Banneker who was slave of America designed the US capital – White House to perfectly align with three prominent stars in the sky which is surely an Kemetnu – Egyptian science and practice.

  • Jas Mae

    Well, not everyone is concerned about having Royal lineage. Its a hum-drum life with more rules than you can imagine. So, as far as I know slaves were taken from a few parts of Africa and not just the West Africa. You may be surprised to know that slaves where also brought into Africa from places like Mongolia and other countries, for example. Read up about Southern Africa’s history. As far as I remember, from history lessons, Dynasties in Egypt had slaves too. I am sketchy on their origins though.

    All in all, there are 5/6 tribal groupings who speak distinctively different languages and look quite different too. All other languages in between are a dialect but now called a ‘tribe.’ The five tribes are called; Bantu, Nilotics, Hamites, Nilo-Hamites and Luo. Each tribal grouping had an established Kingdom and established hierarchy structure
    (Dynasty and Chiefdoms then and now a Monarchy). This was more so in some countries than others, which made it difficult for people to colonise and perhaps was one of the reasons for the constant war. Africans were generally conservative(they did not mix well) and quite territorial.

    The tribal groups have origins in various parts of Africa. As you can imagine tribal clashes and wars existed then too, for the same sorts of reasons we have wars today (territory, food, women resources ‘minerals’). The grass always looks greener on the other side perhaps. With war came movement, for whoever lost or was outnumbered. So the tribes moved around. Particular tribal movement can be googled. For simplicity sake, everyone below East Africa is Bantu speaking and Bantu are the largest tribal group. I think they originated in Congo, then travelled downwards or Eastwards then downwards because of war with one of the other groups. Then moved back upwards when the wars started in the SADC region(Zulu wars-the ruthless Shaka) then settlers Boers Vs Anglo etc. Yes those stories are quite true! The ones (Bantu) who stayed near the Congo compromised with the warring tribe and stayed. Most of East Africa has a fair representation of all tribal groupings. You can now imagine why the ‘Great lake region’ is always fighting, people with varying opinions and cultures usually brings trouble when one wants to dominate the other.

    • Nsut-Khufu Ra Hotep

      Your perception is distorted.
      Kemet AKA Egypt did not have slaves and you would know this if you been to the meers AKA pyramids and knew the language Mdw Ntr like myself.
      The bible speaks of Kemet AKA having slaves, but it was the opposite as the Hyksos calling themselves Hebrews enslaved the Kemetnu AKA Egyptians. This is recorded on the walls of Kemet AKA Egypt. Refering to Afrakan AKA African as tribes means you are miseducated. Learn Afrakan history from Afrakans, not the people who fought them and robbed them of heritage.

  • Nsut-Khufu Ra Hotep

    Kemet AKA Egypt did not have slaves and you would know this if you been to the meers AKA pyramids and knew the language Mdw Ntr like myself.
    The bible speaks of Kemet AKA having slaves, but it was the opposite as the Hyksos calling themselves Hebrews enslaved the Kemetnu AKA Egyptians. This is recorded on the walls of Kemet AKA Egypt. Refering to Afrakans AKA Africans as tribes with Eurocentric tribe names means you are already miseducated. Learn Afrakan history from Afrakans, not the people who fought them and robbed them of heritage.

  • Emily Imani DeAngel

    I think this author has failed to study the overall migration of people from the first civilizations to Central and West Africa. I would hope ( not hotep lol) whoever wrote this does indeed know about the migration of humans and the continental drift ? His premis is that populations just popped up on the soil where they now are settled. That is not true. So one must understand all Aftrican populations are related to the first civilations of Africa

    • Nsut-Khufu Ra Hotep

      Absolutely. Imhotep and Ankh Udjah Saneb si-Star.

    • StEwPiD_MoNkEy

      But then don’t you fall into the same camp? Egypt was influenced by Arabs and eurasians. I mean sure, we think mankind evolved into its current state from the sub Sahara bit when we discuss Egyptians time lines, they are far removed from original tribes.

      I mean technically, even whites are from Africa. Where do you draw the line? Skin color? As an Ethiopian I don’t consider Egyptians the same. Regardless of skin tone. Africa doesn’t work on skin tone but on national identity.

      • Roderick Sutton

        Whites are from Upper Caucasus at the Eurasian Steppe. They follow Proto indoEuropean heritage. They cultural and spiritual practices of Kemet are different from that of Any European Society. Before these people even understood what part of the world they were in and how to leave it, NUBIA (which preceeds egypt) and egypt were done with at least 10 dynasties, one thousand years in to egyptian civilization. Europeans, Asians, and Arabs came into Africa and were inspired. European-white people were the very LAST to discover civilized life.

  • Nsut-Khufu Ra Hotep

    You are correct in regard to not all melanin enriched people are descendant from royalty……however, not all slaves came from Africa to America either. The original slaves in America were the Slavic, which were the Caucasians/Slavs …..Slavic derives from slaves. They Also enslaved many of the people that were already in America, which these people predates Christopher Columbus and the Native Americans. Secondly, melanin enriched people had queens and kings all over the world. Furthermore, if you do your research, you would find ancient bones, prymids. sculptures, and hieroglyphs thoughout the world of the original people……for example, the Olmec sculptures heads in America, who were responsible for creating the pyramids and ancient civilization in Mexico.


    These DNA testing companies are preying on the public because they simply don’t have enough comparative information to pinpoint any gene on a world map. This is a billion dollar business in which they MAY providie 1 – 2% in linking your DNA Ancestry to other parts of the world…… is not that advance enough……Genetic researchers are saying it is vastly difficult to use only the mitochondrial DNA to determine a single ethnic group as to source of the maternal amcestors.

  • Vazar Raabe


  • Cojo Tee

    The writer is a complete idiot and doesn’t know a thing about Africa. The fabric of Africa is complex by virtue of migration, and to give him a little lecture about the stretch of civilization from Timbuktu to the Nile basin, Africans from all descent have thrived along the Nile, the Niger and Gambia rivers for centuries through inter-trade, inter-marriage and tribal wars to gain territory and expansion of influence. The African continent had kingdoms from north to south, east and west long before the advent of the Europeans to Africa, so I don’t need a foreign thwart to lecture me on our royalties. We are of course princes and princesses who ended up in the scourge of slavery by the design of the white man. This is just a gist of the knowledge I want to share with my brothers who want to know the “real truth”, not the “half-baked truth” from the whims of an outsider.

  • Olnuzola

    This whole website is promoting hate! I just checked the other posts/discussions and almost every item is based on hate. Please my brothers and sisters of all colors, go and plant seeds of love, literally and figuratively, and let us do not spend attention to these kind of websites no more, cos ask your self, how did this website made you feel? Did it made you feel good and inspired and enlightened? Exactly..

  • Cedric Hunter

    What’s the point? Every European alive claims Roman heritage, whether the Romans made it to their part of Europe or not. Why can’t we make a claim upon the human nobility of the African continent? The ‘slaves’ you speak of weren’t slaves before they came to the New World. Back in Africa they were captives from warring tribes who were also capable of great feats of agricultural and mathematic capability. These arts were taken from us, as we were dumbed down to be used as little more than cattle. Now we can’t be noble either? What can we have to ourselves that is good??

  • Kalyd Biko

    Firstly, King and Queen is more of a reference of deference and reverence rather than a term for someone’s lineage. I’ve always understood it to mean that we come from a race of people who had kings and queens (kingdoms/queendoms, civilizations, etc.), not that every individual was a king or queen… Some of us were Warriors, Farmers, Fishermen, Craftsmen, Shamans/Priests/Seers, Elders, etc. that which makes up a kingdom. I personally feel like I descended from the Warrior Class. So that should be understood.

    However I do agree that some people get carried away and say things like “We were all kings, that’s why they called us Nagas…” Um, no. Some of us were warriors. Not Nagas.

    Secondly, Egypt (Kemet) is not emphasized solely because white people romanticize it. If you are familiar with the works of Cheikh Anta Diop, Chancellor Williams, etc. you would be aware that Egypt represents the height of Afrikan civilization when different tribes of Afrikans unified to create Egypt. Therefore, Egypt represents our collective unity and creativity and cooperation with each other. And also, that at the fall of Black Egypt much of the black population migrated back to other parts of Afrika carrying some of the culture and practices with them. So there definitely is a cultural and blood relationship between the peoples of ancient Kemet and many peoples on the rest of the continent. Study the migrations. Kemet was a hodgepodge of Afrikan tribes much like the Zulus were a hodgepodge of Afrikan tribes. It is incredibly foolish to suggest that the people (Arabs) who populated Egypt during the American slave trade were the same people (Afrikans) who populated Egypt when it was ruled by blacks. The monuments were still Afrikan but the people (as with much of North Afrika) were mostly Asiatics by that time. Therefore, there would be no need for enslavers to travel to Egypt to get the descendants of Kemet. Much of them are spread across the continent.

    It should also be noted that there were many kings and queens (kingdoms/queendoms) all over Afrika. Not just Egypt. Afrika had many kingdoms, civilizations, dynasties…

    Lastly, the kidnapping of Afrikans for enslavement were not from just two countries. According to Dubois and others it was continent wide, from east to west. You should have fact-checkers.

    • عندى فولوارز كتير

      lol No african tribes had any role establishing Kemet.
      Anta Diop is now an outdated joke whose lies are being depunked by the progress of science day by day 🙂

      • Savage Life

        Ok we get it, you don’t want to be associated with black people! You’re a proud wannabe white Egyptian male. We got it bro.

  • CC Bey

    Obviously somebody from the “Hotep Tribe” took this dude’s ol lady and she told him why she left him, lol. Does he really not realize that Kemet was one of many zeniths of civilization on the African continent? And even if a person was from Angola, it doesn’t mean they have no connection to Egypt. That like saying a person from North Carolina has no connection to a person from California when we know they both share in the American culture. We all know that the first kingdom is yourself and your home, if you rule there with competency and power, how can you not be a King or Queen?
    Somebody help this brother out.

    • عندى فولوارز كتير

      a person from Angola has no connection to Egypt ofcourse.
      comparing Angola and Egypt which are completely different countries etnically, geographically, historically, culturally to two american states North Carolina and California is the epitome of ridiculousness .
      it doesnt make any sense 🙂

      • CC Bey

        The epitome of ridiculousness, among other things, is believing that two Nation-States on the same continent are geographically different… Why because they are on different sides of the continent? So are Caly and North Cac.
        You have to know that the people who migrated from the cradle of civilization went Both north AND west and elsewhere. You need to study the origins and migration of man more closely before making such ridiculous statements.

        • Med Grinn

          dose this caucasiod egyptian women look related to you? xD ….and shes native egyptian, so don’t bullshit me with that invaders voodoo dna studys have shown that modern egyptians are identical to their ancient ancestors genetically !
          afrocentrism is a mental disease !

          • CC Bey

            Actually I do have relatives that are her complexion! You have to know that Kemetic statues cover THOUSANDS of years and that the oldest ones look like the people south and west of “Egypt”. And why wouldn’t current Egyptians have the same dna as their ancestors who were living in the same place?? It still does not prove how long they or their ancestors have been on the land. That is a foolish argument to try to disprove migration and invasion. You are obviously a troll. I am not Afrocentric, but I do know that the land you call Egypt and the land known as the Americas are now populated with many people who migrated to these lands fairly recently from a historical time line point of view. You need to check your own mental health before diagnosing someone else’s.

    • Med Grinn

      يا على غباء xD
      do african-american really think africa is a small country full with black people only ….if so you should read about trans-saharan slave-trade and how caucasiod Mediterranean north Africans were the first who enslave subsaharan blacks.

  • CC Bey

    Basically, lol

  • CC Bey

    Obviously somebody from the “Hotep Tribe” took this dude’s ol lady and she told him why she left him, lol. Does he really not realize that Kemet was one of many zeniths of civilization on the African continent? And even if a person was from Angola, it doesn’t mean they have no connection to Egypt. That like saying a person from North Carolina has no connection to a person from California when we know they both share in the American culture. We all know that the first kingdom is yourself and your home, if you rule there with competency and power, how can you not be a King or Queen?
    Somebody help this brother out.

  • NgolaTaSeti

    Historically inaccurate coons caping for white washed history already here.

  • Missy

    This might sound weird, but I’m just WAKING up. Can you point me in the right direction? What’s a good book to start with?

    • R. D. Walker

      All the Women Are White All the Blacks Are Men But Some of Us are Brave by Hull/Scott/Smith, Feminism is for Everybody by bell hooks, Assata by Assata Shakur, Words of Fire: An Anthology of Black Feminist Thought. As a black women you should start with those BEFORE delving into any of this Notep/neverlutionary bull so you can be clear on just what you are about to deal with.

    • coptic777

      Do not listen to RD Walker trying to make it a feminist thing. Start with Gerald Massey the greatest Egyptologists of his time. His books include ANCIENT EGYPT LIGHT OF THE WORLD VOL I& II. He flat out said the ancient Egyptians were black. He was criticized heavily for this back in the late 1800’s

      • iraqihusayn

        The Mediterraneans or Dravidians were associated with the ancient Sumerian civilizations of Mesopotamia and of Elam (southern Iran). Authors have pointed out ethnic, linguistic and cultural affinities between the Sumerians (Mesopotamians) and the Dravidians of South India, and concluded that both probably belonged to the same ethnic stock. HR Hall writes: “The ethnic type of the Sumerians, so strongly marked in their statues and relofs was as different from those of the races which surrounded them as was their language from those of the Semites, Aryans and others; they were decidedly Indian in type. The face-type of the average Indian today is no doubt much the same as that of the Dravidian race ancestors thousands of years ago…And it is to this Dravidian ethnic type of India that the ancient Sumerian bears most resemblance, so far as we can judge from his monuments. He was very like a Southern Hindu of the Deccan (who still speaks Dravidian languages). And it is by no means improbable that the Sumerians were an Indian tribe which passed, certainly by land, perhaps also by sea, through Persia to the valley of the Two Rivers.â€
        Hall is of the opinion that Dravidian people must have migrated to Mesopotamia from India, whereas others think Dravidians came from Mediterranean regions, which was their earlier home. KP Padmanabha Menon writes about their close relationship: “Orientalists, many of them, are prepared to concede that the Sumerians, the Mediterranean race, are branches of the early Dravidians.â€
        Dravidians In Crete they were known by the name which the Greeks wrote as Termilai, in Asia Minor as ‘Trimmili’ or Trimalai (Sastri p60), and in India as Dramiza, Dravida, Dramila and finally Tamil. Their deity was “Mother-Earth” who gave them grain, vegetables and food. The ‘Mother Goddess’ cult belonged exclusively to Crete where it was known as Durgha (compare Trqqas mentioned in Lycian inscriptions in Asia Minor) as Uma or Parvati. (Sastri p61) They probably brought along with them to India this Mediterranean or Aegean Saivaism, Mother Goddess with her consort Siva. (info from a Tamil scholar)

        nimrod bin Arfakhshaad
        page16 of prophets and patriarchs it says Arfakhshaad also had a son, nimrod bin Arfakhshaad whose dwelling was in the vicinity of al hijr
        on page 18 of prophets and patriarchs it says Nimrod was son of cush bin canaan bin ham bin Noah . he was the Lord of Babylon and of Abraham,the Friend of the Merciful
        one of the offspring of cush was nimrod the one who ruled tyrannically in Babylon

        the Blacks and Abbysinians are from Cush bin Ham and the Dravidians are from Canaan two different Cush’s. The Asiatic Cushites is referring to the straight haired Canaanite Dravidians

        • coptic777

          Long emotional rant that proved nothing….

      • iraqihusayn Somali Bantu , they are nice people and they carry the e3a look at features and look at King Ramses , two different features

      • iraqihusayn

        LOL too funny the Blacks of America are blessed people but are not Israelites > all North Africa is from Imliq (amorites) the Jews settled in the Land of the Canaanites which is where the people of Lud settled . there should be Halotype J also

        The Blacks and Abbysinians are from Cush bin Ham

        Mizraim (Hebrew: מִצְרַיִם / מִצְרָיִם, Modern Mitzráyim Tiberian Miṣrāyim / Miṣráyim ; cf. Arabic مصر, Miṣr) is the Israeli Hebrew and Aramaic name for the land of Egypt, with the dual suffix -āyim, perhaps referring to the “two Egypts”: Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt.

        Neo-Babylonian texts use the term Mizraim for Egypt.[1] The name was for instance inscribed in the famous Ishtar gate of Babylon. Ugaritic inscriptions refer to Egypt as Msrm,[citation needed] in the Amarna tablets it is called Misri,[citation needed] and Assyrian and Babylonian records called Egypt Mu-ṣur and Muṣri.[citation needed] The Arabic word for Egypt is Miṣr (pronounced Maṣr in Egyptian colloquial Arabic), and Egypt’s official name is Gumhuriyyat Miṣr al-‘Arabīyyah (the Arab Republic of Egypt).

        According to Genesis 10, Mizraim (a son of Ham) was the younger brother of Cush and elder brother of Phut and Canaan, whose families together made up the Hamite branch of Noah’s descendants. Mizraim’s sons were Ludim, Anamim, Lehabim, Naphtuhim, Pathrusim, Casluhim (out of whom came Philistim), and Caphtorim.[2]

        According to Eusebius’ Chronicon, Manetho had suggested that the great age of antiquity in which the later Egyptians boasted had actually preceded the flood, and that they were really descended from Mizraim, who settled there anew. A similar story is related by medieval Islamic historians such as Sibt ibn al-Jawzi, the Egyptian Ibn Abd-el-Hakem, and the Persians al-Tabari and Muhammad Khwandamir, stating that the pyramids, etc. had been built by the wicked races before the deluge, but that Noah’s descendant Mizraim (Masar or Mesr) was entrusted with reoccupying the region afterward. The Islamic accounts also make Masar the son of a Bansar or Beisar and grandson of Ham, rather than a direct son of Ham, and add that he lived to the age of 700. Some scholars think it likely that Mizraim is a dual form of the word Misr meaning “land”, and was translated literally into Ancient Egyptian as Ta-Wy (the Two Lands) by early pharaohs at Thebes, who later founded the Middle Kingdom.

        But according to George Syncellus, the Book of Sothis, supposedly by Manetho, had identified Mizraim with the legendary first Pharaoh Menes, said to have unified the Old Kingdom and built Memphis. Mizraim also seems to correspond to Misor, said in Phoenician mythology to have been father of Taautus who was given Egypt, and later scholars noticed that this also recalls Menes, whose son or successor was said to be Athothis.

        In Judaism, Mitzrayim has been connected with the word meitzar (מיצר), meaning “sea strait”, possibly alluding to narrow gulfs from both sides of Sinai peninsula. It also can mean “boundaries, limits, restrictions” or “narrow place.”[citation needed]

        However, author David Rohl has suggested a different interpretation: “Amongst the followers of Meskiagkasher [Cush] was his younger ‘brother’– in his own right a strong and charismatic leader of men. He is the head of the falcon tribe – the descendants of Horus the ‘Far Distant’. The Bible calls this new Horus-king ‘Mizraim’ but this name is, in reality, no more than an epithet. It means ‘follower of Asr’ or ‘Asar’ (Arabic m-asr with the Egyptian preposition m ‘from’). Mizraim is merely m-Izra with the majestic plural ending ‘im’. Likewise, that other great Semitic-speaking people – the Assyrians – called the country of the pharaohs ‘Musri’ (m-Usri).”

    • Dee

      They Came Before Columbus

      • Normandie Kent

        They did NOT come before Columbus.

    • Esau is a cave beast..

      Hebrewisms of West africa..

  • Kevin Mcleod

    Interesting!!! Who ever wrote this article don’t know shit about black history either! Here we go!!! I will agree that blacks who are dispersed throughout the world are not descendants of the ancient Egyptians, who might I add were black people. The ancient Egyptians actually enslaved black Americans ancestors! Our ancestors didn’t come from West Africa either! We come from Cannan, which is modern day Isreal. We migrated when the Romans decided to totally invade Isreal 70 years after Jesus was crucified!! Blacks in America are descendants of the 12 lost tribes of Isreal. Blacks are descendants of the biblical Hebrews. Blacks who were sent to the Caribbean’s are from the tribe of Benjamin. Blacks who were sent to America come the the descendants of the tribe of Judah. I researched this for months. Those imposters occupying our land of Isreal are Kazarians descent. They converted to Judaism under King Bulon during the 7th century. There European’s!!! Prior to 1948 them and their descendants never step foot in Isreal. I’m going to stop right here or I will be writing all night. Learn the truth for yourselves! Read Deuteronomy 28…god has cursed us for not following his commandments. This curse only pertains to the lost tribes of Isreal, us!!

    • عندى فولوارز كتير

      the ancient Egyptians looked just like modern day egyptians.
      they weren’t black at all actualy 🙂

  • Jack Stoiner

    Hey genius .You know that little thing called DNA that you mentioned? Well maybe you should research the fact that 55 percent of African Americans hail from the same genetic Haplotype as ancient Egyptian kings Like Rameses II (e1b1a).

    • عندى فولوارز كتير

      lol Where did you get that Ramses II is E1b1a ?
      plus E1b1a is Eurasian in origin 🙂

  • Joel Duval Arneaud

    Calm down the author’s name is “lightskinhero”. How can you be a critical thinker if you can’t even be a critical reader?

  • Veronica Nowakowski

    Fair enough geograhically, though probably all people on Earth are descended from royalty. Let us say a generation is 20 years, after only 500 years, or 25 generations, you have over 67 million ancestors, in that generation alone. Not all princes and princesses become kings and queens – some become aristocracy, then some aristocracy loses status – so if you go back far enough, with perfect lnowledge, likely everyone descended from some royalty.

    • Rich Garriques

      royalty Is awarded through natural selection white people and other races are not the first people on earth black people are that is where the concept of royalty comes from it is a bloodline toward the first humans on this planet. do not try to distort its meaning by including everybody on the planet. the status of royalty was stolen from Africans and placed in the hands of thieving European colonist.

      • Veronica Nowakowski

        We all share a common ancestor – we all decended from the same first humans – otherwise we wouldn’t be humans. Royalty is also a rather meaningless distinction of a class system with a very, very small top class. All human populations have evolved from the first humans, none are going to be significantly the same as them as evolution is constant; it does not stop.

  • RespectA

    Only 5000 years huh? Self hate article.

    • Gil

      Explain the self hate aspect

      • RespectA

        He knocking his own people that’s uplifting the people enlightening them with facts including himself. Crabs in a barrel don’t pull you down to uplift. That km t is even wrong. I’d love to see where he got his research. Prove it.

  • rainman199

    Ain’t none of you niggas royalty just accept that the truth is that had not the white devil enslaved some of yo nigga ancestors then you would almost all be living in the dark continent walking around with no shoes gettin aids from Fukin monkeys. So stfu and say thank you to the whitey taht brought yo broke azz nigga ancestors over.

  • RespectA

    That’s his name on here lightskin hero

    • Gil

      Light Skin Hero is my Twitter handle 👍🏽

    • DarkasNight LightasDay

      True…. but dude didn’t attack the “hero” his emphasis was clearly fixated on the “light-skinned”………. he drilled it…. it was a spiteful aim……. only reason I said that had he been purely drilling the guys “handle”

  • Obsidian71

    Where do I start?

    DNA which includes Paternal and Maternal (yDNA and mtDNA respectively) can only tell you your lineage. It connects you to a person and not a place.

    When we want to ascertain where humans have migrated and peopled areas we don’t look at DNA we look a haplogroups. My male haplogroup is R1xxxxx which is dominant in Europe but also Cameroon. But even as good as haplogroups can be, if your people migrate our of an area it’s not going to be able to tell you this unless you leave family back at home or keep a written or oral record.

    While it may sounds crazy to claim that you descend from royalty consider this. By your 14th generation you have 16,364 relatives. 14 generations ago most of us were in the 1600s so imagine how many generations have happened since Pharonic Egypt ended with Cleopatra. Most of us probably have some minuscule connection to royalty.

    The are a handful of African tribes like Yoruba, Tutsi and others that claim their origin to be in North and North East Africa. I believe this because I believe that Africans keep oral history of where they come from. If you look Ancient Egyptians never claimed Eastern origin. But what will really blow your mind is the Lemba people of South Africa that follow Judaic tradition and say they come from Palestine. Their DNA was tested and sure enough many had markers that had affinity with people living in Israel today (Hebrew Israelites that’s for y’all)

    There’s nothing wrong with being Hotep or an Israelite. Napoleon said “”History is a set of lies that people have agreed upon,” It’s ok to search for and find your truth. Hotep

    • iHonorius

      You are correct , I am a Tutsi & my family has always kept an oral tradition and claim that King Tut ( Tetainkayimana ) was a Tutsi , hence the Tut-si name lol , the crazy thing is that a lot of our words are derived from ancient words , ex: amaategeko(Maat :law) , Imana (Amen-God) , Isi(Isis – earth) , lol we also have a word for the so called “Nefertiti” (Nfurituje) , our traditional hairstyle is called amasunzu I believe , same style Ramsis II supposedly wore thousands of years ago , and get this , if you subtract the “wand” from “Rwanda” , the sum equals Ra! The pieces seem to fit for all of this information to simply be a coincidence , I know that my people are also not the only ones in Africa who claim this , somehow the African tribes are related…

      • Kimonimo

        If you subtract “kate” from “Karate” you get Ra! SMH.

      • FeeFee

        People are finally waking up to all of this. The information is there, you just have to research it.

  • Holy_Ryu

    This guy should explain the Blacks in Egypt who are Mummified in Ancient Egyptian graves. Theres way too many evidence in Egypt the Blacks were there. This guy doesn’t want Black people to acknowledge our History.

    • Gil

      Hoteps have horrible reading comprehension skills. Point out where exactly did I say or imply that ancient Egyptians were not black.

      • Holy_Ryu

        Those mummies are way before Christ (pbuh). The time of slavery happened way after Christ. One of the first Black civilization on this planet was Egypt.

        • Holy_Ryu

          Senegal and Angola slaves are most likely Ancient Egyptians descendants.

        • Gil

          So you prefer making up points to argue positions never stated or implied? Is that what they teach you hoteps to do?

          • Holy_Ryu

            Didn’t you mention that Blacks never descended from Egypt? For the record, I’m not a Hotel.

            • Gil

              Did you read this piece before commenting?

              • Holy_Ryu

                I ment to say Hotep*…….

                Yeah I read to entire article. I understand where you are coming from. The Hoteps might be looking at roots further back than the 1600s when is comes to being descendants. Now I get that everyone may not have complete direct linage but Blacks do have some type of lineage to Egypt. Some of us have a stronger linage than others. Think of it as a antenna signal. The was definitely slave trade in Egypt. But this was a very long process that took hundreds of years. Your article is very narrow on the time frame of slavery. Egypt is very close to the Europeans so obviously they Europeans had to go through that country before they get to the Western part of the African continent. The Senegal’s and Angolas had to be of Egyptians decent. Why do you think there’s not a dominance of Blacks in Egypt now? It had to be a removal process that took Hundreds of years. You also talked about how it wouldn’t make financial sense. There wasn’t any type of economy during that time frame. The only thing that was going on was gold, silver, and goods trading around. The Europeans were explorers and not economist.

                Oh yeah, what’s up with all of this light skin shit? R U not black and proud?

                • Gil

                  I’m light skin…it is what is.

                  But I encourage you to read more of my stuff of listen to my podcasts before you question me on whether or not I’m black & proud.

                  • عندى فولوارز كتير

                    The ancient Egyptians were not black.
                    of all the ancient Egyptian mummies there is only one black mummy from Nubia.
                    he is called Maiherpri.
                    the rest are all caucasoids

                    • Priscilla Amponsah

                      You have a inferiority complex or it would not be so painful for you you to accept that there were black ancient Egyptians, whether you believe in evolution or creation the first two human beings were black over the years we now have white but the source was black. Like it or lump it. I don’t even care or you believe it or not because it’s fact.
                      Sorry but it’s the truth.

  • Eric Arnold

    the Zulu kingdom was literally right next door to Angola? Really? ever look at a map of Shaka’s kingdom? it’s on the Eastern tip of South Africa. Angola is in SW Africa. The Zulu empire spread east into Mozambique, not west past Botswana into Angola. And there’s no evidence whatsoever that Zulus were ever enslaved by the Portuguese, who mainly imported their cargo to Brazil, not North America. If you are going to try to posit a historical article, it would behoove you to get your history straight.

  • Steve Jordan

    What’s wrong with ANY black person finding ANY reason to call themselves great in this sea of negative imagery, stereotypes and derogatory media programming of all things Dark. I will take an Egyptian pharaoh connection to myself any day over the “dark scary” creatures in King Kong, slave, samba, gangsta, Predator, Aliens or niggaz that I’m constantly bombarded with.

    • Destroyah

      Because you’re essentially ignoring your own heritage and stealing the heritage of Egyptians because it’s venerated by Europeans.

      Seriously, genetic testing has proven that the DNA of ancient Egyptians is almost identical to about 85% the population in modern Egypt and that 85% are not Sub Saharan African, they’re Arab. Yes, Egypt is in Africa, but Africa is a massive continent and continents are a man made concept.

      Geographically, Egypt is right next door to the Middle East. It’s like how, technically, Indigenous SIberians are European, but genetically, they’re Asian.

    • Normandie Kent

      There is nothing wrong with it, as long as your not being a culture vulture, and stealing someone else’s heritage. Then it’s wrong.

  • Actually… Benin, Ghana and Ivory Coast and the Congo make up those countries as well.

  • Peter Parker

    This shyt right here smdh

  • Jason Souder

    Good try RACIST but Dna disproves everything you just insinuated…. E1B1A!!!! every mummy ever tested and 70% of all AfroAmericans, Afro Caribbeans and AfroBrazilians.

  • G

    Let me explain something, black people are so confused about heritafe and where we come from. If you want to read about your people and what NATION you come from then read the bible. We are one of the 12 tribes of ISRAEL. We are hebrew israelites. Africans did not sell their own people in slavery. Africans are the descendent of HAM. Read your bible people and then you wont be so confused.

    • Dommy

      Lol, so the bible explains your heritage? Good joke. You should’ve stayed in school.

  • Carl McGee

    Every single persons comment that I read had a different version of ‘The Truth’ lol…
    I found that hilarious!…

  • Fatima Ismail

    I don’t know why this writer thought when people referred to themselves as “kings & queens’. All of them meant it literally, I don’t think that’s accurate. It’s true that 90% of black slaves who were taken to Europe & the US, came from a couple of west African nations. But not all black Americans have slave ancestors or came from West Africa. Like my family who are Eritrean. Another example is President Obama. His Kenyan father only traveled to the US to go to college & went back soon after he was born. There’s allot of Africans that migrated to the US after slavery was abolished in 1865. They consider themselves ‘African American’ too. Some American Africans could still have royal Egyptian blood. The pharaohs mostly came from Kemet. Modern day Ethiopian, Eritrean, Somalian & Sudanese migrants would share that DNA.

    • Med Grinn

      stop troling around……kemet literally translate to black soil … east africans has nubian blood not egyptian and certainly not royal xD you people are pathetic …

  • Niki

    How does this change the current situation of today? Knowing ancestoral heritage is not wrong but, just dreaming things up to fantasize about seems rather childlike.
    Concerning ones brain with looks also seems unevolved. Study to bring great things into this world for all. Melanin is not a measure of greatness, just the amount of sunlight exposed to over time. As our bodies adapt, why have not our minds as human beings?
    Please grow up. Evolve. Adapt. It’s getting really tiresome and cliché hearing these irrelevant arguments. They add nothing of true substance.

  • will

    This is a brainwasd coon or white says it in the bible yoks of iron around they necks
    No ones been through this but black people sorry to say black my skin doesnt look like a tire
    And your skin doesn’t look like white paper


  • Andy

    Fuck you esau ! Now look that up.don’t forget the sunscreen you might burn up better get some melanin

    • WNP84

      Kek @ Esau. Subsaharans die from skin cancer every day. God damn you are stupid.

      • popacroc

        Can you prove that? If it happens to be true, I can assure you that whites die from skin cancer for more than blacks.

        • Louis Byron

          Actually, that is only “half-true:. Although the greater concentration of melanin in Black people’s skin does indeed provide greater UV protection and lessen the overall risk of all forms of skin cancer (particularly the most common and least deadly form, squamous cell carcinoma), Blacks actually die from malignant melanoma at a rate equal to or greater than do White folks. It seems that high levels of melanin protect one almost completely from the less damaging forms of skin cancer, but may actually make one MORE SUSCEPTIBLE to the most fatal form of skin cancer–malignant melanoma.

  • La’Vada Bell

    Actually, your all kind of wrong. We “black people” are not African at all. We were enslaved there before America. We are the original Israelites of the Bible. The Bible is actually our history book and we descend from Gods. We are the original people on Earth that everybody wants to keep taking credit for as our history was already whitewashed. Not being racist at all but if you read the Bible, you will get it and begin waking up and knowing who you are. We are the only group of people who do not know who we are. Africans know who they are and quite frankly hate when we associate ourselves “African Americans” with them. Go up to an African and call him your brother and watch how he get mad.

    • LilAli

      Is your color and facial countenance different from an original West African?. Am a Christian and I believe in the Bible and it’s words too. But even so the kinda black gods it refers in the Bible are not African-Americans you see now who are descendants of mixed raced people during the time of slavery in America( which is majority), that kinda black gods refers to the earth people, the original in habitats of Africa. So to even speak of African Americans being God’s is even far from the truth. Majority of African Americans don’t even know their roots, not to talk of themselves gods and prejudicially looking down on original Africans. Many African Americans are believed into thinking they are kings and queens originating from the land of Egypt, Some believe they are the original inhabitants of America before even Columbus or Amerigo ever step foot in America, others believe they are descendants of Amun Ra/Amen Re so they are god’s. These variations of unstable believes causes mental and philosophical separation in the black community here in America.

      • blackonblackluv

        On point, you took the words right out of my mouth. Thank you.

    • blackonblackluv


    • blackonblackluv

      You and your like keep pushing this ignorant and very dangerous idea that Africans do not like Americans and that is Bullshit, as an African woman I have met and interacted with many African Americans and what saddens me is why the most of you will want to be associated with anyone but Africans.

      I have met very few who know will say without thinking twice that they are African, the rest are from Egypt, KM.T or are Hebrew Israelites, smh this is sad and this is precisely why we are where we are as a people, as long as we keep claiming the wrong ancestors and lineages we will remain lost. Moving forward stop telling that BS story that Africans hate Americans, tell the truth, you hate Africans and hide behind some heritage which is far from you.

      • Arn Magnusson

        I’m from zimbabwe and now live in SA. nobody likes American blacks

    • WNP84



        When will people get it there is no such thing as AFRICAN cause if there is then we should have a language called “AFRICAN” but there isn’t. The original CONTINENT HAS MORE THEN 3000 TRIBES WITH MORE THEN 3000 LANGUAGES. Africa has 54 countries and many different cultures which means many different peoples..

        • Jacinda Austin

          By your logic there would also be a language called “European” in Europe, a language called “Asian” in Asia, a language called “Australian” in Australia, a language called “South American” in S. America, and one in N. America called “North American. But there is not, and yet these places still exist. Languages are not named after their continents of origin. And Africa is not the only continent with multiple languages. There are more than 60 indigenous languages in Europe alone, hundreds of languages in S. America, and Thousands in Africa.

    • IJS

      Um….but the incarnation of the bible used today was compiled by a bunch of old white dudes who removed parts and edited the entire thing to further the churches agenda. I’m all for faith in the lord, but the bible should not be taken literally.

    • 島風

      It’s 2016 A.D. so you weren’t the original anything.

    • Esau is a cave beast..


      • Common sense

        So what am I supposed to do, as a white?

      • Normandie Kent

        Finally what?! She’s wrong , she is not a Israelite or a Native American , neither are you!!

        • Esau is a cave beast..

          Beat it heathen, I am native American dumbass…and I am an israelite.

    • Normandie Kent

      The bible does not mention America once! You are Not Native American or Israelite. there were no Israelites in America not ever . This is the sole homeland of the Native Americans, who never even saw a negro before 1492. Give me a friggen break!

    • Normandie Kent

      You are a west African Bantu, you are not fooling anyone!

    • Brian Hart

      🤣😂😂 uh huh keep telling yourself you’re a Hebrew

  • Jess

    You damn right! Now to mention when the Greeks did invade blacks in Africa they had to move and spread thoughout Africa. At that time there were so many refugees in different tribes that black people join due to the invasion of North Africa. And don’t forget that the European also trick some of the traveling refugees on the slave ships in to believe that they wanted to help. Black people were all across the world including America before it became America.

    • Normandie Kent

      There were NO black people in America, before it was America fool! There were millions of Native Americans there, who never seen a black person! Native Americans are genetically the furthest related to African people, that tells us that there were no black people living in America with the Natives. You are a west African slave descendant who was brought here on a slave ship. The Native Americans have been isolated from all other world population for at least 25,000 years. Stop being a culture thief!

  • Jess

    It’s obvious if you read the bible that God created the originals (blacks) from him which means we are part of God (God like) not the gods you see on the movies that your clueless ass might be referring to. So take your natural sick neanthal ass down somehow here and figure out why your body kills the melanin you could have had which cuz your skin to look white. And so forget to pack on sunscreen since your body is not best friends with the sun!!

    • Dommy

      You’ll eventually realize that the bible is a collection of fairy tales, and that god doesn’t exist. Until then, you’re an idiot and using the bible to show examples of science is literally the most retarded thing I’ve ever heard. Also, melanin isn’t killed; it is in everyone’s body. Why don’t you read a science book sometime, instead of being brainwashed by religion and stupid niggers, you piece of shit

      • Jess

        I also notice how you didn’t want to elaborate on what I said about the history of what happen in Kemet which is now called Egypt. You only wanted to talk about what you felt that you were right about your comment, wrong!

        • Amy Grant

          Wow. Kemet means the black land. It is called the black land bc of it’s rich dark soil,not land of black people,like a lot of you think. Its kind of sad,actually. Nobody called their skin color black or white back then. Lol. Wow.

          • I-Am-WiGi666

            Be real about it. Africa is home to all people of color. No white boy or girl is originally from Africa. Therefore, we can call our homelands whatever we choose to. Nobody cares what you call your mountains!! Ctfu 😂😂😂😂

            • Amy Grant

              Who said caucasions originated from Africa? I did not. Still,nubians were not located in Egypt,except for as slaves. Have you ever been to Kings Valley? Do you know how to read hieroglyphics? Probably not.
              Just like Iraq,Pakistan,Iran is in Asia,we don’t call middle easterns Oriental. Just like Egypt is in Africa,we don’t call Egyptians Nubians.

            • Arn Magnusson

              I am from Zimbabwe my ancestors here date back a known 125 years here and another 300 years in Southern Africa and we are white. You are an ignorant American kaffir.

          • Brian Hart

            Yea they don’t understand the importance of fertile soil to farm and live for food is 😂

      • MASON N.W

        don’t disrespect the word of god,don’t belittle someone else’s faith and beliefs because you have none and most of all don’t be a racist jackhole,now shut the hell up and and get back in bed with your sister, you stupid,ignorant, butt scratching ,nose picking,mouthbreathing troglodyte

      • Moorish man

        Why do you white morons feel the need to comment on these threads with yout ignorant racist bullshit, dude if you don’t like the post don’t even bother to read much less comment on something you have no idea about you fucking albino mutant pig

        • Paul

          Awwww.. Mr Nuffin is all upset.

        • Brian Hart

          😂😂 you know the moors as a whole are white and very few were of the darker variety lol. Better go there and see what color the people are lol that’s what moors look like

      • I-Am-WiGi666

        Dommy has been brainwashed by other brainwashed idiots. People of color are scientifically proven to be the only original human race here on earth. We are earth’s natural inhabitants, we always were and always will be. The white man is Satan’s creation. He always wanted to be God. Thus, Satan is the God of white people, they are his offspring. Only the devil could possibly be as horrible as the white boy has been since he came out of those mountains. The white boy has taught us all how to hate ourselves as well as one another. The God in me forgives but will never forget. Luckily this white boy is behind a keyboard and not here and reach because he would feel this wrath of God I possess.

        • 1in2hivhomobalcks

          blacks are NOT natural because they have 1 in 2 homo hiv rate 50%!! (not natural) sodomy abounding.(not natural).abandon kids.(not natural). have MANY baby daddies.. (no virgin marriages ,basically you are breeders) and even breed when you KNOW you have no food! (even animals DONT do that!!!) in Africa.. its like an animal lifeform gone WRONG. no animal and no human does that!! (watches its kids starve and die and still has a sex drive) that’s actually an abomination to any sensible being.worst thing is deny it to ensure you cant fix it.(this is why aids loves blacks/ easy target/no sense)

          • Ireland Sloan

            (I’m white and Irish and lived there all my lifeunless I have been adopted and not told yet) I’m not a sjw fan of milo but that is clearly a racist comment and is disgusting but I haven’t thought about why they still do have kids while they are starving themselves

        • Arn Magnusson

          You where here first because you failed to evolve.

        • Ross Ellis

          If you were a god, couldn’t you just smite him from where you are currently at?

        • Ireland Sloan

          Im White and i am Christian. I really hope ur joking about whites being Satans offspring.we are all one set of people destroy what God made for us.

          Ps: if u are using the bible to back up blacks are some kind of chosen ones and were the first people ( which they were I’m not debating that) why was eve tempted by the apple took it and lied to Adam and ruined mankinds purety and innocence

        • Louis Byron

          Oh please. Get off your moral high horse. Like Black people haven’t done horrific, criminal acts, both individually and collectively, just like every other race of people who has ever lived on this plant? Check out how the Bantu speaking peoples (who today occupy much of the bottom 1/2 of Africa) literally expelled & slaughtered whole tribes from large regions in Central and Southern Africa–all long before the White man showed up to colonize the continent.

        • Paul

          Then how come things of God are described as white? And if you still follow that out of Africa silliness, maybe you should grab you something a little more recent.

    • Paul

      Soo.. Skin tone is the only physical difference? And maybe find out the translation for the word Adam, or A’dam. Hint: it’s not “black”

  • Tim Smith

    Well written! This cultural appropriation is akin to someone from Sri Lanka claiming they are Kings and Queens of China, you know since its in Asia.

    Seriously people Nigeria is not right there next to Sudan. Africa is a HUUUUGGGEEE continent. And for those of you trying to claim Egyptians migrated, please provide some logical reasons for large population to migrate from one of the richest civilizations to basically thick jungles?

    You do realize that even within Africa there is a wide spectrum of Blackness. As the author states, most of the Blacks resemble people from West Africa rather than East.

    By considering Africa as one monlethic continent, where everyone looks similar, you are buying into the very racism you are trying to fight. Africa is the largest habitable continent with way, way too much diverse population, culture and history.

    Now I am not black, but I would happily claim Botswana as my own. A model state that needs more studying.

  • Tim Smith

    This is too funny. Ask a Chinese, Indian or Iranian practical questions about their civilization they have a standard answer. You know because they are the heir of that civilization.

    But reading these comments is like reading a Tyler Perry’s movie script. No Egypt is our civilization because people migrated from highly civilized country to the jungles of Angola. No Egypt is our civilization because South Africans have Palestinian DNA. NO Egypt is our civilization because our grandmother, who heard it from her mother, who heard it from her uncles wife’s geeatgrandfather said so.

    The funniest is someone claiming no they are not Egyptians but Israelis. Ok.

    If Egypt argument fails, there is always Wakanda.

    • Normandie Kent

      What about idiots claiming they are the real Native Americans and are not from Africa!? Think how that makes the real heirs feel.

  • Sean

    Wow this article provided an interesting read. Not so much the article, but the comments section. I knew there were horribly racist whites out there, I never knew there were so many bigoted blacks out there though. What really surprised me was that a lot of the similarity in the methods both sides use to disparage the other race.

    We have arguments from religion, arguments from history, arguments from science, etc., etc.. So tell me who came up with the bigot arguments first, the whites or the blacks? Which group are the better bigots?

    Frankly I think a good deal of you, regardless of skin color, are very similar. Similar in your bigotry and hatred. Similar in your inability to let go of past glories and past wrongs. Each side wants to use religion to justify their bigotry, it just makes them all look like idiots that miss the central tenet of almost every religion, which is to be decent to other humans, to treat others the way you would like to be treated.

    I don’t know who is descended from kings or queens. I don’t think it matters. It doesn’t matter what your ancestors did, you are not your ancestors, their achievements and mistakes belong to them and not to you. The only actions you can take credit or blame for are your own. You can act with honor and integrity or you can choose not too. It doesn’t matter what title you want to give yourself. The words you speak and the actions you take are what define you.

  • Med Grinn

    thank you very very much we caucasiod mediterranean north Africans are sick of this afrocentrism mental disease ,this black-americans are sick with identity crisis and inferiority complex problems…ancient egyptians were as their modern descendants olive / brown caucasiod Mediterraneans not subsaharan blacks!!
    ps: you forget to mention that egypt during trans-atlantic slave-trade was a black slave-trade country too ,meaning egyptians were black slave owners too…now how ironic is that xD

  • Med Grinn

    ahhhh a black version of stormfront …very nice xD

  • عندى فولوارز كتير

    i am egyptian and i dont wanna have anything to do with black americans.
    DNA tests prove that we have been inhabiting Egypt since atleast 13000 years ago.
    we are not Arabs althought we speak arabic Egyptian, same way you speak english but you have nothing to do with Britain.
    Arabs invaded Sudan but Sudanese remain black till today which is a proof that the Arab invasion doesnt change demographics as black americans like to claim.
    people with foreign ancestry in Egypt are less than 10% of the population.
    so if any of you think they can claim Egypt then we forbid it.
    learn to have pride in your real heritage you black culture vultures, Egypt has nothing to do with you .

  • عندى فولوارز كتير

    lol African americans have Aknaten gene ? 😀
    DNA consultants is a *private corporation* and their claims about testing Akhnaten and Amarna mummies are a Hoax as commerical DNA testing firms are not given access to Egyptian mummies.
    Thats why they never dared to publish their fake studies in any peer reviewed scientific journal, all we have is a page on the internet claiming to to have conducted tests that never happened .

  • Muhamed Ali El Nabawy

    as an Egyptian i salute the writer of the article
    i spoke many times with those afrocentric maniacs, gave them proof after a proof till i came to tbe conclusion that what those people need is a therapist not a history lesson

  • LilAli

    I agree that African Americans originated from West Africa. But I disagree with you they came from Senegambia and Angola. That’s immensely invalid. The DNA test done by an African American female traced her roots back to the Ashanti Kingdom of Ghana and Ivory Coast, Another one has hers traced back to Nigeria and Benin. There are even slave castles built by early enslavers which were the Europeans in Ghana where on the entrance of one of the dungeons has been written “Place of No return” .Barack Obama even visited Ghana in 2009 and paid a visit to the castles and those slave dungeons.

  • CC Bey

    If you really believe that people had not learned how to traverse a desert or that some markers in some people mean they were the only people in a region then you are the one in lala land. If you can’t wrap your mind around the well documented archeological evidence of human migrations and the origins of civilization then I have no more time to waste responding to you.


    and you’re something i just left in the toilet,you little jabroni SO KNOW YOUR ROLE AND SHUT YOUR MOUTH,IF YA SMELLLLLLLLLLLLL WHAT THE DOGG IS COOKIN

    • Paul

      If it’s brown flush it down. Oh wait.. You meant white people. Haaaaahahaha!

  • Study African scholar Great Cheik Ante Diop and many other anthropologists and you will know Great West African Empires such as Soghai, Mali, Ghana, Timbuctoo and Moorish Spain didn’t achieve such prominence over night! The Black People of the Nile influenced Greece, the middle east, and as far reaching as the AMERICAS!!! (Ancient Pyramids and colossals prove) it’s ridiculous to suggest Africa itself was not influenced by Ancient Kemet. The Slaves were taken from West Africa indeed…But who are the west Africans?!!? Yes Black People are in fact closely related to the Pharaohs and ancient Dynasties. Be proud Brothers n Sisters!

  • Mark Shelborne

    Explain to me white supremscy is ok, as long as it’s disguised as American or white nationalism. . Why is it that the “esteemeded” and most Narcissusistic egocentric and ethnocentric ally neurotic race, hates when black people take pride in themselves and search for answers our history and who we are its a problem the minute we find holes in their pseudohistory. The minute we find the all the hidden history and the systematic destruction and alteration of artifacts relics and stuff that they have lied about for millennia.
    Then you contradictions everywhere. For example when look at their Bible.Its a complete hi-jack from black civilizations. The similarities are overwhelming. The probability of it being original, without the mountains of similarii

    • Paul

      Ur kinda dumb ain’t ya boy.

  • Reginald Green

    Gr8 writing sir✊

  • Cam Wesley

    Dude sound stupid. First what date are you going back to. Look up all kingdoms from kemet or keep saying 400,000. But what calculator told you how old the world is.

  • RwC

    It’s a shame to see blacks who subscribe themselves to being intelligent ,who when engaged in the realm of unsupervised discussion in the open ended cloud of discussions , will be thrown by assertions by some , that black heritage descends from high nobility and practices of humanity in excellence. These assertions are only the beginning graspings for understanding of a real and necessary truth that exists in actuality and factuality but forever unreachable by the timid in mind regardless of such minds ascription to intelligence. I suggest you better get tough pilgrims, or” blacken up” (sic)

  • 2cents

    This article seems as if this guy’s grandfather sat him down and told him how his great great grandfather and other plantation owners conducted the entire crime. Very interesting! Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that whites are the only criminals yet to be charged? Just, food for thought! Anyway, let me get back to this over toned of plantation mentality with this filtered history lesson. History sucks since history is the whole series of past events connected with someone or something, yet according to whites, people labeled as black are not connected to anything or anyone. To add, history is basically the study of past events particularly in human affairs, yet once again, according to whites, people labeled as black do not have any human affairs especially before slavery. Hmmmm! How convenient? So, since history is mainly if not soley recorded by whites, why would any person labeled as black care about history other than to get a passing grade in shool by tricking his or her teacher or professor into believing that he or she cares about the bias history only enough to retain the information for a test. To me, history serves two purposes which are to influence and impress. First, history influences the population on who to rely on and consider superior. Two, history is for the social elite who like to impress in order to appear as if they are smarter then the next socialite by starting or joining historical discussions and calling out dates and events. Boring! Personally, I don’t care about where I came from pass my immediate family and just a few generations past that for two important reasons. First, it will not be the truth. More importantly, I know it doesn’t effect the way I am going. I feel people who are labeled as black should live in the present and make a stamp that can not be denied. If people labeled as black took over the world. The take over would not be recorded as history. There would not be not a single trace of the event in books for future humans to read. This artcle is case in point. I suggest people labeled as black move forward and evolve. If people labeled as black passionately care about history being fair, stand up to make black history a core standard in school vs it only being an elective since that will be the only thing that will change how people labeled as blacks are viewed and valued. Other then that, I suggest, one live for today. Live a great and prosperous life and pass down the rewards, value, confidence and morals down to your offsprings. Do not allow another race/human to bully you. Live your life responsibly and enjoyable. If we only live once, ( which is a fact) why would you allow another human to rob you of a stressfree happy life. If you want to allow things, allow a racist to live with the weight of hate, despite and jealousy. Let the racist live in stress. Stop trying to prove your worth, look for validation, or accurate history records from a group of sociopaths. Take the wiped out history as a lost. And, do not allow yourself or your offsprings to be fed whatever history that is beind fed at the tables. Stop this insane cycle. Swallow your pride. You lost your wallet, so cancel yours cards and alert the creadit bureaus. The milk is spilled, so stop crying. Clean it up and MOVE FORWARD. Why would one allow any sociopath to make one feel insignificant? According to the dictionary that was written by whites, a sociopath can be defined as a person who has Antisocial Personality Disorder. This disorder is characterized by a disregard for the feelings of others, a lack of remorse or shame, manipulative behavior, unchecked egocentricity, and the ability to lie in order to achieve one’s goals. This is exactly what racist white people are. They absolutely have no shame, no remorse, and no guilt for their crimes of kidnapping, rape, and murder, yet the list is longer than that. They are very manipulative and they have a great ability to lie in order to achieve their goals just to recite a few. So, why would anyone allow a person whose a total cheat and the scum at the bottom of the barrel make you feel how they really are. It makes no sense to me. I guess it’s kind of like that crab in the bucket scenario. We are all humans but other humans enjoy bringing other humans down. Personally, I just do not allow scum to manipulate or poison my thought process passed only recognizing the kind of humans I am dealing with on earth, for after I press send, this reply will be history.

  • My last reply got deleted hmm

    This article seems as if this guy’s grandfather sat him down and told him how his great-great grandfather and other plantation owners conducted the entire crime. Very interesting! Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that whites are the only criminals yet to be charged? Just, food for thought! Anyway, let me get back to this over toned of plantation mentality with this filtered history lesson. History sucks since history is the whole series of past events connected with someone or something, yet according to whites, people labeled as black are not connected to anything or anyone. To add, history is basically the study of past events particularly in human affairs, yet once again, according to whites, people labeled as black do not have any human affairs especially before slavery. Hmmmm! How convenient? So, since history is mainly if not solely recorded by whites, why would any person labeled as black care about history other than to get a passing grade in school by tricking his or her teacher or professor into believing that he or she cares about the bias history only enough to retain the information for a test. To me, history serves two purposes which are to influence and impress. First, history influences the population on who to rely on and consider superior. Two, history is for the social elite who like to impress in order to appear as if they are smarter than the next socialite by starting or joining historical discussions and calling out dates and events. Boring! Personally, I don’t care about where I came from pass my immediate family and just a few generations past that for two important reasons. First, it will not be the truth. More importantly, I know it doesn’t affect the way I am going. I feel people who are labeled as black should live in the present and make a stamp that cannot be denied. If people labeled as black took over the world. The takeover would not be recorded as history and no future human would be able to read about it. This article is case in point. I suggest people labeled as black move forward and evolve. If people labeled as black passionately care about history being fair, stand up to make black history a core standard in school vs it only being an elective since that will be the only thing that will change how people labeled as blacks are viewed and valued. Other than that, I suggest, one live for today. Live a great and prosperous life and pass down the rewards, value, confidence and morals down to your offspring. Do not allow another race/human to bully you. Live your life responsibly and enjoyable. If we only live once, (which is a fact) why would you allow another human to rob you of a stress-free happy life. If you want to allow things, allow a racist to live with the weight of hate, despite and jealousy. Let the racist live in stress. Stop trying to prove your worth, look for validation, or accurate history records from a group of sociopaths. Take the wiped out history as a lost. And, do not allow yourself or your offspring to be fed whatever history that is behind fed at the tables. Stop this insane cycle. Swallow your pride. You lost your wallet, so cancel yours cards and alert the credit bureaus. The milk is spilled, so stop crying. Clean it up and MOVE FORWARD. Why would one allow any sociopath to make one feel insignificant? According to the dictionary that was written by whites, a sociopath can be defined as a person who has Antisocial Personality Disorder. This disorder is characterized by a disregard for the feelings of others, a lack of remorse or shame, manipulative behavior, unchecked egocentricity, and the ability to lie in order to achieve one’s goals. This is exactly what racist white people are. They absolutely have no shame, no remorse, and no guilt for their crimes of kidnapping, rape, and murder, yet the list is longer than that. They are very manipulative and they have a great ability to lie in order to achieve their goals just to recite a few. So, why would anyone allow a person who’s a total cheat and the scum at the bottom of the barrel make you feel how they really are. It makes no sense to me. I guess it’s kind of like that crab in the bucket scenario. We are all humans but other humans enjoy bringing other humans down. Personally, I just do not allow scum to manipulate or poison my thought process passed only recognizing the kind of humans I am dealing with on earth, for after I press send, this reply will be history.

    • Nobody deleted your reply. Learn to type using proper punctuation & grammar next time and your comment won’t be held for moderation.

  • Nina Brown

    All ima say is blacks aren’t Egyptians nor “Africans” (which are Africans) .. Many of our people was here already and some are the Israelites that was in Egypt.. Malcom knew it .. One reason they killed him… Farrakhan done told y’all (his sneaky ass) and then they have these hotep pawns misleading y’all ..

  • Moorish man

    I would love for you to go up to a black person face to face and say all that shit you just said, see how “superior” you are then fucking pathetcic excuse of an afterthought

    • Arn Magnusson

      I do it all the time kaffir. I live in Zimbabwe and was born here. I am not afraid of you lesser beings. Here you blacks know your place in life. Only in America do you get away with trying to be somebody you’ll never be. Come to your ancestral continent and you’ll see that your precious black Africans will kill you or enslave you. All while us white devils watch and laugh. Come here to see the truth of where you come from and what you really are

      • Edward B.

        Such a sad human being you are….smh

    • Paul

      I have. Several times. They dindu Nuffin LOL

  • Jesse

    Who the fuck allowed you to type? You sound extremelyignorant as adding your clearly bitter biased ass opinion IF YOU ARE TRYING TO SELL YOUR WACK ASS FACTS. You clearly have a chip on your shoulder go read a book that’s not written by the oppressor . I have never read anything so dumb in my entire life. it’s not that I agree or disagree it how you come talking shit like stfu . Give information or go bitch to your friends about how negatively you perceive blacks.

  • Eugena Lieu

    True, Black People did not descend from an Egyptian King, or Queen, but they could still look exactly like a Korean. Koreans were known to be Persians from the beginning.

  • Petty Kash

    There is obviously a great truth and reasoning behind this article, though I don’t feel the author took into account the migration that happened prior to the capture of Africans of the western coast…Also take into account the Exodus out of Egypt at a time when the Great Dynasties fell to Eastern invaders…those tribes were tracked and searched for and eventually located and thrown back into bondage….This is part of the Romanticism because of a pre determined affinity….Now of course all of these mixture were not Kings and Queens but we’re part of a well established society of noble men and woman, warriors, scientist, astrologist, and animal waste cleaners etc. Point being we were a rich and established society way before it is told we were, and we as a people need to recollect that to find our true identity in this so called “Promised Land”

  • Gerald Hinton

    The pit the author falls into is that he has not done his home work. The Nile river area is where the first human beings walked this earth. If he researched culture, languages philosophical beliefs in West Africa he would know that a direct link exists to Egypt.

  • wizowl

    Do you have indea how to communicate without using foul language?

  • Mrs Jones

    Self hate is horrible!! and by the way you wrote this, with so much anger further more shows me that some days you wanna commit suicide or you are a evil jealous hating ass white mf 🤔

  • Amber Tyler

    For every claim said, might I remind that .com is .commercial. Choose wisely about where your information comes from and whether is it liable. 😉

  • Cantan

    Dude the orientation of North and South is magnetic. It wasn’t changed by Europeans. He never said they All came from East Africa but MOST wich is proven by DNA…. And you don’t know much about world history because there are still cannibalistic African tribes to this day and African tribes had wars with each other enslaved each other. They were just as barbaric as the white people. Your history isn’t clean homie. In fact Africa is one of the most dangerous places to travel to this day…. Also Persians are African. Just because their skin is lighter doesn’t mean anything and saying we romanticized “Greece” not Egypt is a lie because aincient Egypt is very romanticized. Kimd of like Italy.

  • 島風

    Most people know there weren’t black kings and queens/royalty, but there has been proof of black slaves and natives in ancient Egypt, and it’s possible they had black concubines/mistresses that bred bastards, so.

    • 島風

      And I’ve never heard of anyone who thinks Egyptians were white, either. White black and yellow aren’t the only ethnicities.

  • what about now nothing?

    black people are the only people who care about loooong past history more than now. with their hiv rates high..maybe its just a mental escape from their real life. whites are opposite… we feel we must have things right NOW..we would be embarrassed if all our stats were in the gutter now and we spoke of the past.its gone. many blacks act like they have a time machine and that’s why whites don’t take them as serious humans anymore. we see you saying “we are useless NOW BECAUSE we speak of the past a lot” its that simple and true. such a people cant be trusted to achieve anything NOW. anyway it was good to see the truth that blacks want to live as avatar characters in white’s minds (whites love ancient Egypt its true) we don’t love modern day blacks.we’d never choose that as an avatar for anything exciting. everyone romanticizes history. whites romanticize their day to day as long as we don’t have fatigue.

    • Tania

      Review Link on top.Actually amongst African American Males Hiv rates are higher exactly why I stay away from them hell I stay away from males and sex period! Theres been a decline amongst infected African American Females.
      And also I am not white.

  • GlocKittyXe
  • mya

    White people should not have a say about where black people come from. You guys have lied to us and yourself all of your lives. Let us figure it out without your racist input

  • Darius D S Manson

    Bwahahaha this idiot failed the moment he said 2.5 Million lmao 300k Were brought here fool.
    Hardly a full 1% has been DNA analyzed let alone a full picture of the genetic makeup of so called slave decendants.

  • yanni

    This is not true – black people are the original hebrews – the same slaves that served in egypt and the same slaves the Moses brought out – we are the biblical israelites – DNA confirms this

  • King Glenn Fowler

    Fuck this Author, sounds to me like he’s jealouse of who and what we come from. One word makes people like him hate us, ” melanin. ” ahhhh boy it sure is nice to be 55 and look like im 32. Oh and all of the many other atributes as well. We do everything better and this author dispises that. Hes just mad cause his wife aint satisfied…ouch. Dont worry author, sun tan lotion just went on sale at Walgreens buy 1 get one half off this week. I love my blackness and my black people. God is above all!

  • charleslingo

    I disagree .Why I disagree , I,m a descendant from the !2 Dynast . Black were part of Egypt . They came in the color of brown , Red , and fair .I come from Amenemhat lll oldest daughter bloodline .every race have some black DNA in them.

  • charleslingo

    People got to realze when people they tell its the way they want it to be Tthat don’t mean its true .

  • Roderick Sutton

    “Be amazing if they applied this energy into something beneficial that could create a new legacy of greatness today leading into the future…but no, just more mental masturbation” (Quoted From Author). Its unfortunate how someone can call for a reemergence of black greatness, but then downplay the one thing that would afford us greatness: History and Culture. The fact that youve MISINTERPRETEDor mmisunderstood ancient african history haunts you. It allows you to speak on issues that you only partially understand. Kemet (egypt) has everything that black people are looking for and that was taken away from black people during the African period of enslavement under the very white people who do their best to take egypt from black people. Kind of like what you are doing (i hope it feels great to follow in the footsteps of black opposition). Kemet had the greatest economic system, political, social and spiritual systems that the WORLD has every seen. P.S.: did the Egyptians die off or did tgey migrate an continue disseminating their ancestral heritage. Study west africa a little closer then challenge black people on kemet. Hotep.

  • blah blah

    Look up ancient Kemet and find out the meaning of it while you’re at it; considering that you think you know everything about Egypt.

  • Mophzut

    Who gives a damn about all races all Creed’s and all colors, may they all find an end from off the earth, for there is one coming that will make away many, and life on earth will turn to hell. Humans are a puny weak species, in fact the weakest ever created, and soon as the fallen one comes his work will be to destroy all fools who were on their way to hell, yet while they live they think they are good👹👽👹😱😵😨👻💀😈

  • DJBrandywine

    Blacks came from whites as only the sun can change your skin color that white people turned white from the cold is bullshit as the first people lived in the ice age and even Africa was all ice therefore white man is the original race of people and that is white white man is more superior and more advanced then every other race cause we been evolving for centuries.

  • Keisha

    A white person wrote this lol but they are kinda right we are actually Israelites in the bible

  • Eliana Yisrael

    This is your opinion, you have not shown any facts to back this up. I believe in apologetics! Where your documentation, as I have documentation of where we came from, and even Egyptian hieroglyphics have our history and what we looked like! All the middle eastern people and African people have also told the story. It is just Coons like yourself who havent gotten the Memo! Maybe your family came from Angola or Senegal , but that is not where the majority of them came from. Google the 17th Century Map of Negroland by Emanuel Bowen. Google the History of the Igbo in West Africa! They will all testify that the people that left on the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade were of the Kingdom of Judah!. We took in the Diaspora of 70AD and divided up our two Tribes. Benjamin went into the Arabian Countries, whIle Judah went into Egypt! We continued across Northern Africa and down the West Coast trying to run from the Romans. This is how we ended up on the West Coast and we named our Land for who we were ‘The Kingdom of Judah” This is historical evidence. Now as far as DNA first of all mitochondrial DNA that is what the Ashkenazi Jews use to determine lineage and since they own most of the DNA Companies and are the Proselyties trying to be used then I wouldn’t put any stock in your mitochondrial DNA theory. Ourban Tribal names have all been replaced with the European Colonial names. Even the name,Africa was not what the People of the Continent called it. This was a terrible Article and not researched very well. Maybe if you had taken the time to realize that their are many very intelligent Black people out here who understand the mechanics of DNA, AND HISTORY you would not have written something so absurd!

  • conservatroll

    Are you saying King Kong wasn’t a king? And Queen Latifah isn’t the queen of the Lowlands?

  • conservatroll

    “y’all all white.”

    Not possible to be dumber.

    • conservatroll

      Or Blacker.

      • Wyat Mann

        Same thing

  • Kiana

    I found the writer of this article to be interesting (for lack of a better word). The information he gave, I’ve heard before but his take on the subject made me wonder “so who are you and what’s your point?”

    As kids, I remember black children having zero pride in the thought that we originated from Africa even with the dashiki era because even though we saw it, few of us were taught about it. I remember kids saying “you’re an African booty scratcher” to diss each other when I was young. So maybe I’m at a lost because I don’t know the typical “hotep man type” but it sounds as if the writers agenda was to say to the American black man that basically your ancestors wasn’t shit and neither are you. It sounds to me like an attempt to destroy pride in black history from people who wanted claimed it. The same people who refuse accept the notion that we couldn’t be more than slaves or just “every day people” as the writer put it. And that’s what made me wonder who the writer was and what did he hope to accomplish with his article. Ok I accept and assume that there is a small percentage of guys seeking knowledge solely to pimp lol but who cares? The women falling for them need to pick up a book themselves. They’ll learn. But I think most seek knowledge for personal enrichment for and about themselves and others they care about. We want to understand who we are, what happened before us and what is our purpose in this journey.

    And while it’s true that it’s unrealistic to think that every single black person has a direct line to a small amount of particular families in Africa. It’s also important to know, as a people, the FACT that blacks we weren’t always at the bottom of the get respect list. So having pride in the fact that people that looked like us were Kings and Queens, leaders and warriors is extremely important when we think of who we want to be.

    And I don’t think that those seeking an understanding of our history are only looking to claim Egypt either. I see that we claim all of Africa. Egypt just the one place in Africa that has been “white washed” with a false sense of history by the inventors of Hollywood. I think it’s more of an attempt on “did you know” than pretending the Egypt is the only place of pride.

    In the article, the facts could be facts but what does it matter which specific family you or I came from. I’m proud and inspired by the fact that people who look like me were truly so accomplished.

  • Cleveland TP

    Read your history, there is a trace of black on every place that man have been.

  • Al

    The writer assumes that people dont travel or move around. Just because slaves came from West Africa doesnt mean they have no genetic lineage to East Africa. This to me is block thinking assuming that everything fits into little neat and clean boxes.

    Africans travelled inside of the African continent and they traveled outside of the African continent so to say West Africans have no lineage to the East makes no sense at all.

    The Dogon live in West Africa and said that their people came from East Africa (Egypt) where they left a time of crisis had an exodus out of the country. Its really important to not think boxes or you will think that Islanders have no genetic connection to people who lived on the continents. Think outside of the box.

  • Sharon Barnes

    I did my DNA no Senegambia, no Angola

  • Daniel Mercer

    We are the Israelites

  • Kimonimo

    Wow convincing argument that undermines the whole article. NOT.

  • guest

    This is disingenuous writings. No, i am not claiming Egypt, but neither should you disclaim it. Black DNA will not point to Egypt as Egypt’s current stock is of Middle Eastern, but considering that most of ancient population of Africa started in East, it is not farfetched to think that they are on to something. Many western African tribes, such as the Dogon, Yoruba, Fulani, etc, claim lineage to Ancient Kemet. Even Cheikh Anta Diop show there is a vast similarities with many Senegalese words and those of ancient Kemet-the same Senegal you claim most African Americans ancestors came from. I remember seeing something about the Armarna mummies clustering with other Africans as well. Life in Africa started in the East you should always remember that. African being proud of ancient Kemet and Nubia is no different than Nordic being being of Greek and Rome.

  • WanderingMinstrelEye

    That face when you realise your ‘race’, according to its own retarded history, has the greatest, most embarrassing fall from grace in all of history to becoming near worthless in the eyes of all other humans who surpassed them with ease.


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  • Larry

    I think that people tend to take things out of context.Honestly i always assumed that it’s meaning was to give strength and power to our community.of course we all didn’t descend from a royal blood line that should go with out saying. overall it says that we as blacks just wasnt some culture less, dum ,uncivil caveman like some races seem to portray us as.we all didnt come from royalty but we did come from a place that did a have culture.let others tell it than we are nothing more than slaves,cave men,dum and we never contributed to any advancement of civilization as we know it to be so it’s troubling when people write about topics and to hear others comments that are way out of context as far as africans trading africans well who said that people are perfect and without flaws?but then again its just my opinion.

  • Taylor Simone

    What white claim of Egypt now is all recent the ancient black Egyptians got conquered by the kushite’s, the Persians then the Dutch and other European countries invaded the ancient Egyptians gold artifacts and history and basically took our countries resources and people and traded it. If you go in chronological time in history you’d no that the ancient Egyptians ruled longer than any nations society today. Then once Europeans ventured out of their caves and started invading and colonizing countries and stealing land and history. The “hotep tribe” is a mediocre term, people hold degree’s in ancient Egyptology and Kemetics. If people stopped reading selected facts about it and just took time to study JUST THE PYRAMIDS ITSELF , not even the people just the pyramids. You’ll read the stories of the gods they believed in, their way of life, their principles , relationships , diet. Kemetics goes back to Pangea, you just gotta do the UNBIASED research yourself.

  • CW

    😂😂😂 Why such hate on the black race? I’ll tell you why. They ran many countries, and was here first in them all. The sun loves them. Who do you think found you in the caves, and taught you how to wash your ass? The black people. Where do you think the riches came from black people! Call us Monkey, or ape all you want, but shave that monkey, and tell me who really looks like that monkey. By the way African Americans are not African that is the name you’re forefathers gave them. They brought them from Africa to make them slaves, because they were the lazy ones!!!! Only because they fled into Africa is why they say they are from Africa. The white race has been stripping blacks of their heritage for years, and I wonder what they have been hiding. I’m sure you all know judging by this post, and the red neck comments. The so called black people are also learning who they really are, and finally beginning to wake up, and realize that they had the power, and they will again!!!!!

  • LaLa

    I had to stop reading because I was starting to become annoyed with the stupidity. Who said that the slaves came from Egypt? There was life before slavery. The Bible says that we originated in Egypt. I’m not saying that African’s are who they were talking about in the bible but it sure wasn’t white people. This is the problem with the world now, White people think they are so superior to everyone else, when in truth they should be at the bottom of the food chain. They get made when people of color claim what is rightfully theirs. Even if it is the wrong part, they are close enough. How can they know the real truth if white people try to keep it so well hidden? Europeans can follow their lines back far as fuck, but black people can’t because the lines where washed away but white people on a power trip. White people always wanna have a say in something. Always wanna be at the head while everyone else does the work. LAZY, that’s what they are. They didn’t want to build their own stinking colonies so they went and got someone else to do it… wait but how do you discover something that was already inhabited? Nothing original comes from white people, they usually see it somewhere else first. That’s FACTS.

  • Robin Mills

    It makes me sad when i hear the term
    king/queen being tossed around, while so many are acting like paupers. I don’t care what part of Africa our ancestors came from, we stil have a powerful DNA. The Mitochondrial DNA (eve gene) proves that!

  • Mtunzi Mavuma

    The truth that you have taught yourself is no different to the one we are taught by those that wish to oppress the mind of the black nations. These are the nations that were black but are nolonger black: Libya, Egypt & Israel.

    Israel was mostly sold by African descendents of Libya and Ethiopia to slave traders from Europe into the Americas. Egypt was invaded multiple times and they eventually fled South. They are now known as Bantu tribes. I am from the Nguni tribe of the Bantu Nation(Egypt). The Nguni tribe is that which has the line of the Pharaohs. Shaka Zulu comes from this tribe. Mandela also comes from this tribe.

    There are also other mixed people who fled South Ealier than the Bantu. They descend from the Hyksos, Canaanites, Moabites, Ammonites and Israel. These are the Khoi-San people.

    Ask Africans about Africa, not Europeans or Asians. Northern Africa is now inhabitted by Arab invaders from Asia. They are not black ofcause but they drove out the black natives that they did not sell or kill.

  • Denee

    Egypt was considered Africa until a “certain people” decided to rename it! In an attempt to create a separation. I mean really who would want to believe that Africans could do such wonderful things? You may want to do a little more research. Because your statements are uninformed. Also, considering migration patterns. That area was inhabited different Africans. Than those who currently reside there. Therefore, what you are saying is totally without merit. All of Africa is wonderful anyway. This whole write up is kinda silly snd makes absolutely no sense.

  • seymone

    Great article. I don’t take offense because my worth/self esteem is not tied to where I am from, it’s tied to who I am. Let’s all take a moment and marinate on that before you post anger and bitterness. Find yourself and do ur own research and you won’t depend on others to validate or tell you who you are.

  • emitsomla rad

    Hmmmm this is well misinformative. You like genetics, well then please explain why a few pharoahs were carrying the Y-chromosome E1B1A, the same found in 99% of African Americans? This fact alone should be enough to convince you to remove this misinformation from the internet. Fake News! Lol

    • ThumbsMcgee

      They have only been able to extract mitochondrial DNA from 99 mummies successfully and get genome wide data sets from three of those mummies. As of 16hrs ago “Non-American” (maybe that will carry a little more weight) geneticists have confirmed that the historical nobility/Pharoes/ kings of Egypt were in fact not of African descent. In fact the sub-Saharan African genes did not crop up until roughly 1500 yrs ago.. roughly the time when the trans-Saharan slave trade was implemented. The study found that ancient Egyptians were most closely related to ancient populations in the Levant, and were also closely related to Neolithic populations from the Anatolian Peninsula and Europe. “The genetics of the Abusir el-Meleq community did not undergo any major shifts during the 1,300 year timespan we studied, suggesting that the population remained genetically relatively unaffected by foreign conquest and rule,” says Wolfgang Haak, group leader at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History in Jena. The data shows that modern Egyptians share approximately 8% more ancestry on the nuclear level with Sub-Saharan African populations than with ancient Egyptians. “This suggests that an increase in Sub-Saharan African gene flow into Egypt occurred within the last 1,500 years,” explains Stephan Schiffels, group leader at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History in Jena. Possible causal factors may have been improved mobility down the Nile River, increased long-distance trade between Sub-Saharan Africa and Egypt, and the trans-Saharan slave trade that began approximately 1,300 years ago.

      Science 👋🏼


  • emitsomla rad

    E1B1A haplogroup of Pharoahs. Stop lying. Stop erasing comments.

    • I don’t erase comments. So go have a seat somewhere.

      • emitsomla rad

        That’s not nice.
        Anyways, whoever wrote this article is misinforming their readers. There are Pharoahs who carried the same DNA as African Americans. The truth is, our DNA is found in many ancient kingdoms. The author should remove this misinformation.

  • Chester Dougherty

    OMG. The stupid is thick in here, from both black and whites.

    Seriously, reading and research is your friend. And not just from those writers who tell you what you want to hear.

    Instead of having these moronic arguments, about things you know nothing about, save up a couple of hundred bucks, and order a ydna test, if your are male, or a mtdna test, if you are a female.

    At least that way you will have some basic knowledge of the area from which your ancestors came, and something concrete to argue about.

    There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding ancient dna, and the more people who are tested, the better itvis for EVERYONE.

    To give an example, King Tut’s dna shows him to be in the same haplogroup as 70% of Great Britain.
    Meaning Tut was a Caucasian.

    Of course, after such a shocking finding, they are retesting, and are trying to find members of other European royal families that match him.

    Ancient dna testing is making big advances, and if you’re going to sit around insulting people, at least educate yourself first.
    And, like I said before, read all sides.

    Someone author twisting information amd history, to fit their own agenda, doesn’t help anyone get to the actual truth.

  • Normandie Kent

    Leave Native Americans out of this ! Obviously geography is not a strong point with you! They have nothing to do with any biblical people’s ! Are you delusional?! Native Americans have been geographically isolated from any other race of people for at least 30,000 years! None of thos people you mentioned even existed 30,000 years ago! They lived on two continents and barely had contact with each other for fucks sake! The DNA of ancient remains found in America show that they are all more closely related to each other than any other people. Leave these people alone you fool!

  • Normandie Kent

    Native Americans are purely Q and C yDNA not E3b, they are not Canaanites nor Dravidian or African, Idiot! Not related!

    • iraqihusayn

      Native Americans are originally Canaanites lol same with dravidians lol they mixed with people of phut thats the e3d lol

      • Normandie Kent

        Bullshit! They are Native Americans with zero Middle Eastern, Canaanite, African, Egyptian DNA. Fortunately native Americans have a very normal and healthy sense of identity and have no need to pretend to be something they are not, unlike African Americans for some reason. There were no Canaanites , if they ever existed, 30,000 years ago. Fuck Phut!!!

  • Raymon Walker

    Senegal is next to the Mali Empire, actually was part of the Mali Empire (1200-1600). Maybe u never knew that the Mandenka are related to the Egyptians. I hope our brother’s and sister’s continue to study history…..shi! study thyself so that we can get a greater innerstanding of who the enemy is, even the snemy within self.

  • Joe


  • Tehuti Set-Heru

    This is BS. Kemetyu had powers back then where we communicated with a singular hive mind of Netjer. We did not have to be physically in the same place to practice the same customs. When primates and birds in one part of the planet change behavior it is communicated and duplicated by the same species in other parts of the world. Most of Kemet, Kush and Nubia is what we now call Ethiopia although it has now been overrun by Muslims that have nothing to do with Neterianism. Kemet was that entire area not just what whites call Egypt. The Ethiopians migrated north into the area of modern day Egypt and taught Shetaut Neter to the people there. When things went bad or invasions occurred some of the Kemetyu migrated west and others returned back south toward Ethiopia. If you don’t know then you don’t know. None of us were actually there but I do know one thing: The white man will ALWAYS lie about it.

  • Bree

    We do not say we are kings and queens because we think we are descended from the ancient Egyptians, we say it because we are descended from the Hebrew israelites.

    The negroes are the true jews (Hebrew Israelites)! America is Babylon!

    Read these scripture about what suppose to have happened to the Hebrew israelites as apart of the curse and tell me they don’t describe black Americans. Plus more evidence besides scriptures point to black Americans as well done by scientist! They did a study on people from ancient Egypt skulls and compared it to black Americans skulls and even though the ancient Egyptians and black Americans are both black and had similar outer features, it showed that black Americans skulls was longer than ancient Egyptians. But then they did a study on the Egyptians slaves skull and it match the black American skull. The Egyptians slaves were the Hebrew Israelites. In the bible, it will tell you that you cannot tell the different between an Egyptians and a Hebrew israelite but that the heads of the Hebrews was longer. One person over the internet told me that the negroes are not Yah’s chosen people and that they are a slave race. Well, it also state in the bible, that a Hebrew person ask god if we were just put on the earth to be slaves.

    -Deut 28:29 And you shall grope at noonday, as the blind gropes in darkness, and you shall not prosper in your ways: and you shall be only oppressed and spoiled evermore, and no man shall save you

    -Deut 28:43 The stranger that is within you shall get up above you very high and you shall come down very low.

    -Deut 28:30 You shall betroth a wife, and another man shall lie with her: (The rape of the slaves which is why most African Americans and afro Caribbean have European ancestry) you shall build a house, and you shall not dwell therein: you shall plant a vineyard, and shall not gather the grapes thereof

    -Deut 28:46 “Then everyone will look at you and your descendants and REALIZE that The Lord has placed you under a curse.”(400 years of slavery-Inequality-Segergation-Ghettos-Police Brutality -Mass incarceration-Black Lives Matter)

    -Deut 28:68 “I told you never to go back to the house of bondage. But now the Lord itself will load you on ships and send you away. Then you will be sold as slaves but no one will buy you(Atlantic Slave trade)(no one will save you)”

    -Deut 28:64 “those of you that survive will be scattered to every nation on earth(Atlantic Slave trade) and worship wood and stone, idols (Catholicism, Islam, new age beliefs) that never helped your ancestors”

    -Deut 28:36 “you and your king will be taken captive to a country that you and your ancestors have never even heard of (THE AMERICAS) and there you will have to worship idols. People of nearby countries will shudder when they see your troubles but still make fun of you”

    -Deut 28:49 “Foreigners who speak a strange language will be sent to attack you without warning, just like an eagle(rome,america) swooping down. They won’t show any mercy and no respect for young or old”

    -Deut 28:33 “You will work hard on your farms but everything you harvest will be eaten by foreigners who will mistreat you and abuse you for the rest of your life”

    -in hunger and thirst, in nakedness and utter want, you will serve the enemies whom the LORD will send against you. He will put an iron yoke on your neck, until he destroys you.

    -They will lend to you, not you to them. They will become the head, you the tail.

    -The resident aliens among you will rise above you higher and higher, while you sink lower and lower.

    -Though you beget sons and daughters, they will not remain with you, for they will go into captivity.

    -The LORD will let you be beaten down before your enemies; though you advance against them from one direction, you will flee before them in seven,* so that you will become an object of horror to all the kingdoms of the earth.

    -oThe LORD will make disease cling to you until he has made an end of you from the land you are entering to possess.

    Check out this video!

    They muted it on Youtube because they are trying to hide the truth!

  • Brian Hart

    I know they don’t realize they were ancestors of a tribe that was conquered by another and sold for goods and profits by their fellow Africans

    • Jacinda Austin

      Egyptians kept millions of slaves. Those slaves built the pyramids, and all of ancient Egypt. Slavery has been around for thousands of years. We are all equal, and we all have ancestors somewhere down the line with horrible transgressions. I am tired of all the hate and finger pointing. I am determined to not live my life holding on to past mistakes. After all, how can you receive new blessings with both hands holding tightly to garbage?

      • Jay Billington Bulworth

        Slaves didn’t build the pyramids. Paid workers did

        • Kassandra Morgo

          Hebrew slaves built the pyramids and you know it. Stop trying to rewrite history.

          • Jay Billington Bulworth

            Lmao. Nice try.

          • Brian Hart

            😂😂😂 actually no. No evidence nor historical writings support that Hebrews were ever slaves of Egypt and the time line written by an advance culture THAT HAD WRITINGS VS a nomadic people with no form of writing passing things down word of mouth. Is not credible evidence. The bible isn’t the truth nor a book of science or history.

      • Wyat Mann

        “We are all equal” LOL moron.

    • Deborah Smock

      We know this,but that’s just part of it.There’s so much more to it.People read that n stop.

    • Brandiva

      They don’t realize that because African History hides that. They’ll have to research further to find it. It was the power play in Africa before Europeans got involved.

  • Kila Martin

    Cause you’ve DNA tested every black person on the face of the planet, right? Let them believe what they want to believe. If believing they come from Kings and Queens makes them strive to be better, what is wrong with that? Why knock someone else because they think boldly foh

  • confident_01

    Your correct !I did my DNA I am of Nigerian, Asian descent father from the islands, and I am also of native American descent on my mothers side, European, Spanish descent. oh and not every black person is of Native American descent either, as many claim, most dark skinned people are African , Spanish or European descent, yes because of slavery. Those of native American descent, their ancestors escaped slavery through the swamp land or lived with Indians as a sanctuary after slavery was over. I am queen in the mental sense, because I value myself and my life and I don’t let others define me for who they believe I should be, live or behave, and until all black people understand that we don’t all know one another and need to stop living based on our skin color “ONLY” , than racist bigoted individuals in society wont judge you by your color, but by your character, personality and mindset.

  • Sereena L Cosey

    Lol…. White people just didn’t take slaves from west Africa. Them white savages mf was snatching African all over africa especially east Africa. They just took more from West Africans…

  • Sereena L Cosey

    White people are jealous of black people. Fyi there were great kingdoms and dynasties all threw africa. Yes we are descendant of kings and queens. So whatever people. At one time did Egypt rule the world at one point and who’s all Egyptian lived in Egypt. For example all Americans are not from america. People are so weird and dumb.

  • Deborah Smock

    This is the problem ,u see R skin color we can’t hide n u been taught that u R superior to us the reality is that we all bleed red

  • Margie Smith

    I think you need to rethink your opinion! History has been recorded. This is just your opinion and not a fact.

  • Teb Tb

    Blacks were not egypyians. Modern Egyptians not Arabs would beat you to a pulp for telling them their ancestors were negro. Black africans were slaves during the dynastic ages of egypt. King Tut hated blacks and art work he had in his tomb show he would have been supportive of the KKK. Negroes were as nasty then as they are today.

  • Django Eastwood

    Who knows, but looking at ancient Egyptians their characteristics are very similar to black people.

  • Akari

    1) BULLSHIT!
    2) Sad pathetic fools constantly making things up to feel better about your plague of a race. You are NOT EGYPTIANS! Stop trying to steal our culture, & our history.
    3) How are you people so pathetically ignorant that instead of working to make your race better you just steal & lie? Violent criminal oozes from your every pore yet you blatantly deny & get pissed when faced with facts. You mad at media, blame them like you do white people. What is it exactly that media is doing? REPORTING & EXPOSING THE TRUTH OF BLACK CRIME? Its not lies, you just hate being exposed for what you are. God forbid you look in the mirror to see who’s really at fault .
    3) no, no blacks were not doing anything but chucking spears for dinner, hiding their dinner plates in their bottom lip so nobody steals it, wearing leaves over their genitals , living in mud huts, & speaking in a random series of clicks & grunts, WHICH MIGHT I ADD MANY STILL DO TO THIS VERY DAY! White people civilized Africa & without their influence all of them would still be living amongst the wilderness.
    4) you wanna run your mouth on white people living in caves, wolf coats with fleas, & cannibalism. Pfft.. . So what does that say about blacks when they are of incredibly lower intelligence, were conquered, still to this day only 40% civilized living like scumbags, your women go 3mos at a time without washing OTHER PEOPLES HAIR, extremely violent & criminal like uncivilized heathens, & correct me I’m wrong but its the blacks voodoo freaks who are cannibals TODAY, let’s not forget about the BLACK MAN in Miami caught eating another mans face while alive. That sure says A LOT about blacks.
    5) You are a disease to the planet, no country or race wants your people around, blacks have to look up to see bottom of the barrel. We feel bad for whites who have to deal with your presence.
    6) flush yourselves

  • 42tribes

    ITs worth mentioning that the only officially released ancient Egyptian haplogroup from an ancient Egyptian King is located here

  • Joseph Church Sr.

    First of all dumbass the origin of man comes out of Africa ,some say Ethiopia is where the garden of Eden is located,I did some research and most world monarchs has been in search of the the garden in that area for centuries,also Ethiopia is the only part of Africa the has never been occupied by foreigners, your knowledge extends to the cacus mountains, longs as the first Kings where black I really the care if I have Royal blood.

  • Joseph Church Sr.
  • kaddy123

    this whole comment section is full of salty dudes who have been wrapped in the convinient lies they tell themselves to make themeselves feel better about who they are. jesus this is sad af man. totally agree with your article

  • Qais

    My fiance is Egyptian and takes pride in her heritage. She took a DNA test and it concluded she was 95 percent North African. The girl looks like Nefertiti. Her skin is white with a touch of olive. Her eyes are big and almond shaped. Her side profile is exactly like Nefertiti. The neck, face, everything. It’s uncanny. How many African Americans ever stepped foot in Egypt? Let alone Africa? If you visited Egypt, you’d conclude very quickly that your Afrocentrism bias is masking over reality and facts Have you ever taken time to speak to an Egyptian? They’d laugh at you if you told them that. Black people (Negroids) existed in ancient Egypt for sure, but I’m sorry to inform you, they were ALSO ENSLAVED there too. The ancient royalty of Egypt WERE NOT BLACK. Plain and simple. There’s a distinct difference between sub-Saharan Africa and North Africa. I support African American’s having pride in who they are and their roots and I think knowing where they come from is important. And I think it’s insane how much people denigrate them. But we can’t avoid facts. Even black Africans living IN AFRICA know that it’s a myth that black people come from kings and queens in Egypt. Stop the madness. Accept reality.

    • T

      First of all that is of today. Just 500 years ago in America it was run by Native tribes we call Indians. But if you go to America today you barely see them they only make up 2 percent of the population. What am I saying well just because your girlfriend people have migrated to Egypt doesn’t mean it was never occupied by blacks or African. Look at the original pictures and statutes of King Tut before they whited him out it was black and he is from African heritage. Some crooked companies are claiming white. We have an Egyptian museum and their hair styles are coarse not straight and dreadlocks. If things can change in 500 years in America how much more for 5000 years ago in Egypt. My African friend can go back over 20 generations and tell the stories of his people being in Egypt. Even the Yoruba tribe which is African has DNA tied to Egypt. Just because your girlfriend people occupies the land now doesn’t mean that Africans never did. DNA puts them all in Spain and also the Middle East.

    • Mr.LeBrickJames

      I’m a black man who agrees with this totally.

  • Jerry Boicos

    The proof is in the DNA like it or not.
    Who cares where there were ‘black’ people. African American guessed it? …african

  • Louis Byron

    Always the same tired talking points. The bottom line is that 95% or more of the Black people in this county trace their genetic heritage to West and Central Africa–not Egypt. It’s interesting that pro-Black & Afro-centric folks always want to focus on Egypt and not say the Congo or Namibia or just about any other region in sub-Saharan Africa (why is that I wonder?).

  • ira lewis

    I don’t like the fact he is writing off blacks an middle Eastern ran Egypt too, kemetics just show we ran many Empires that don’t get spoke about

    • Paul

      Nice grammar.

      • DjTIMEJD

        Nice deflection.

  • Theresa Chiles

    You sound really ignorant! Africans were already in the Americas before Christopher Columbus even showed up. So you can’t pinpoint shit you have no idea of African Americans original origins.

  • Kris

    The KANGZ below are hilarious. LOL!! King Tut was found to be white, and I bet if they tested the others there would be no African nothing. You can’t tell me that the race with an average 68 IQ did all that in Egypt. Pfft.

    • T

      Lies if I ever had such. King Tut was not white next you’ll say Egypt isn’t in Africa. Believe the lie Hollywood paints. He had a little European but he was of mostly African heritage. I see the lies that DNA company put out but they forgot to change his parents DNA they were of African origin. I bet you’ve never visited an Egyptian museum. They have bodies of ancient Egyptians that have dreadlocks and coarse hair. So called blacks are very smart with high IQs. Business owners lawyers doctors and etc. Whites always want to claim something they didn’t work hard to get. King Tut statutes were dark if he were white why would they paint him so black. Back then there was no sun block or tan lotion you would have been very uncomfortable living there. So called blacks DNA even trace them back to Israel the middle east so they were not always in Africa. The romans and Turks that attacked and took over Jerusalem in July of 1099 AD drove the so called blacks into Africa. Then they claimed Jewish by religion after killing and running off the real Jews which are black also by the way. Even Jesus hair was like wool but they did a new translation and said white like wool because they don’t want you to know he was black. No other race but so called blacks or African has that type of hair. The so called Jews in Israel DNA doesn’t match with the Jews of over 2000 years ago but the blacks DNA do so I would watch my mouth if I were you. Genesis15:13 talks about blacks captivity for 400years and from 1400 to 1800 blacks suffered just because of their skin color. But at the end it will work out. By the way blacks have had many successful communities that jealous whites burned and bombed.

      • Kris

        Sorry, look it up, so was Ramses HA HA!

  • Brandiva


  • Michael Mura

    Eh, if they believe it they believe it. There’s tons of people all over the world wrongly claiming connections to ancient kingdoms and empires, ancient mythological or historical figures. Why is it so annoying to people when black people do it?

    • Teresa

      I agree and if their culture wasn’t robbed of them they probably would not do so much of it. In an Egyptian museum they have alot of the ancient people that have African or so called black hair. Dreadlocks and coarse hair but yet Hollywood claim their culture with movies of Egypt as if it were white I don’t hear the complaints. But it is their poragative if they choose to. So called blacks can trace some origins even back to the middle east according to DNA.

  • Mercedes Jackson

    Lol! You’re half way right breh. Truth is we are from Israel and the reason why it’s such a glorified concept is because we are THE MOST HIGH GOD’S CHOSEN PEOPLE. we’re still above all other nations as far as He is concerned so we still deserve that status. Get ur research game up. We ain’t Egyptians we are Israelites. Not Israelis. Israelites.

  • Chris Kochinsky

    I really feel very sorry for people who need to claim their ancestors invented everything, introduced every modicum of modern technology, science and engineering and then got completely lost and were never reclaimed by their noble houses and families. If the black African people were so far advanced beyond Europeans and Asians, what happened? What has been happening for a few thousand years? Don’t claim “colonialism”… how could that happen to such an advanced set of cultures?

    • Teresa

      It is not just claiming but factual evidence that even King Tut was of African heritage with a touch of European but noone is 100% black or white. King Tut statutes were very dark not light at all there is no mistake he would be black. When a black person does well some whites try to make them look white like Sarah Rector the first richest black girl in America and white people were trying to make her seem white in the public eye. Blacks are very intelligent but why would whites have to claim they created something they didn’t. They ran so called blacks away from the Middle East and Egypt to hide the fact that we built something wonderful. Go to an Egyptian museum and look at the bodies with coarse hair and dreadlocks. The dark skinned statutes. Why would Arabs and whites paint themselves so dark if it were them. No they wouldn’t and Hollywood would of course put whites in playing Egyptian roles because of the white supremacy act and to make blacks look inferior. Not true there are plenty of blacks that have had successful communities but whites have bombed the communities and dropped a bomb on one. I am speaking of black banks and other businesses so yes we are very successful but that is a part of the Deuteronomy 28 curse on our people for serving other Gods. Our blood goes all the way back to Israel. Do your research on DNA proves who the real jews are. Genesis 15:13 speaks of our captivity not the one in Egypt but the last one our people endured for 400 years which the timeline is exact it started in the 1400 and stopped in the 1800 no other race can say they endured slavery that long.

      • Chris Kochinsky

        What was King Tut known for? Nothing. You have never been to Egypt, the Middle East; you have never even been on the African continent. I actually wonder if you have been to a museum. I will take a moment to agree with the only thing you wrote that made sense: black people are very intelligent. Now go back to thumping on your holy bible while the adults talk.

  • John Morris

    Thank you sir. And this is coming from a black man.

  • Trump Gay Hitler.

    Why would America romanticize Ethiopia? Egypt is where all the great pyramids were built over 5,000 years ago.


    Okay for the most part I read you’re very angry but moving forward it’s like this when you know who your Predator is you know that a predator will go a long way for hidden treasure and if you’re considered as treasure that’s worth more than gold silver platinum rubies or diamonds or Pearls The predator in the long run will go for it weather if it’s in Timbuktu or Canada that is who your Predator is that’s what they make up is so it doesn’t matter how big the continent is it’s about the Lost Hidden Treasure that must be found… for the building of THEIR kingdom $$$ and power…

  • me

    last I checked Angola meant “king”. but whatever.

  • iraqihusayn

    The original Hebrews are from the Imliq(Hyksos/Amorites) they were also Pharaohs but were situated in the North by the sea in Avaris
    ‘Imliq was the progenitor of the ‘Imlags. And to them belong tale people of Barbar whose genealogy is as follows: Barbar Ibn Tamila Ibn Mazarab Ibn Fárán Ibn ‘Amr Ibn ‘Imliq Ibn Ludh Ibn Sam Ibn Nuh. As regards Sunhajah and Kutamah, they are the descendants of Fariqis Ibn Qays Ibn Sayfi Ihn Saba (Sheba). It is said that ‘Imliq was the first person to speak Arabic when his people had migrated from Babil. They along with the Jurhumites were known as al-‘Arab al-‘Aribah.

    imliq is the father of Amalekites who came the berbers, who are children of Thamila bin Maarib bin Faaraan bin Amr bin Imliq bin Lud bin Shem bin Nuh AS with the exception of Sinhaja and Kitaama who are offspring of Furayqish bin Sayfi bin Sibaa

    To Lud bin Shem was born Tasm and Judays?who dwelt in al Yamaamah.Lud also begot ‘Imliq whose dwelling place was the holy area(al haram) and the outskirts of Makka. Some of his descendant’s reached Syria among these are the Amalekites from whom the Pharaohs of Egypt came. To Lud to was born Umaym who had many offspring some of these broke away tojoin Gomer bin Japheth in East.(Prophets and Patriarchs)
    the Hyksos were in North by sea the actual Egyptians(Mizraim) in Middle and the Nubians in South (they were not original Egyptians but adopted the ways of the Egyptians and became Pharaohs after the Hyksos were expelled when Assyrians conquered Egypt they ran the Nubians out towards the South

  • Razie Risqué

    If this isn’t sad. When we speak of being Kings and Queens we refer back past 1492. We talking about Early on BC . Whose to say that people from Angola and Senegal were not once Kings and Queens of Egypt. Migration has brought many types of people very far and as far as im concern white history is not my history. Who can really read hyroglyphics correctly? Exactly, No one.

  • ldchatman

    Portuguese “explorers” mastered a pattern of European conquest that is 6,000 years old. They deliberately created mixed-race subgroups with the intention of using them to capture and enslave the native African populations. Arriving on the Cape Verde islands in the late 1400s, Jewish slave merchants kidnapped and raped African women, and the mixed-race offspring, called lançados, were raised on the islands as European Jews, practicing Judaism and respecting Jewish authority. These lançados were sent into the African
    mainland to set up an international “trading post” to at first market the fine fabrics being produced by the Africans. But soon they turned on their hosts and began trading in Black human beings. The lançados were strictly trained in the Jewish family business of slave-dealing. It was these half-breed, mixed-race (or mulatto) “half-ricans” who infiltrated the Black African communities, seeking to satisfy the European lust for Black labor. Historian Walter Rodney described these “AFRICAN” slave traders thus: “Many of the private traders were mulattoes, already linked to the Africans by blood, and there were those who had become so integrated into African life that they wore tribal tattoos. It was these who were the authentic lançados, literally ‘those
    who had thrown themselves’ among the Africans.”

    Source: Walter Rodney, A History of the Upper Guinea Coast,
    1545-1800 (Oxford, 1970); Tingba Muhammad, “Did African Slave Traders Sell Us Out?”
 The Final Call, June 14, 2012; Tingba Muhammad, “Echoes of Mr. Yakub after Patmos,”
 The Final Call, June 28, 2012.

  • James Hibma

    This is so off it’s embarrassing. Have you heard of Queen of Sheba? To say slaves are taken from two countries in Africa is absolutely absurd. Muslims took slaves from the north while the English took from the south. All of Africa was called ” Ethiopia” and no borders we’re in place at that time. Ethiopia means the good land and referred to all of the world known to the people at that time. Although there was a city that was the great city, a holy place known even today as adias Ababa. As recently as 1940 ish. Emperor haille sallasie or ras tafar the first had to prove his genetic link to King Solomon and queen of Sheba​. Today the oldest Orthodox writings called the book of kings is still in adias Ababa to this day. I hope I have been a big help in teaching you humility.

  • 804

    Actually there were kings and queens in plenty different countries in Africa. Also, every black person didn’t come to America through slavery either.. a lot us literally came from Africa on our on along with other places as well. Therefore, literally any of us could actually be descendents of royalty and not know it despite what you may think .. we don’t KNOW. There are black people everywhere, not just Africa and USA..

  • Just a girl

    The author of this post didn’t go around testing the “DNA” if slaves because the author wasn’t around. That sounds like something they would say back then just to make you think less of yourself. There were plenty of kings and queens outside of those 2 countries you named and every black person didn’t come here through slavery might I add, a lot of black Americans came here willingly throughout time and from other countries. There are/were massive amounts of kings in other places from Tunis, also King Mansa Musa of Mali (wealthy person in history ever), there have been kings in Ghana, they ruled over Napatan Kush, Nzingha of Matamba, a woman known as “Queen Sheeba” royalty in modern day Ethiopia, Shaka Zulu of Melmoth, Osei Tutu II king if Ashanti in Ghana right now, kings in Bugunda, kings in Rawanda, kings in Swaziland, kings of Lesotho, there were kings in Morocco as well. Mind you, i didnt even mention Egypt. This post is opinionated and not supported by facts, sorry. Maybe you should get your DNA tested yourself instead of taking someone else’s word for it. Overtime your DNA will say a lot, including you probably are mixed with so many “races” by now and your ancestors have probably traveled so many places by now… that’s for anyone of any “color”. Also, North America isn’t the only places that got slaves from Africa.. I’ve gotten my DNA tested and it proves this theory wrong. I appreciate the post but it’s very misleading and too much opinion stated as facts. Try actually going to Africa (different countries of course), and find that there are kings and queens in different countries as we speak and have always been.. Traveling is learning, reading is knowledge, assuming isn’t knowing and opinions aren’t facts.

  • Teresa

    Not all areas of Africans came from there but various regions. The tribes that came to America were also Igbo and Yoruba which DNA puts them in the Middle East before migrating to Africa. In addition the Yoruba tribe also have a Egyptian connection and certain clans claim Jewish also . In addition the Igbo tribe has said to have a Jewish connection as well. It may be some truth in that. Over 1000years ago the Turks attacked Jerusalem and killed and ran off Jews and Muslims. They escaped and some fleed into Africa. And now the Turks are claiming Jews today but only by religion there is no bloodline link. So it may be some truth to so called blacks being royalty. The first Egyptian civilizations would be considered black if they were American. Just visit an Egyptian museum their hair isn’t straight but dreadlocks and coarse hair like so called blacks before everyone else arrived and took over to get credit for something so called Africans built…

  • Paul

    Soo.. amidst all this theoretical delusion that’s based on scattered trivia (much like the way people pick out bits from their religious books to suit their agenda) you not only babble the typical rhetoric, but also admit that they were too stupid to figure out which way was up? Nice, Mr. 75.

  • Paul

    I have. Several times. They dindu Nuffin LOL

    As for the rest.. you’re kinda special, huh?

  • tonylocke

    Ultimately, it is the future that is important, and the future depends completely on what is done TODAY, not what was done by a distant relative an age ago.

  • Jonathan Moreira

    We waz kangz n shieeet

  • Mystique McDonald

    How does this information fit with many people of African descent getting ancestry results that show more lineage than just the two you named?

  • amber

    I hate white people they all deserve to die

  • ThumbsMcgee


    Here’s some interesting info.

    The full article is a great read.

    They have only been able to extract mitochondrial DNA from 99 mummies successfully and get genome wide data sets from three of those mummies. As of 16hrs ago “Non-American” (maybe that will carry a little more weight) geneticists have confirmed that the historical nobility/Pharoes/ kings of Egypt were in fact not of African descent. In fact the sub-Saharan African genes did not crop up until roughly 1500 yrs ago.. roughly the time when the trans-Saharan slave trade was implemented. The study found that ancient Egyptians were most closely related to ancient populations in the Levant, and were also closely related to Neolithic populations from the Anatolian Peninsula and Europe. “The genetics of the Abusir el-Meleq community did not undergo any major shifts during the 1,300 year timespan we studied, suggesting that the population remained genetically relatively unaffected by foreign conquest and rule,” says Wolfgang Haak, group leader at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History in Jena. The data shows that modern Egyptians share approximately 8% more ancestry on the nuclear level with Sub-Saharan African populations than with ancient Egyptians. “This suggests that an increase in Sub-Saharan African gene flow into Egypt occurred within the last 1,500 years,” explains Stephan Schiffels, group leader at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History in Jena. Possible causal factors may have been improved mobility down the Nile River, increased long-distance trade between Sub-Saharan Africa and Egypt, and the trans-Saharan slave trade that began approximately 1,300 years ago.

  • Brian Rich

    Well. Morocco has an awesome history.. It’s in West Africa… But just a couple days ago the DNA results came in from the soft skin tissue of the mummified pharoahs… And the result was Eastern Mediterranean (back then the population of that region was Caucasian) Egypt did however have a cosmopolitan population… But so far the pharoahs DNA has turned out to be Caucasian. That’s science not theory.

  • Taneshia Franklin

    Im very proud of what my dna says and being african american with my first dna marker being 39% Benin I clearly see who my people are and encourage all to test themselves! Nobody can sell me a story now because as you stated mitochondrial DNA can not be lied on!! The truth will come out cause more like me are awake and showing proofs with our dna seal

  • Teresa Johnson

    I’ve taken several DNA tests, and I have Egyptian in my results. I didn’t realize that blacks supposedly have no Egyptian DNA until I read this article. I also have Morocco and Algeria. Interesting argument, but I think I’ll go with science on this one.

  • Mrs. Brown

    1st. This is coming from someone that was born and raised in Egypt. Who ever written this so called “fact” article doesn’t have the slightest clue of what he or she is talking about. ( probably someone without the blessing of melanin!) black people you were actually the first king n queen of Africa. Actually the only true king n queen there was is black! Dark black! . This article is false full of lies I’ll tell ya! I have books in Arabic that states n describes the real first queen and kings of Africa. And trust me there was never ever no European queen or king in Africa. These TWC n amc network is fairytales…. you know that ones that pretend there Egyptian!( cleo) Or was found in Africa. They wish, and should keep on dreaming. Me and my family sit back and laugh at these movies n false prophets Lmaooooo. Wake up African queens n kings wake up! 😘😆 the blonde hair blue eye people in my country doesn’t even claim their white or have a bit of Caucasian in them bc they understand and I don’t blame them!!!!! Lol. They where the original liars,theifs and murders. Sheeps in wolves clothing!!!! How about you state facts! And stop tryna bullshit people n sell lies to the people that wish these accusations are true. The writer clearly is jealous and wants to feel better about themselves!!! See right throu you honey!😆😍👀

  • Wyat Mann

    Don’t bother. They don’t care about the facts; these Kangs just care about their grievance and envy. They can’t stand that when they look out the window of their Section 8 pad as they eat their EBT steak that everything they see was created and built by whitey. Negrows in the US have it better than they do anywhere on Earth, but they’d rather believe the most wacky myths and nonsense pseudoscience to explain and justify their disfunction and inability to do well in a low-time-preference, high-trust, white civilization.

    Well, whites are waking up. Desegregation was a bad idea. Blacks are not just whites with black skin. They can’t function or compete in white society and they will forever be a liability, but that is somehow OUR fault instead of the fault of what the problem actually is- their genetics. Which is why every black country whites have left since the end of colonialism has immediately hit the skids. It takes an average IQ of 100 to maintain technological civilization. Blacks don’t have it.

  • Johnny Marseille

    This article is just some bullshit article. The same person who wrote the article would say that the negroes are not the original Jews. Do some research you dumbass.

  • Hooligan1976

    I bet most African-Americans also think Ancient Egypt was ruled by blacks. Not even close and if so, it would be more like Ethiopians and that type of blacks. NOT the typical Sub-Saharan blacks.
    Sorry, there are no written language, no ancient majestic buildings and monuments in Sub-Saharan Africa. Didn’t even invent the wheel. Zulu Kingdom was the height of any form of civilization.

  • Kassandra Morgo

    The Jewish people were not even allowed in America when they tried to come. And when they were allowed in, they were treated like dogs. Learn some real history instead of what your mind tells you to think or that your relatives taught you. They taught you incorrectly. They called the first Jews in Florida dogs and wouldn’t let them stay at their hotels. SMH

    • Wyat Mann


  • Kassandra Morgo

    Most of those planters were right out in the field working alongside them. Do some research for goodness sake.

  • Brian Hart

    Lol so the Hebrews are white now? Guess so are Muslims too where they also go the book from. You’re dumb

  • Kassandra Morgo


  • Kassandra Morgo


  • lowflyer

    Awesomeness. Facts, history, and common f’g sense.

    And points for funny, too.

  • Francesca

    No European claims all of Europe as their heritage. I’m Italian American with a passport in both countries. I am Southern European. I consider myself connected to Latin speaking countries. Spain, Portugal, France, are my brothers. Due to the fact that in Mexico for example they are highly mixed With Spanish blood I consider myself to have more in common with a mixed Mexican than someone from Finland, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, or Norway. The push for Egypt to be black was actually started by white people more specifically abolitionists. Egypt was all the craze and they wanted to use its popularity to prove blacks were not inferior and at one point had made great technological advancements. However since their time archeologists have discovered other great empires that were definitely black, there is no reason to cling on to Egypt. I encourage African Americans to invest in a blood test then hit the books when they find out where they came from. I also think you should read up on what other cultures did to resurrect themselves after suffering from genocide or slavery. African Americans are not the only people to have faced displacement.

  • Eagle Liz

    So……you made a whole stupid article to prove blacks they did not descend nor came from Egyptians? You took your time to try..what again?? Ahw ok….you sound butt hurt. And no…im not African American btw.

  • Fred

    Awesome post!

  • Angel Jackson

    Psychological Warfare Tactics: Don’t Be Manipulated. Whether or not we realize it, most of us have developed quite a toolkit for manipulating … Aug 3, 2016. search this site. Psychological Warfare Tactics: Don’t Be Manipulated – Medium.

    Spread Misinformation: The Nader Myth; Be Deceptive; Guilt Trip; Attempt To Humiliate; Be Unreasonable; Spout Impressive Sounding Empty Rhetoric; Present Fake Sincerity; Lie; Be A Fear Monger; Activate The Lucifer Effect; Gaslight; Intentionally Commit Logical Fallacy Aug 3, 2016.

    Just because “By Gee Lowery” do not know his heritage, do not allow him to manipulate your belief. Only Mizraim is the father of the Egyptian.

    We all have the royal blood and Adam and Eve, each nation appoints a ruler as king or queen
    Also The Arab Muslim Slave Trade Of Africans, The Untold Story … who was also black.
    Mr. Gee Lowery, do not know his heritage or he would not this site, he makes a great “House Slave” Don’t Be Manipulated.

    Keep doing your research and learn. “anheuser busch great kings and queens of africa collection.”
    I do not like you Mr. Gee Lowery or what your site do you Hamites descendants.

  • Tufjuice

    You have to go back to a man named Charles Seligman who is largely responsible for concocting this narrative of the uncivilized negro who never built anything and the white European supposedly bringing civilization to Africa. This is a narrative that has been pushed by Eugenicists and racial purity groups since the 1800’s. They needed justification to continue exploitation of non whites particularly Africa and Black people. The dehumanization and oppression of Africa and the Black race cant be justified if our true history is known. Even Black people are less controllable with knowledge of self.

  • Tufjuice
  • Quintin Jahmal

    I have studied african history continuously for 8 years. At first I didn’t know how to decipher african cultures while living in the United States. Studying africa was daunting at first because much of its history is hidden by african secret societies who don’t share their secrets with outsiders. So about 5 years ago I learned about linguistics and realized grammar is the only way to understand Africa’s legacy. To this day I break apart african words from all over the continent . In my research I found that many cultures in kemet /khenet/ yoruba/ bantu/shona/ and etc. Are the same ,thus proving a cultural connection . Furthermore learning about africa has molded my mind because I have went past learning the people and started to understand the science . For example egypt was known as khemet . Khemet is the root word for chem-istry. Khem is also the original spelling of ham. Khem means more than black and also it means grace and protection. Nubian has a alchemy meaning of nub=gold . It’s nothing wrong with claiming africa but do your research so you can explain it.

  • Quintin Jahmal

    Many people have never studied african philosophy’s and this prevents most people from understanding their mythologies ,religions and culture. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are not related to anyone . All people on the planet of all cultures and colors are of the human family . Everything and every human comes from 1 source . The ancient and modern kingdoms of africa and other kingdoms around the world connected themselves with god in heaven by learning the stars and ascending to consciousness. The legacy of africa is that it brought man up from the earliest humans and taught the world the foundation of what people around the world know today. Respect your ancestors . African traditional religions champion ancestor worship including egypt . So understand , every person who died on earth is your ancestor . I would like to teach people more about africa but I’ll leave it up to you .

  • Werewolf

    The only reason Egypt isn’t as much of a filthy dunghole as the rest of Africa is because of the influx of Mediterranians to the city of Alexandria and the fact that it was taken over by Europeans. Sad that you all think it was the only place in the world that negros actually had a civilization. Negros were slaves for Egyptians, same as they were for everyone else.

  • Tracy

    But this is how they made Africans into slaves. By destroying/fracturing/interrupting that connection to Africa’s great past, and because there is no connection Africans globally have accepted being thugs and ho*es in someone else’s society. I understand what you mean about creating new legacy’s however we must learn of the old first in order to move forward. I see no fault in claiming to be a descendant of a queen or king, shit let a bitch dream! There’s enough dream killing in the black community and as always it comes from home.

  • Musa

    its sad that you are trying to convince people that black people spread throughout the world by way of slavery. you are a sad broken man. keep loving your enemies. peace

  • Vincetravia Spivey

    😂😂😂 another mad lost cracker bye cave person since you wanna use science that shit also proves we’re first on the planet so we’re everything unlike yall pale ass try again whitey SMH 😂😂 the sun don’t like yall soulless ass


    Gave, with intelligence and scholarship, these insecure white supremacists that work.

  • East Africa

    Look at these attention seeking, self pity whites. The sun clock, from which we derive the number pi, the right angle triangle, the number line, can only function when the sun is overhead. This only happens at the Equator in Africa, it is in East Africa, where the languages of swahili and luganda are spoken, from which we get the name of the builder of the biggest pyramid, “KHUFU”, from the swahili word, “MTU-KHUFU”, the luganda word, “MTUFU”, which all translates in english to, “HIS EXCELLENCY” or “HIS HIGHNESS” or “EXCELLENCY”, Do you get it, you silly attention seeking, narcassistic disorder WHITES???

  • East Africa

    Listen up you white narcassistic race with a neurotic romantic attraction to blacks. Another name used in ancient times for Ancient Egypt, other than Kemet is “T-AWI”, which translates to “TWO LANDS” in english, in Swahili bantu, the language spoken at the origin of the Nile, present day Uganda and Kenya, the similarity to “T-AWI” has the same meaning, in Swahili, “W-AWI-LI”. You narcassistic whites have no chance to claim Ancient Egypt, your narratives that you use to scare people, the criminals you send to hurt Africans, all that has died. If whites and Arabs were the Ancient Egyptians, why did they need to translate the heiroglyphs and ignore the Ancient Egyptian religion for Islam, Judaism and Christianity? Answer, because they were not the Ancient Egyptians.

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