BLE 15: Blame It On The Rain


This episode we’ll be analyzing a real life scenario of a guy who couldn’t afford to pay the bills in his house which caused his wife to go seek financial assistance from her ex boyfriend.  We’ll also be talking about this ridiculous craze surrounding these hover boards & some other foolishness.

Movie Review of the Week:  Lucy

Lyrics of the Week:  Blame It On The Rain  — Milli Vanilli

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Hot Sex On A Platter:  “She Gone Let Me Pound” Poundcake


Your favorite mulatto.

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  1. Pimpology

    November 17, 2015 at 6:12 am

    There are several ways to look at the situation with the guy in the car:
    1. Somebody would have to die, because most guys wouldn’t have the mind power to overcome the baggage that comes with this situation. Once they thought about it, they would lash out at the ex-boyfriend or the wife. I have to admit the ex-boyfriend did do some pimp-ass sh*t.
    2. I gave the husband 5 pimp cups award because he knew he couldn’t turn a wh*re into a housewife, so when times got hard he put her to work. He was just in the car long enough to collect his scratch.
    Tell Eddie to get all the facts before bringing up a story. You leave the listeners hanging when we don’t know the rest of the story.

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