Facebook Has A Severe Problem With Intelligent Black Voices

This is the second time in 2 weeks that I’ve been banned from Facebook due to conversations I’ve had on that social media network surrounding issues pertaining to Black society.  The first ban was a 24 hour ban simply because I posted an article to the Onyx Truth Facebook fan page titled The Only Solution To Racism Is….  The title alone warranted Facebook to remove the post & ban me from commenting anywhere on the site.  I could still log in & read stuff, just couldn’t LIKE or comment.  Funny tho, as I was logged in, I was able to see other places where that particular article was posted & noticed how the people sharing it were not getting banned nor was the article deleted.

Today I woke up on this sleepy Saturday morning, opened up my iPhone 6+, & like most people, clicked on the Facebook app to see what all did I miss that provides absolutely no value to my real life.  This time I discovered I was required to sign back in (clue #1 that something was up).  Upon logging back in, I was presented with a message stating I have been banned for 72 hours due to 2 comments I made on a thread I created in a non-public Facebook group about politics.  Long story long, I created a thread around a meme about Donald Trump stating how he’s going to be so tough on ISIS but yet he appeared to be scared to speak in Chicago.  Anyways, on this thread a Black woman chimed in and left this comment:

“I doubt it’s because he’s scared.  I wouldn’t want to speak at an event with a bunch of animals trying to crash it either.”

My very next comment under hers was:

“Somebody just purchased a ticket on the coon train I see.”

After some more discourse between the lady & I, I then made this comment:

“Are they Pillsbury?”  That comment was in reference to me telling Black people who uphold cooning are rewarded with nice, soft, hot, savory butter biscuits.

Anyways, THOSE 2 COMMENTS apparently were enough to get me reported (I’m assuming by this Black woman) & enough to get me banned from Facebook for 72 hours.  Amazing, I know.

Here’s the real problem Intelligent Black Society…

Facebook is a social media site that one must consent to abiding by their very vague “Community Standards“.  When I say vague, I mean just that.  These standards are so vague that they allow people like Roy Cogar to maintain an active account AFTER he inboxed a woman calling her a N!gger lover & wishing for her to be gang raped & filmed by a bunch of Black men.  The same Facebook standards that have allowed people like Damon Abshire to maintain his account AFTER typing ALL LIVES MATTER EXCEPT ISIS, MUSLIMS, AND MOST OF ALL N!GGERS!!!!!

Interesting how this tends to work out.

Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook, has a problem with racism amongst his own staff.  The employees at Facebook are made up of 55% white Americans & 68% American men.  That means the overwhelming majority of his employees are white American males.  This shouldn’t come as a shock truthfully considering most Silicon Valley companies are dominated by white males.  But what this also reveals is that there is a high probability that these predominately white male overseers policing Facebook are not too keen to Intelligent Black Society members discussing issues surrounding racism, white supremacy, & even politics.  I’m not the only person who has been banned from Facebook.  I know quite a few Black voices who speak out on societal ills quite frequently who have been banned as well, some for as long as 30 days.  It’s getting so bad with the censoring of Black voices that the Hidden Colors film director/producer, Tariq Nasheed, has gone so far to begin taking the necessary steps of creating an alternate social media site that can serve as a safe haven for intelligent Black voices that want to discuss real issues without having to worry about being reported to the overseers.  But these are the things we should be doing in the first place.

I’ve talked about this before on one of my podcasts titled OTP 95:  Black Society Needs MORE Black Voices.  The main point of that podcast was to encourage Black people to step outside of the world of Facebook, a virtual world none of us own or control, & create your own platforms in the form of blogging, podcasting, vlogging etc so that WE can discuss the issues that affect our culture on OUR own terms without having to deal with the bullshit the dominant society decides to inflict upon us for voicing our concerns on their platforms.  You see Facebook can ban me all day long as they have every right to do so because I do not own any part of that company.  Hell, even if I did own some stock in the company, it’s not enough stock to declare me a voting shareholder as to where I can have some say in what type of rules to enforce.  Right now the “rules” are proving time & time again that if you are Black, shut the hell up talking about racism, white supremacy, & oppression in any intelligent manner whatsoever.  However, if you are Black feel free to continue posting the most unintelligent ratchet shit time & time again.  LASTLY, if you are white, you also appear to have free range to get as racist, reckless & disrespectful as you want on the Facebook platform with no consequences whatsoever.

So in the end my peoples…if you are one of these people who we like to call “woke” & you like to voice your opinions on social issues, stop restricting your voice to an online community that has every right to make you disappear & become voiceless.  Create your own shit that you own & control & speak mainly from there.  Do not just remain exclusive to Facebook because if you get too “Black”, you’ll find yourself banned.

Update #1, Ban #3:  7 day ban lasting from 2 Jul – 9 Jul 2016

Update #2, Ban #4:  30 day ban lasting from 13 Jul – 12 Aug 2016

Comment I was banned for:

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