Black Men Really Do Hate Black Women…Sad But True

So this popped up on my timeline today…

onyx truth
I don’t really follow celebrities to know all the details of their lives, so truthfully I really don’t give a fuck about Russell Wilson & Ciara getting engaged.  They are both grown ass adults capable of making grown ass adult decisions as far as I’m concerned.  If they are happy, then so be it.

But in the world of the Blacklantians, it’s a whole different story.  In the world of the Blacklantians the engagement of Russell Wilson & Ciara apparently marks the downfall of Black men & Black society.  No, I’m not lying.  These are actual discussions taking place online amongst the super duper knee grow crowd.  Sadly they try to disguise these discussions as “intelligent”.  I kid you not.

In the world of the super duper knee grow hailing from Blacklantis, Black women are the end-all be-all of everything that is wrong with Black society (outside of white supremacy of course).  Black women are the reason Black men fail.  Black women are the reason Black society embraces ratchedness.  Black women are the reason every other society views Black society like shit.  Black women, Black women, Black women, Black women.  Black women are to blame for EVERYTHING.  Trust me when I tell you, these are actual conversations taking place non-stop daily amongst the Blacklantians.  Even worse, there are a bunch of dumb ass Black women cosigning this foolishness.  Seriously, you can’t make this shit up.  Rarely is blame ever placed at the feet of Black men.

I was listening to a YouTube personality the other day discussing the tragic murder of Tyshawn Lee.  The entire show was dedicated to putting the ultimate responsibility of this child’s senseless murder on that of the child’s actual mother.  Not the nigga that actually killed him…but his mother.  Real talk, I can’t make this shit up.  This person’s entire argument was that since the mother of Tyshawn Lee gave birth to him as an unwed mother in the slums of Chicago, she & every other Black woman are ultimately responsible for the violence taking place in that city amongst Black men which unfortunately claimed the life of her child.  I would link you to that video, but I’m not about to give this dude any free press.

If you are a Black woman longing for a Black man, according to the Super Duper Knee Grow Association of Blacklantis, here are the qualities you need to possess & these qualities are non-negotiable:

  1. NO TATTOOS:  This is probably the biggest attribute that will not be tolerated in Blacklantis.  I don’t care how big the tattoo is or how discreet from public viewing it is.  If you possess any type of tattoo, you are automatically deemed a member of “slut culture”.  That’s it.  No ifs, ands, or buts about it.
  2. NO KIDS:  To be considered a suitable mate for wifing, you cannot have any kids from a previous relationship.  It doesn’t matter how the kids came into the world either.  Whether you were young & got pregnant by a dude who turned out later to be shit, whether you were young & got pregnant because you were just young & dumb, whether you are a divorced mother, whether you are a widow….it doesn’t matter.  To be eligible wifey material in the world of Blacklantis, you cannot have ANY KIDS AT ALL.  Period.  If you do, you are a member of “slut culture”.
  3. YOU MUST BE IN TOP NOTCH SHAPE:  It doesn’t matter how old you are or what your physical limitations may be, you MUST be in top notch physical condition.  There is no compromising on this.
  4. NO STRETCH MARKS:  Even if you are wifed up and have kids by the man who married you, you cannot have stretch marks period.
  5. EDUCATED:  You must possess at the bare minimum a 4 year degree in something related to STEM (science, technology, engineering, & math) to be taken seriously.
  6. CAN’T HAVE FUN:  You are not allowed to club hop even occasionally.  No girls’ night out.  No hanging out at karaoke.  Your job is to be sitting at home reading all the Black conscious books you can find.  No reality TV, no Empire (DEFINITELY NO EMPIRE).  Hell, just don’t even buy a TV.
  7. CONSERVATIVELY DRESSED:  Forget about getting sexy.  You must be conservatively dressed 24/7.  Anything that may reveal some skin is blasphemy.  You might as well just go find you a niqab to wear & call it a day.
  8. IT’S 100% YOUR FAULT:  I covered this in the intro.  But if you want a long lasting successful relationship with a member of Blacklantis, you MUST be willing to accept that everything wrong in Black society is your fault.  If your man cheats on you…your fault.  If your man goes out to sell drugs…your fault.  If a racist cop kills your man after a traffic stop…your fault.  If the economy crashes…your fault.  If Donald Trump becomes the next President…your fault.  You as a Black woman must be willing to accept every thing wrong in the world is your fault & your fault alone.  There is no compromising on this.
  9. ACCEPT BEING DEGRADED:  You must be willing to accept being called a bastard baby maker, a whore, a slut, a super slut, and a bed wench regardless of the situation.  Now I’ve occasionally used the terms bastard baby maker & bed wench, but they were for very specific reasons targeted at very specific people as to why I said them.  I’ve yet to run around labeling all Black women any of those terms all willy nilly.  But here’s the reality Black woman, if you want you a strong Black man from Blacklantis who knows what’s best for you, you need to accept these labels.
  10. 100% SUBMISSION:  Listen Black women, in the world of Blacklantians, your only job in life is to submit to the will of Black men without every questioning shit.  The moment you try to question something, you are challenging nature.  You have no say.  Your place is to just be quiet & produce babies born in wedlock.  That’s it.

I’m sure some member of Blacklantis will read this & I’m also sure some member of Blacklantis will run back to report to their “leaders” which will result in comment after comment of me caking or being a simp or whatever BS they can conjure up.  But the reality is Black women, these are the qualities YOU MUST POSSESS if you want to see Black society survive & thrive.  The fate of Black society literally depends upon you being able to meet every one of those traits on this 10-point list I have outlined.  YOU & YOU ALONE.

What about the men?  Glad you asked.

What about them?  Did you not read anything I wrote lol.  Men have absolutely no blame whatsoever for the condition of Black society or Black relationships.  None.  It doesn’t matter how many women a guy has slept with, you are supposed to save yourself for only him.  It doesn’t matter how uneducated a guy may be.  You better be working on a PhD.  It doesn’t matter how many so-called bastard babies he’s created with a bunch of so-called bastard baby makers.  You better not have any kids.  It doesn’t matter if he gets you pregnant & leaves you.  It’s your fault for opening your legs to him because you should have known better.  It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t have a real career or working towards building a business.  You better not try to out excel him or he’ll find a way to say you are holding him down by not letting him be a man & taking the lead.  Nothing matters.  According to Blacklantis, it is always your fault.

Here’s the reality…

Black men who subscribe to this thinking are nothing more than a bunch of Black men with mommy issues that have never been resolved.  That’s it.  More than likely everything they wish for their future bride to be is everything their mother was not.  Their mother was more than likely the neighborhood hoodrat getting ran through.  Their mother more than likely never achieved shit beyond mastering the art of leg spreading.  So to a degree it is understandable why they would be so angry & full of hate that they feel the need to devise the ultimate master plan for how to “tame” Black women.  But the other side of this is that, the majority of these so-called Black men aren’t worth a damn for any real Black woman to consider entertaining this list.  99% of these dudes are nothing more than Facebook Blacktivists crying & complaining all day long about how Black women are destroying Black society.  That’s it.  They rarely complain about or advertise their shortcomings.  And the women who do cosign this madness are nothing more than a bunch of women with low self-esteem who have somehow convinced themselves that idea of shaping their life to that of a man’s “standards” is 100% the way to go.  This shit is so laughable it’s sad.

Oh yeah here’s a bonus for the list:

NO HAIR WEAVES PERIOD.  You must be happily nappily.  No perms, no weaves, no hair coloring, no juices & berries.  Just straight nigga naps.  If you can pick it out to look like an Angela Davis 1970s style afro, that’s a plus that will help get you to the front of the line faster.

Light skin dude with an opinion
  • Vincent Burnett

    Lmao, this article is contradicting . You still ended up blaming it on a black women (His Mother) . You must wear other people hair too, lmao.

    • Skyline

      the black woman is the devil. She is a scourge, a disease, a BEAST among humans. They are the only race of women who will wear ANOTHER race of woman’s hair on their own head!

  • Ive been raped by two and abused by two .Thats four black men !My mom died when I was 12 it happened from 15-21 the events.I didnt know any better but im showing others now.

  • Theyre not good people now that Im wiser I wont even trust one.Yet they always talk about white males who raped their women many years ago.

  • Rick

    I’m so SO SO SICK and tired of black females and I can’t get any other races or what I want because white females are racist and assholes and impossible

    • Tina

      We feel the exact same way, but the reverse.

  • Kittywe

    You talk about the sweet innocent white woman. I wonder how sweet and innocent she was within the white race. Many black women act the way they do b/c they were not treated nice, sweet and innocent after infancy. They don’t see positive images of their femininity within the media ( white women as beauty standards, black men praised for athletic and sexual prowess. Black women are expected to make other comfortable and were talked to with hostility-” Girl/gal shut up!” For many there is no positive male source within the household to show love and value. Black men have their mothers who love, baby, and not push towards responsibility. There have been articles-Black Mothers raise the daughters, while loving and spoiling the sons-Ebony Magazine (c. 1970s). These issues causes frustration and hostility. With all of the spoiling and loving of the sons by black mothers-many of these black sons still elect to love white women. Also about the children-whenever a teen-mothers say ” I had this child b/c I wanted someone to love me” translation-they didn’t feel loved, valued or worthy unless someone was dependent on them-go figure! Black females need their fathers just as much as the black males. The world’s negative image of the black woman,( basically our physical features) is a recipe for disaster, that the black man will never benefit from in the end.

  • YupItsTrue

    The black race will be extinct in the next 100 years or so, leading the that charge will be the masculine dumb ass BLACK WOMEN who cannot be told anything. I’ve accepted this fact, because I have no other choice! This ball was rolling before my existence and the problem is too big to put a stop to now! My only question is where did the ignorance in black people start? I mean how did white people gain the education on earth meanwhile blacks were lost? This is the weirdest shit imaginable!

  • Skyline

    Black women are way TOO MASCULINE for me! Lol they act and look and smell MANLY. They don’t know their damn ROLE. They are a SCOURGE.

  • Abigail Dole

    A good black male is s dead black male.

    • Boycott Black Men

      You can say that again!!!!

    • Brian Johnson

      There are women all around the world. Beautiful women, who dig and educated Afro-American man. Thank god, as a black man, I don’t have to deal with attitude, overweight, tattooed, 3 kids by 3 different thugs of the American black women.Thank god for MGTOW!

      • Brandy Hancock

        Why is it assumed that none of us have been in a relationship where our children are all from one man , why are tatoos wrong its a culture martin hildebrant introduced to NY in the 1860s he was a Caucasian Man. Alot of cultures have used it in a good and bad light. Honestly most black women pay tribute to thier children and parents with them outside of people in certain industries. To make a whole body of people responsible for a few is crazy and almost exactly what Hitler did to jewish people while he didnt disclose he had jewish and black relatives. Stop categorizing us.

  • Clayton Udoh

    My experience with Black women is simple ,I think they took the Women empowerment thing a bit too far . I thought it was about voting rights, equal opportunity,equal paycheck etc . Suddenly its about this monstrous one-sided respect and money .
    I have a good job , house ,car and I am not ghetto . However its like these things do not make me who I am . For Black women its everything ,they are so much about someone paying their bills and respecting them (while they are nasty to you) and calling the shots and their careers (which you must support and lose till you loseyour own ).that it is not worth it . Its all about supporting them to the point that it looks like you were just born to spend the rest of your life like some glorified butler. They have to be the center of attraction and God forbid you have some level of self-confidence .They interpret it as arrogance and you will surely get shot down like a jetfighter deep in enemy territory.
    It was Adam and Eve in the Garden, somehow black women want men to be Eve. I discovered black men who embrace their feminine side a lot are safer with black women. That’s why black women get along better with Gay black men that have high fashion advice !!!!!!!
    Black women are defining what they think men should be like and making sure men have no say in what they should be like !!!!!! Confusion.
    The way black women talk about black men is horrible , its like no encouragement, no respect ,no hope or faith in them .
    You cannot keep on whipping psychologically wounded men like horses into horse races on your behalf or keep on shaming them into being “better”.
    Case in point , I went looking for a job once with a highly reputable company .The black female receptionist there acted like I was scum and was very unhelpful . Almost like “What are doing here in Massa’s house”. Her frown would turn into a smile for every white dude that passed by, while I needed her help badly, to point me in some direction to make the money her kind accuse me of not making .I got a job offer there and she could never look me in the eye.
    Finally a lot of black dudes had break ups in relationships in high school ,college etc . Black women never forget those breakups and act like each relationship was leading to some imaginary marriage !!!!! By the time you get to them they are as bitter as hell and have these walls around them .
    Nobody needs that kind of stress . When you meet a black woman she will punish you for all the experiences she had before you !!!!!!!!!

    • Brandy Hancock

      You sound like you pulled up to the projects started playing music out of your car screamed ima pay the light bill and the first “women” (because most of the projects here the women are white. ) that jumped from behind a bush you took her home and tried to make a person out of her it didnt work out then you complain because you got a bad deal. YALL ARE CRAZY LOL i cant lol 😲

  • Tehuti Set-Heru

    A real man wants a real woman. Everybody likes a nice body but that doesn’t define a good woman. It is just one of the traits of a healthy black woman that she should take pride in her appearance, not use it to get laid and paid. That is European. All I need is a decent body, a sense of humor, high intelligence, a job, no kids, no weaves, no pork and red meat and #1 morality….meaning you have to care about other people more than yourself some of the time. No man should take care of another man’s children if that man is still alive and not in prison. It is NOT your job and you get bad karma for taking over for the real father.

  • Tina

    I’m a black woman and I say we continue going separate ways.

  • Marlene

    It’s obvious this is making fun of conservative-minded white women. I don’t mean political conservatives. I just mean proper and well-mannered. The author seems perturbed that black men are preferring white women. I am a white woman and I find black men to be nicer to me than black women. I am not dating. If I were to date a black man he would have to be educated, employed, well mannered living a middle class lifestyle. No ghetto, welfare, rude guys for me. I find the ghetto black women to be loud, obnoxious and very immature. That is why they give me a hard time. Because I sound educated and I am strong willed like they are. They want this white woman to cower to them and I won’t.

    • Brandy Hancock

      The fact that the assumption is there that the majority of black women are existing just to intimidate you shows the internalized view you have of us before we open our mouths to say anything to you be it loud or not. Just like we’ve been effected by 400 years of slavery so have other cultures. The fact that we are the only culture willing to degrade our women and throw away our elders makes us susceptible to hate. The tremorous reaction we recieve from most women from other races is this direct cause . DO NOT JUGE ME for my skin. Say hello without the disdain in your voice and you will get a quiet voice in return. ( if that VOICE belongs to BRANDY im not directly responsible for your interactions with other humans.

  • Brandy Hancock

    Then basically im cointed out just commenting here . They want puppies not a human life partner . They sound crazy “KEEP THEM”

  • Brandy Hancock

    Wow strange how when someone put you in a category you felt compelled to redeem yourself worth but never once did you think that you just marginalized a group of women in your comment. The thought that our existance is to terrify white women and make black men take care of babies is ludicrous. No one i know wakes up and says besides getting my kids to school getting out of class ,working, and taking care of Home im gonna piss off a white women today just because i hate them thats crazy!!! WE ARE CHEFS AND LAWYERS AND DOCTORS NURSES AND ARCHITECTS. WE ARE YOUTH GROUP LEADERS. EVERY RACE HAS THEIR CHALLENGES BUT DO NOT MARGINALIZE US. WE ARE SO MUCH MORE THAN NOTHING!!!! Wow to think some of my closest friends are not black and they are totally disgusted by people like yall that think so small minded THERE IS ONLY ONE JUDGE!

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