Damon Abshire Says “All Lives Matter Except Niggers”


Damon Abshire

In case you have ever wondered exactly what the phrase ALL LIVES MATTER truly means…well here you go.  We all have implied what we perceived it to mean, but I think this is the first time I’ve personally seen a white person just flat out say it.  You know the good thing about white people like Damon Abshire is that, he’s honest.  I’ll take a brutally honest racist over a closeted racist any day of the week because there is no guesswork involved with the Damon Abshire types of the world in trying to figure out exactly what type of white person I may be dealing with.  They let their position be known which makes it easier for me to readily identify who the enemy is.  Black people have too many damn distractions thrown our way from dealing with unapologetic racists to dealing with subtle forms of racism from closeted racists which all produce the same damn result at the end of the day.  At least Damon Abshire is upfront with his racism.

How much you wanna bet he’s a die hard Donald Trump supporter?

Shout out to Damon Abshire from Charleston, West Virginia.

Damon Abshire, Charleston West Virginia, Onyx Truth

Your favorite mulatto who isn’t interested in your feels.

  • mrwoods13

    Dumbass abshire!!

  • Philip Henderson

    Guns, eh? Some of us can drive tanks, and we ought to ram one up his cracker ass.

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