Jonny Mack Says “Hypocritical Niggers Are Destroying Their Own Neighborhoods”

“It’s either ‘black people’ or ‘hypocritical niggers destroying their own neighborhoods and country because they shoot every fucking thing that moves’ fuck you and the rest.” — Jonny Mack

Jonny Mack

So Jonny Mack left this comment on the Onyx Truth Facebook fan page in response to another comment in reference to my last article talking about how some white people find it racist to be called WHITE PEOPLE.

Here’s the entire exchange before his comments are magically deleted:

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 8.26.07 PM

Not gonna lie, the original comment did cause me to LOL all over myself when I first read it.

Upon reflecting about what I wrote in my last piece, I thought I did a fairly decent job of making it abundantly clear that when I use the term WHITE PEOPLE, I’m speaking specifically to the group…not the individual.  I’m addressing the group…that’s it.  Just because you may happen to be a member of that group doesn’t mean you are automatically subjected to involuntary group-think regardless of what the issue may be.  Now as far as the term WHITE PEOPLE being viewed as racist, well, that’s just plain silly lol.  Are white people not white?  I mean sure, some are pinkish.  Some are more tan than others.  Just like Black people, some are very dark all the way down to extremely light.  So light that they could pass for white.  But guess what, we’re still a part of the BLACK PEOPLE group.  And quite frankly, I don’t come across too many Black people who take offense to being labeled as Black.  I just don’t.

But regardless, if you are white, however you feel about the term WHITE PEOPLE….that’s on you.  Even if you think it is racist, in reality it fails in comparison to that of the HYPOCRITICAL NIGGERS statement made by Jonny Mack.  The word NIGGER presents absolutely no way for the word to be mistaken or its use misinterpreted.  I’m not about to get into all of the historical facts about this word, I’m sure I wrote about it once upon a time on this site.  But, there is no denying that using the word NIGGER is racist period.  None.  To even try to compare it to the use of the phrase WHITE PEOPLE is absolutely asinine.

If Jonny Mack had of simply said…

“It’s BLACK PEOPLE destroying their own neighborhoods and country because they shoot every fucking thing that moves.  Fuck you and the rest.”

I honestly would have been ok with it.  It would have left room for me to possibly entertain a debate with him.  Jonny Mack would have given his very narrow Fox News programmed perspective, which would be more than likely rooted in racism; at least he wouldn’t have been just bluntly disrespectful with it.  Jonny Mack would have been what I like to label as a suspected white supremacist versus just being an all out unapologetic white supremacist.  But Jonny Mack didn’t do that.  He chose to let it be known where he stands & how he feels about Black people.  And for that, I’m choosing to reward Mr. Jonny Mack with the extra attention he deserves for being so honest.  We truly appreciate honesty here at the Onyx Truth.  The more honesty we can have in the world, the better things might become.  Who knows.

Shout out to Jonny Mack from Kyle, Texas.

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